November 26, 2010

Groundhog Day

Here we go again.

Portugal will today get the opportunity Ireland ignored. Today they can retain control, retain their sovereignty, retain their dignity and gain the respect of all sensible people throughout Europe.

More details here.

You know what to do Portugal.

Say, in a loud and defiant voice:

It is not difficult. Your children and their children will thank you.

Please use this word today.




Micky Mac said...

The sooner the whole damn eurozone collapses the better. Our shower are committing us to pay approx 5 billion per annum in interest alone. Do our morons think that we are all German, where in hell's name do they think we will get that sort of dosh, and us the same population of Manchester.
And what nice guys we have in the UK to offer us 7 billion to help out. Always ask why and you see that the UK banks will be guaranteed their 140 billion investments back plus interest.
The sooner we all go back to our respective currencies the better, but of course the intention is a one world currency, one world dictatorship via EU, and complete dilution of sovereignty and rights.
To finish on a good note, we have just started using completely automatic speed vans which don't need to be manned, well one of them was set on fire in Dundalk last night, you don't realise how saddened I am.

nominedeus said...

MM, I too weep in empathy for your saddness!
Portugal if you want a bigger bribe then vote \n\o the first time like Ireland did and then bargain very hard indeed, after all its not your money is it?

Unknown said...

Lt Col West.

A man of his time. America's future.

mescalito said...

hello Ranty man, i think you should do a post on this to get more signatures for the petition.

Joe Litobarski said...

If Portugal needs the bail-out mechanism and rejects it, then it will most certainly not have dignity or the respect of the people of Europe. It would be forced to default on its debts, which would inevitably push Spain over the edge - and then we'd really be in the merde. The EU's bail-out fund isn't big enough to prop up Europe's fourth biggest economy.

Captain Ranty said...


So it's ALL good news then?

I want them all to default and to tell the EU to fuck right off.

I love it when a plan fails as spectactularly as the EU is doing. It could never work. And the proof is all around us. Chaos is unleashed.

As we knew it would all along.


Joe Litobarski said...

By that logic, then, the United States could never work. After all, the chaos started in the American sub-prime mortgage market. China is - by your reckoning - the most stable and successful society around? The model to emulate?

If you want Britain out of the EU, fine. You seem to want the European economy to crash and burn, though. Not such a good idea.

Captain Ranty said...

I don't believe the European economy will crash and burn. I think they will step out of the Euro, one by one, re-introduce their own currencies, suck up the pain for a few years and then they will re-stabilise.

It's not as if they hadn't been able to cope that way before, right?

The Euro is the problem. When it dies, the EU dies. It's the glue that holds them together.

And China isn't doing all that badly, you must agree.

The US is going down soon anyway. They have the same problem we do: an economy "supported" wholly by debt. It is unsustainable. The United States is a piss-poor model. It's only been around for a couple of hundred years and it is going to implode very soon.


banned said...

@Eurogoblin "You seem to want the European economy to crash and burn, though."
You've got that right though national economies will be revitalised as a result; as the Capt says, the EU and the Euro can fuck right off.

Joe Litobarski said...

Agreed that growth based on debt is unsustainable.

As for pulling out of the Euro... even if it could be done (there's no provision for it in the treaties - though there are doubtless ways) pulling out one by one would be an absolute disaster. A better strategy might be Germany leaving first? It's economy is ticking along nicely at the moment, so perhaps its currency would revalue higher. That might help. Or maybe we could split the Euro into two zones first - north and south?

Anyway, going one at a time is a recipe for a bank-run on a monumental scale (it's essentially signalling to people that a country is going to devalue).

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