July 27, 2011

Pat Condell On The Norwegian Nutter

Pat says that violence is never the answer.

I agree that it shouldn't be, but until governments, all governments, accept that as a starting point, all the protest marches and demonstrations in the world will not bring about the change we need.

The change we want.

The change we deserve.

Very few governments around the world keep listening to the voters once they have their cozy little seats picked out in parliament. Why should they? They got what they wanted and they seem to try mighty hard to make sure you never get what you want. Campaign trail promises are worthless, but the problem is, we never learn that particular lesson.

Violence may not be the answer, but it is the only thing they understand.

Don't believe me?

Ask Assad. Ask Gadaffi. Ask Mubarak. Ask Ben Ali.

Give me some time with the history books and I'll find you dozens of examples.

Violence works. However much we abhor it. And as much as I hate to say it, you ain't seen nothing yet. The world, huge chunks of it, are on the edge. TPTB has systematically robbed its taxpayers for decades. Liberties have been stolen in the name of terrorism, security and stability. To be free in the 21st century means giving up all of your freedoms. Not content with taking, and wasting our money, they started in on our childrens money, and their childrens. The one thing all governments excel at is wasting our money. People will not stand for that. Not for much longer.

Like it or no, something wicked this way comes. And it will not be avoided by writing a stern letter to your MP.

Am I Pat's enemy now, for simply daring to write that down?


PS-Tip of the beret to the wonderful Sue over at Muffled Vociferation where I found Pat's latest video.


Anonymous said...

What makes me laugh is the very notion that politicians are against violence. Yet the only way those very same politicians can rule over the rest of us is through violence.


WitteringsfromWitney said...

CR: We speak as one - except I used for more words than you! :)

Captain Ranty said...


That was the point I was aiming for. You said it better than I did.


Captain Ranty said...


Great minds, and all that :)


Sue said...

I must agree with you Capt. The most poignant thing somebody has said during these dark days was Nigel Farage... "If you rob people of their identity...all they are left with is nationalism and violence".

Enoch Powell's "Rivers of Blood" is a prophesy that should not have been ignored.

Totalitarian governments are facing the wrath of the people all over the world at the moment. The EU needn't think we are fooled by their "soft democracy". We all know an autocracy when we see one!

As far as I'm concerned, Breivik attacked the wrong target. To murder children was an act of despicable cowardice. If it had been me, Brussels would have been in the firing line.

Anonymous said...

Cheers for that Cap't. Listening to the news today, the Irish government is thinking of bringing in a blanket ban on smoking in cars. Doing it for the cheeldren you see. They're also brining in a property tax on peoples homes. You can be sure this will happen in Britain too.

Let's face facts. We are on a road to nowhere. You can be a freeman, libertarian or whatever and it doesn't make a blind bit of difference. The only thing going for us now is to let the system off. Let them bring in all their rules and regulations that they want. The system will become so overburdened that eventually it will collapse. Good riddance, I say to that.

You see the very same people that want all these rules and regulations are in fact their own worst enemy. As T. S. Eliot said: "By dreaming of systems so perfect that no one will need to be good."

Let them bring in their rules and regualtions and let us enjoy it when it collapses.


Anonymous said...

Hi Cap'n,

When I was in my anti Islam phase, having accepted the programming of the MSM into my system, I used to enjoy watching Pat Condell.

However, now I see reality I no longer listen to a word he has to say.
I'm sure the elite would start getting the message when the police no longer protect them and mercenaries realise that they're in great danger if they do so. I'm sure they'll get the message when violence comes their way.

Violence is inevitable. The war against tptb will not be won peacefully, simply because they'll always use violence and fear in order to control.


Captain Ranty said...


The reality is getting harder and harder to ignore.

Several commenters here absolutely believe the whole thing is engineered. This is something that I personally am coming closer to agreeing with.

Planning or plain incompetence?

They deserve punishing whichever it turns out to be.


Captain Ranty said...


Which proves the old adage to be true: violence begets violence.

But the fuckers will act surprised when the masses rise up.


Captain Ranty said...


Deep down I know you are right.

To many observers I am merely playing games. Dangerous games.

But until or unless I am needed on the front lines I will continue to fuck with them.

I have enjoyed some notable successes with the pen. When required to, I will reach for the sword.

I just hope I don't have to.


Anonymous said...


Again correct. Violence does beget violence.

They must be stopped and the only way to stop the weed regrowing is to remove the roots completely from the soil. It means plunging the sword deep into the heart of the Hydra.

