November 09, 2010

The Filthy Lucre

A nice, simple video that explains the magic of money.

Most readers here know that we are heading into a shitstorm of biblical proportions. The global debt is both unsustainable and unrepayable. If all the debts were called in, there is not enough money in the world to settle them.

We have been piling debt on debt on debt. It has to implode. Those that know these things tell us that it will happen soon*. I do not doubt it for a moment. The jig is up. The scam is exposed. Time to pay the piper. Except that we can't.

The folks that produced the video are running a campaign. It might be clever to sign up. Go look around and see if it's for you.

Banking is a messed up, corrupt world, populated by the get-rich-quicker people. They know it is a farce. They know our money is worthless, but it matters not a jot to them. They have the nice houses, the Maserati's, the obscene bonuses, and they also like to shove industrial amounts of Bolivian Marching Dust up their noses. (Which is possibly their most endearing feature). It looks like I am envious. I am not. I do not envy their horrendous fall, when it comes. I've been rich and I've been poor. Now I am somewhere in the middle, and I like it.

Money, money, money....

The root of all evil? I don't think so. If it wasn't for the notes and coins, we'd be using tally sticks, or shiny stones, or feathers, or sea-shells. Or bartering my skill for your skill. And I suppose there is the distinct possibility that any monetary system can be corrupted until it cannot stand up under scrutiny.

It does no harm to understand its origins. And, much more importantly, what to do when it all goes tits up. As it surely will. I don't have the answer to that one.

Do you?


*A six-word alliteration! Aren't I the smarty-pants today...


I am Stan said...

I don`t know what an "alliteration" is Capitan but I know I like the "Filthy Lucre".

In fact I`m investing what few pennies I have left (after the tax man has robbed me) in gold and silver coins,I figure when the shit hits the barn door at least they are real money and they`ll still be worth a loaf of bread.

I`d gladly pay someone to keep the cats of my veggie patch too,I dont fancy eating my onions when there`s been a stinking cat turd sitting on top of em!...bastards!

Oldrightie said...

Cap'n, you are, as ever correct. My concern is the level the privileged elite of politicians, bankers and their new best friends in the "dust" trade will go, to protect their ill gotten position.

mescalito said...

hi ranty, just got back from police station after reporting old lord james of blackheath, was funny justing typing up the experience in as much detail as i can remember. will send you a copy if you like?

Captain Ranty said...

Yes! Please do.

Later this week I am reporting the treason. If the police ignore me I will report them for misprision of treason.

Time to shake things up.

Good work!!


Captain Ranty said...


Yep. They will protect and serve. Themselves. Forever.

We must change that attitude of theirs....


Captain Ranty said...


Silver is massively undervalued. It is cheap right now so spend what you can comfortably afford.

Seeds too. If the doomsayers are right and food becomes a big issue, your seeds will be worth more than any precious metal.


mescalito said...

i need to report the treason too, just getting a bit more familiar with it.
they are gonna love me down at the cop shop.

mescalito said...

ranty man, i have emailed the reporting to you, hope you enjoy.

Snakey said...

Even the head of the World Bank is talking about going back to the gold standard but no matter which standard we use as long as the State is in charge it will become corrupted. A fair system is not what the sociopaths in power want, that would cut into their profits.

For Stan: put aluminium foil around the edge of your vegetable patch. Cats will not walk on it.

I am Stan said...


Thanks for the tip but I need my tin foil to make secret service mind control laser proof helmets!

and my Sunday dinner.

Anonymous said...

I can understand bank balances being wiped out, but how about actual paper money?

How long would it take people to start rejecting it if the entire banking sector collapsed?

Captain Ranty said...


I'm no economics expert, but I do know people. If the banks collapsed so would the money. People would lose confidence (in the money) almost immediately.

Have a look here:

Tappy seems to have a good handle on money matters.