November 29, 2010

Irelands New Owners

So that worked out well then.

I imagine you now wish that you had said no the second time around, eh?

I am not being smug. I am not happy about your new situation. "I told you so" is both childish and uncalled for, so I won't say it.

Our pants are heading south too. We are just doing our stretching exercises before we grab ankle as well.

Our nation, like yours, is jammed to the gunwhales with comatose morons. And for once I am not talking about the 650 gibbons in Westminsterland. This time I mean the other 61 million imbeciles.

Those that are more interested in fucktards in a jungle or fucktards trying to dance or fucktards trying to sing, instead of waking up for five fucking minutes to stop the useless from giving our nation away to the insane.

Get off your knees for fucks sake!

The view up here is pretty fucking good.



Smoking Hot said...

The only way you are ever going to get a message to these sheeples is taking ad space in the commercial beaks of these braindead progs.

Smoking Hot said...

or even breaks :)

eternaloptimist said...

there must be a fair few of us now .
i feel like ive told half of e. anglia . we need 3% awake to create a domino like tipping point . must be getting close to that what with home advantage and god on our side .

Dioclese said...

One hopes that there is intelligent life elsewhere in the universe - because there's fuck all down here on Earth.

Incidentally, your map does show the bit we just bought for 8 billion....which of course we don't have, because the UK is broke.

Still, we're all in it together eh dave?

Grandad said...

Ich bin ein Dubliner.

Sorry. Just practising... *cough*

defender said...

Anyone knows what's holding up the revolution?

Anonymous said...

TV . Fluoride . social conditioning . cheap food . the weather?

mescalito said...

lol, they must be waiting for X factor to finish before they get off the couch and do something.
we have December the 7th on the horizon, lets hope that does some damage to the banks.

Anonymous said...

It will take the same level of misery that brought the wall down.
We are not there yet.
Ireland is getting closer.
They only really riot when they go hungry,on masse.

James Higham said...

One hopes that there is intelligent life elsewhere in the universe - because there's fuck all down here on Earth.


mescalito said...

yeah, fair play for that Dioclese, you comment made my evening.

banned said...

Grandad said
"Ich bin ein Dubliner", nice!

I've never watched X-Fuckeder, am I missing much?

Cindy Blue said...

Music is politics now and probably a tool for mind control.

I don't think you can wake someone up when they are plugged into it.
This world is controlled through passions. It is that simple. People would probably rather watch x-factor than use their hearts or brains because using their hearts or brain is potentially very damaging, considering all the shit that there is in this world.

Shit that you do a great job in bringing to light. For that I would like to say a big thank you. I think you need to remember that not everyone is strong enough to process the rock solid crap that spouts from this Earth.

To change the system we need to change the record not the minds of the dancers. Then the dancers may do a different kind of dance - if we are lucky.

Peace oh wise one.

Cindy Blue said...

And one last thing...the people in the jungle have been fighting this crap for a very long time maybe we have got more in common with them than we realise. Maybe we have got something to learn from them.

Captain Ranty said...


Sometimes I get despondent. Sometimes it really is difficult to keep on writing. If there is a common theme it is one of drumming up support. I'm not sure it is working.

The most I have asked people to do is sign a pre-written letter to queenie. Less than a dozen people said they had done that.

Less than a dozen out of over 150,000 readers of this blog. We are now up to about 18,000 visitors a month. I appreciate the visitors coming but it would appear that I am one of those blogs people pop into just to see what the silly old duffer is saying today.

I actually believed at one point that I could inspire people to take action.

I no longer believe that.

I now believe that people want to stay in their coma. They don't want to send a letter to their treasonous monarch because they think they will "get into trouble". They don't want to rock the boat, no matter how rotten the wood is beneath them.

My own quiet revolution continues. I cannot stop that. I am committed. I am a Lawful Rebel, and I am a Freeman. But this means less than nothing to most.

Maybe its time I stopped tilting at windmills by trying to harness the support of my countrymen and just continued on alone.

It isn't support I need. It is co-rebels. But that seems too difficult for 99% of my readers.

I need to review what I am doing here.


I am Stan said...

Yo Capitan,

Now that Wagner has been voted off X factor I`m ready for the big gig!....

oh! I need to do some research for Friday Glamour first...

and Im drinking Wed,Thurs,Frid and Sat ,Church then Pike fishing Sunday...

how about Mon lunch?,I`ve got some fire works left!.....