I think once people come along like Breivik, walk into cabinet/corporation/NGO meetings and start letting loose with kalashnikovs, then they'll soon realise that they're up against people, prepared to give their lives for their freedom, by removing theirs.

It will come to the age old adage as well either become the hunter or the hunted, or kill or be killed. This reality is around the corner. It really won't be long before it happens. In writing this I will no doubt become a suspect, not that I am not one already by speaking the truths I have.


Anonymous said...

we have always had the power,not poloticians,why do you think they spend so much energy in dividing us?,has this been planned in my opinion, i have to say yes,once violence erups across the country martial law will be imposed and poof the little left of our freedoms are up in smoke.
what makes a statute a law?,its the belief we give it that gives it life,
mass non-compliance is the answer they impose a statute we ignore it,its that simple,stop paying taxes its that simple,the fear needs to be overcome,we live in too much fear of losing our homes ect when enough of us do this they will be at the negotiation table quicker than a whippet with a bum full of dynamite! numbers we need numbers.

Span Ows said...

If it had been me, Brussels would have been in the firing line.

Sue raises an interesting point. The young adults on that island were "sitting ducks" but had Breivik attacked the cess pit that is the EU parliament would he have had such a slagging? Openly yes, but many deep down or just below the surface would say 'they had it coming'.

Span Ows said...

Ask Assad. Ask Gadaffi. Ask Mubarak. Ask Ben Ali.

CR, you too raise an interesting point...before the hacking scandal hit the headlines (and was/is used by the left to attack an enemy) they were all full of themselves with the "Arab Spring", one Norwegian loon rises up in a botched "Viking Spring" and the boot is suddenly on the other foot. What would they have said if an Arab "rebel" had entered a 'Gaddafi clone' school and murdered a few future tyrants?

Anonymous said...

Stealthy answered, Is it ALL engineered, to create chaos that can be ordered? with - Yes :(

Anonymous said...

Pat Condell is always a joy to watch. His cutting wit and focused rage would make him the sort of guy I would vote for.

I am surprised that the Egypt protests for example have remained so peaceful in spite of serious brutality from the state. I think they realized that Mubarak would have wiped them out if they had responded in kind.

The difference with the UK is that most of us have never lived under a hard totalitarian system. When civil disobedience really takes off, the government will find that they have to either listen, or risk a situation like that in Northern Ireland after Bloody Sunday. The Catholic / Protestant situation is based on less difference and animosity than that with the indigenous Brits and Muslims now. Cromwell put the Protestants there centuries ago, and they still can't get along!

Look at these cheeky cunts:


Politicians are hopeless at learning the lessons of history, so I am watching Greece and Spain to see how 'democracies' are dealing with the protests.

Mohamed Bouazizi, a poor fruit seller managed to set North Africa ablaze. How long before we get a figure like that, who sets up the dominoes this side of the Med?

I am Stan said...

Well Capitan,

Violence hasn`t worked for the EDL, Al Quaida, the miners, the greenies.

Just saying NO! and peaceful mass non compliance is far more effective.

Problem is there`s too many people around who concentrate on dividing us along class, religious and racial lines,or muddy the waters with conspiracy theories and fearmongering, doing the work of totalitarians for them, frighten divide and conquer and all that.

These people know who they are, some who post here on your blog Captain, if they put their energies into bringing folk together things would change, its an oxymoron, on one hand they demand change on the other they divide, isolate and shun those who want the same things because they are different to them in some ways, thus doing the work of those they claim are the enemy`s of freedom for them.

I sometimes wonder if some who post here and other sites are shills, professional agent provocateurs, their aim, to keep the discussion and debate narrow, shallow and divided.

I don`t mean trolls, I mean focused deliberate, targeted and consistent nudging of discussion and opinion into a government/quango/think tank approved position that keeps the sheeple herded in their pens instead of roaming the field, so to speak!

Of course some people are just arseholes...;)

Toodle pip!

I am Stan said...

For example Capitan,

Me and my drinking buddies meet regularly in the local boozer, up to 15 of us at times, a mixed group but fairly normal, go to work go on holiday etc.

Anyways when the census came out we had several heated discussions about it and in the end it was decided we would just ignore it and see what happens, whats happened?....sweet fa!

James Higham said...

Yep, just saw it. Agreed.

Summerisle said...

'I am Stan' - exactly, all it takes is for the people to say 'No, I refuse to take your shit any more'! Ideally there is no need for violence if we all just say NO! That though is the problem - getting the 99% of the masses - the sheeple - to even understand just what is happening, never mind getting them to have the guts to say No.

