November 17, 2010

On The Money

As we are looking at banking, and what we can do to let them know we are dischuffed, I thought the videos below would help you to know what they know. And what they knew a hundred years ago.

Their statements came true. They were bright men. Of course, many were bright and devious. They steal from us today in the same way they did back then, when the Ponzi scheme was put in place. You do not have to be a particularly gifted visionary to realise that the whole thing is about to collapse.

This is a quote from The Truth Party:

"You can't let a private bank print your nations' money, or else you're not really a country. You're just property of the bank which you now owe, since day one. You cannot repay the debt, because there isn't enough money in circulation to pay it, due to the application of interest. When they gave you ten trillion to use as 'money', you then owed them ten trillion, plus interest. Where do you plan on getting the ten trillion, if your only source for funds are the people you owe? In Canada, we pay a billion dollars a week in interest payments alone, to these private banks. In the United States, the incalculable totals are now due, which results in the collapse of the nations paper currency, the Federal Reserve note. When there is no money, there is no food. And you will have food shortages, food riots, and marshall law.

These are not predictions. This is what happens when monetary ponzi schemes collapse.

This was deliberate."

You may prefer your wisdom and learning from South Park. If so, look at this short clip:

We have been screwed.

All we need to do now is react. We can roll over and let them have their way with us again, and again, and again, and again.

Or we can do something.


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Cindy Blue said...

Well said Captain.