July 22, 2011

Worst. Decision. Ever.

Yesterday was an historic day.

European leaders gathered amid much hype to "save" the eurozone. It will be their undoing.

Until today, I didn't have much respect for Peter Oborne. I have changed my mind. Take the time to read this piece and know that the end is nigh for this disastrous union.

To whet your appetite I will bung in his last paragraph but to see how he got to his conclusion you should have a look at the whole thing.

We are in a helluva mess, and this is how it will must end:

"History has seen many attempts to unify Europe, from the Habsburgs to the Bourbons and Napoleon. This attempt is likely to fail, too. Indeed, a paradox is at work here. The founders of the European Union were driven by a vision of a peaceful new world after a century of war. Yet nothing could have been more calculated to create civil disorder and national resistance than yesterday’s demented move to salvage the single currency."

So, in the final analysis, those clueless few who gathered to make the wrongest decision in decades, wrote their own obituary.

Now all we have to do is wait for the implosion.

There will be blood on the carpet before the sainted union is buried, but it will be worth it.



TTC said...

I would be amazed and astonished if the German PEOPLE were to keep wearing all of this.

The other thing, it occurs to me, is that this all seems to be headed - quite neatly - towards WW3.

It will all collapse. It has to.

Extrapolate everything forward from there.

I think that the immediate thing we might start seeing is the German people losing their tempers. They were fed up of it all BEFORE yesterdays events (that no analyst seems yet to have fathomed)...

Anonymous said...

The "German people" are more brain dead than the "British people" and are likely to bear the brunt of the Commissions follies for ever.

Captain Ranty said...

TTC & Anon,

I wonder.

I lived in Germany for three years and they are like us in many ways: slow to anger but when they get there, fireworks!

Will it be them who erupt in fury? Or will it be the Irish, the Spanish or the Greeks?

I don't know, but when it starts it will spread like the pox.

And that is one infection I won't mind getting.


Anonymous said...

They are completely insane, and seem to exist on an entirely separate plane from everyone else. The last line of Oborne's piece sums it up perfectly. But of course it could be argued that this is being planned for as well, with the near-total subversion of national sovereignty, further efforts to control the populace, cutbacks in national defence of individual states (for reasons of "austerity") and the slow drip-drip-drip towards a single EU-wide military force that can be turned outward or inward as the case demands.

Have you read this, Captain?

Whether or not you believe the authors have an agenda, and if only 10% of it is accurate, it still makes for worrying reading, especially as there's no denying that the source material exists (I was already aware of those documents).

Neuropa or else!



Anonymous said...

The two World Wars were planned by the people who went on to create the EU ....... The private ruling elite bankers. The people who sponsor "Dopey" Dave, "Titch" Sarkozy and "Butch" Merkel.
They are not interested in the EU as a viable proposition they are interested in the best way to subjugate the masses into becoming serfs and to steal as much wealth as possible. They want the EU to be dysfunctional. They want North Africa and the Middle East to be a mess. They want never ending wars. It stops the masses from uniting against them.
There is just one little flaw in the ointment ...... the internet is their Achilles heel.

Captain Ranty said...


Thanks for the links.

I will give that book a damn good read. A quick skim revealed much.

Personally, I think the EU is doomed. It damned itself yesterday.

Was that deliberate as well? You never can tell when there are imbeciles running the circus.


Captain Ranty said...


The internet was born so that Anonymous and Lulzsec could do their thing.

You are right: with the internet we have a powerful tool at our disposal.

We will overcome. We are many and they are few.

They really DON'T expect us.

Which is a stupid mistake and they will pay dearly for it.


Michael Fowke said...

Thank God for the internet. I think a lot of us would literally go insane if we didn't have it.

Anonymous said...

At the end of the day the EU is but a step in a process. Ashton said this at the UN Security Council in February: "Regional organisations are building blocks for global governance". EU + NAFTA + AU + ASEAN + UNASUR = OWG under auspices of the UN.

If it continues on, it's a blueprint to be exported around the world, as that book implies. The AU and UNASUR are pretty much modelled on the EU whilst the proposed East Asia Community that ASEAN and others are organising will be as well.

If it fails, it leaves behind a trail of debt-ridden weakened nation-states in "austerity measures", some of which will be marred by civil strife and only a few of which could stand alone. The global government, in the form of the UN and its many institutions (they wanted to create 700 more at Copenhagen, don't forget) steps in to alleviate the problems.

Either way the end result is the same.

The psychos behind the scenes also think they can rely on us to go along with it. Their faith is increasingly misplaced, and they may be jumping the gun a bit. If it falls in the next few years there is probably sufficient strength and capacity remaining for the nations to recover, though it will take a long time and won't be pretty and the puppet masters must be taken out too.

A Europe of nations, please, not a nation of Europe.



Anonymous said...

What´s with the pic of the greeting between Merkel and Sarkozy?!
It looks like they pretend holding guns!

Anonymous said...

Actually if you keep your eyes open and brain switched on, there are quite a few signs and portents already happening. Do you remember a while back, when the German government declared that it would be completely abandoning all nuclear power generation in favour of something else (what else was not stated)?

Did you wonder why this was?

Well, it all comes back to how Germany is ruled. The voting system there is a proportional representation system, meaning that most of the time, no one party can take and hold power. German governments are usually coalitions these days. The good thing about a coalition is that all members have to agree for it to work; this forces a good deal of rationalism.

The downside comes when a coalition tries to ram through unpopular decisions; coalition partners either walk away or abstain on key votes. So, to maintain power in such circumstances, coalition major partners end up dealing with minor parties with whom they would normally never deal; scum with lunatic ideas such as institutionalised racism, say, or getting ridof all major power generation systems.

That was what happened then. The German coalition felt that it could keep power only by buying the votes of the Green party, who insisted on political compromises, one of which was abandoning nuclear energy.

Ten years down the line, Germany will either be buying power from French nuclear units, or there'll be a major shake-out of political power after German industry crashes, the lights go out, and the Faustian compromise was revealed. The politicians there know this, know what will happen and STILL went through with it to keep the Euro alive, albeit in intensive care, by bailing out the Greeks (again).

That was probably the last gasp for the German coalition, though; any more payouts and those guys are out of power sharpish, and the replacement Government is likely to tell whichever bunch of wasters has their hand out that time to shove it; Germany would likely then do something violent and nasty, such as pulling out of the Euro (which is a lot more likely than Greece et al pulling out of it).

Captain Ranty said...

Great comments from all, thank you for chucking in your 10 cents.


The trouble is you need around 16 pairs of eyes to keep up. I am suffering from information overload as it is!

I was (pleasantly) surprised at the number of coalition govts around the world. The more fractured they are, the less harm they seem to do. It seems to be a relatively new thing, but you say the Germans almost require a coalition? I did not know that. I understand the limitation of power aspect.

We all know though, don't we, that Germany is the workhorse of Europe. They generate a very great deal of revenue. Mind you, I do not see the sense in their scrapping their own nuclear power plants only to use the neighbours. They will instantly lose all pricing control and if one of them does go boom!, what chance have they of avoiding the fall-out?

I wish they would pull out of the euro. I want to see see this union dead and buried.