I am Stan said...


Your right Summerisle it does take guts initially, but once you get into the swing of it saying NO! becomes a habit in all manner of situations.

Just recently I had a knock on the door , two pecksnifferous prodnoses from the council, a man and woman in vizi vests armed with a clipboard and badges.

"There`s been a complaint about a dog barking" the woman said to me aggressively as soon as I opened the door which got my hackles up, (I believe if you knock on someones door you show some manners and respect) to be fair my dog had been left for too long on his own one day due to my car playing up, anyways there they stood being confrontational.

She started curtly asking me questions from a questionaire, I cut her short and told her "I`m not giving you personal information or answering any questions please leave now I`m busy", her response was surprise at first but she recovered with threats of listening devises etc I just said "waste your own time not mine goodbye" and shut the door, basically saying no and ending the conversation, no arguing or shouting etc, just No!

A small example but effective all the same, my dog barked throughout the exchange, he didn`t like them either, I gave him a chewy as a reward, he doesn`t say no he says "YAP YAP WOOF" bless him.

Span Ows said...

Can think who Stan means...

mescalito said...

heres more ranty man: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0pc-nhALyPE&feature=channel_video_title

Dark Lochnagar said...

The only thing a politician fears is mass protest in the streets, if that includes some violence so be it.

Anonymous said...

@ I am Stan...
violence worked for the IRA, and works for islam.

I am Stan said...


Now then me old mucker how are ya?, I was chatting to you mate Harbwinger tother day, anyways politico`s like peaceful non-compliance even less IMHO, violence! well they just send in the boys and fill up the cells.media war lost.

@Urban 11,

Hello stranger, still knocking around then?, violence worked for em did it, how so?

Anonymous said...

@ I am Stan...

Violence at the miners strike was started by the army...erm...I mean Met Police...erm...yep, right the first time the ARMY. I was a child living in neighbouring village to Grimethorpe collery and when the strikes started it was peaceful. South Yorkshire Police used to stand on the picket lines with the miners and share food etc..... Yes the people refusing to strike (scabs as they were called)were given some hell, but you would expect that but predominately it was peaceful. I know this because I stood on the picket line with uncles a few times and shared food with the Police. Then the Army dressed as the Metropolitain Police turned up and violence errupted. It doesn't matter what the reasons were for the strike, Arthur Scargil, Miners taking the piss, someone farted, doesn't matter one jot. The point is that the GOVERNMENT started the violence and they had the numbers and therefore was sucessful in destroying an entire area for some evil bitches grudge. If violence errupts then the whole fucking lot of em would fall if they were vastly outnumbered so in effect what pretty much everyone is saying is right, it IS a numbers game.

Just wanted to clear that one up.

Tel said...

When it comes to violence, the only livable situation is to make violence the absolute last resort... But when you are dealing with the state, violence can never completely off the table because everything the state builds is built fundamentally on violence or threat of violence.

As an individual, the most important thing to understand is that the state is very effective at violence. If you were playing tennis and your opponent had a cracking good forehand and he was ripping you point after point with these smoking hot forehands... would you just keep hitting it back to his forehand?

The state is effective, not only at physical violence, but also at the psychological violence that they need to maintain Stockholm Syndrome amongst the citizens. Already we can see the spin merchants are working the Norwegian massacre to their own ends... and if it had been an extreme Islam terror cell with some stupid Word of God BS, or if it had been just one guy who snaps after losing his home (like the movie Fun with Dick and Jane)... none of that makes any difference, it gets spun in favour of the state every which way.

Now once upon a time violence was constrained by certain laws of chivalry -- you don't use weapons against an unarmed man, you don't shoot a man in the back. Nowadays we have largely accepted the Doctrine of Total War, which is to say winning is all that matters, so achieve your ends by any and all means available. In theory the state is constrained by laws to prevent this getting out of control, but the practical observation of the last decade is that laws have failed to prevent torture, abduction, fake suicides, etc.

Now we are at the stage where people will make war on children.... and yes in terms of punishing the party faithful this can be seen as an effective technique. The Doctrine of Total War -- how low can we go?

I am Stan said...

@Anon 23:23,

Shows how quickly the Government will use the Army against its citizens, yes they`re outnumbered but the Army/Navy/Airforce has the weapons and Intel to kill huge numbers of people without blinking, and they would if they thought they were being seriously threatened with violence

Non compliance would work, if enough people just said No and refused to deal with the local government they would become irellavant, they cannot lock everyone up.