Interrupting the signal to every TV in the country would wake folks up,the good people of Britainistan would be enraged , storming parliament and every local government building in the land within 24 hours.

MMM can I say that without getting a 3am knock on the door and an invitation to a board and water party?

O/,"corruption!",now there`s a surprise!,the UK bid should include a suitcase full of dollars,if you can`t beat em join em!

Beckham`s grown his hair and has been putting it about again allegedly,well you would wouldn`t you!

Vote Mary!

Captain Ranty said...


Without your Friday Glamour spot, I am sure I would go mental. Cheers me up every week, so it does.

Who the fuck is Mary?


I am Stan said...

Do not despair Capitan,

You have awakened many...and there will be a trigger one day that will bring about massive change...what that trigger will be ,change too what and when..who really knows!....

Be ready to survive! come what may!

I am Stan said...

"Who the fuck is Mary"...

Irish lady on X factor Capitan,used to work the tills for a well known supermarket chain.....great voice! mother type,could be the new Suebo.

Don`t ask me who the fuck Suebo is or we`ll be here all day.


Captain Ranty said...

If memory serves, SuBo was the lady with a moustache, no?

The Irish capitulation depressed me in a way I wasn't ready for. I am optimistic by nature. Glass is half full kinda bloke. I was on the edge of my seat on Sunday, desparate for them to say no.

They chose shackles over freedom, and I simply cannot understand why.


Jacobite said...

Capt. Do not give up Iam a newcomer to you site and you inspire me as I am sure you do with many others. Take heart the breakthrough will come the silent majority will awaken.

I am Stan said...

"If memory serves, SuBo was the lady with a moustache, no?"....correct sir!

The Irish....who the fuck knows "why",many where against it but it was a done deal and the public were ignored as usual,the EU/IMF etc crushes all opposition eventually it seems,through fear,legislation and intimidation.

I am Stan said...


According to The Financial Times,(yeah I actually read it),the markets are not convinced by the bail the EU could still be unraveling...FINGERS CROSSED!

Cindy Blue said...

I drop in now and then with the knowledge that I will be enlightened, woken up even! and your humour and the commentary is just great. That has made me laugh many a time for the right reasons.

Please don't give up now, your fantastic. The letter to the Queen that you proposed possibly a tad harsh and in the wrong direction. She gave up politics a long time ago. I get the feeling she has her hands tied behind her back.

All of our systems are totally fucked up and need revamping. We could (step by step) regain control of our countries by fighting for radical change to our systems. As the saying goes 'If you want something done properly you have to do it yourself.' If we consume shit then the end result is shit.

One big problem - we don't know how to produce or manufacture much any more. So it could be back to the drawing board for both manufacturing and our systems. It's about holding onto what we have a letting it grow. Whilst letting all the crap die out.
Buying local is key.

Well they are my thoughts, I hope they do not offend.

You twats up north think that because us nobs down south talk different we are aliens or something - I say we are all fucked up and in need of change.
I hope we can all pull ourselves together and fight for change.

Anonymous said...

Captain, Ireland is going to default along with Greece. There's no way we can pay back all that money. The sooner we default the better. I just don't understand why politicians can't see that.


Captain Ranty said...


Thanks for the kind words. I appreciate them.

The "letter" to queenie isn't a letter at all. It is an Affidavit revoking allegiance to her. It is serious, but simple to do. Her hands may be tied but the lickspittles that surround her will do something to cut the ropes. When they see which way the wind is blowing they will get on board. If only to protect themselves.

No offence taken, my friend. This blog is your canvas. Say whatever you want to. Free speech is all but eradicated. Speech will always be free here.


Captain Ranty said...


I pray that you are right.

It will hurt, but nowhere near as much as the current deal your wanky politicians signed.

Apparently our banks have 149 billion reasons to support you.

I have just one: I never want to see a neighbour giving away sovereignty to those feckin freaks in Brussels. They will end you.


Cindy Blue said...

Thanks Captain. I don't often get a chance to swear. It felt good!

Anonymous said...

People know.

It'll take an erosion of their creature comforts for them to riot.

Remember: It is Bread AND Circuses.

Food goes up, Government goes down.

Our new King will have an interesting time!