July 13, 2011

Named And Shamed-The Despicable 274.

These are the bastards who voted to give away our money ... that's £9.8 billion, or £35,766,000 each that they owe us - the £36 million club.

Adams, Nigel; Afriyie, Adam; Aldous, Peter; Alexander, rh Danny; Amess, Mr David; Andrew, Stuart; Bacon, Mr Richard; Baker, Norman; Baldwin, Harriett; Barclay, Stephen; Barwell, Gavin; Bebb, Guto; Beith, rh Sir Alan; Bellingham, Mr Henry; Beresford, Sir Paul; Berry, Jake; Bingham, Andrew; Birtwistle, Gordon; Blackman, Bob; Blackwood, Nicola; Blunt, Mr Crispin; Boles, Nick; Bradley, Karen; Brake, Tom; Bray, Angie; Brazier, Mr Julian; Brine, Mr Steve; Brokenshire, James; Brooke, Annette; Bruce, Fiona; Bruce, rh Malcolm; Buckland, Mr Robert; Burns, Conor; Burns, rh Mr Simon; Burrowes, Mr David; Burstow, Paul; Burt, Lorely; Byles, Dan; Cairns, Alun; Campbell, rh Sir Menzies; Carmichael, rh Mr Alistair; Carmichael, Neil; Chishti, Rehman; Clark, rh Greg; Clarke, rh Mr Kenneth; Clifton-Brown, Geoffrey; Coffey, Dr Thérèse; Collins, Damian; Colvile, Oliver; Cox, Mr Geoffrey; Crabb, Stephen; Crockart, Mike; Crouch, Tracey; Davey, Mr Edward; Davies, David T. C.(Monmouth); Davies, Glyn; de Bois, Nick; Dinenage, Caroline; Djanogly, Mr Jonathan; Doyle-Price, Jackie; Duddridge, James; Duncan, rh Mr Alan; Duncan Smith, rh Mr Iain; Ellis, Michael; Ellison, Jane; Ellwood, Mr Tobias; Elphicke, Charlie; Evans, Graham; Evans, Jonathan; Evennett, Mr David; Fabricant, Michael; Fallon, Michael; Featherstone, Lynne; Field, Mr Mark; Foster, rh Mr Don; Fox, rh Dr Liam; Francois, rh Mr Mark; Freer, Mike; Fullbrook, Lorraine; Gale, Mr Roger; Garnier, Mr Edward; Garnier, Mark; Gauke, Mr David; George, Andrew; Gibb, Mr Nick; Glen, John; Goodwill, Mr Robert; Gove, rh Michael; Graham, Richard; Grant, Mrs Helen; Grayling, rh Chris; Green, Damian; Greening, Justine; Gummer, Ben; Gyimah, Mr Sam; Hames, Duncan; Hammond, rh Mr Philip; Hammond, Stephen; Hancock, Matthew; Hancock, Mr Mike; Hands, Greg; Harper, Mr Mark; Harrington, Richard; Harris, Rebecca; Hart, Simon; Haselhurst, rh Sir Alan; Heald, Oliver; Heath, Mr David; Heaton-Harris, Chris; Hemming, John; Hendry, Charles; Hinds, Damian; Hoban, Mr Mark; Hollingbery, George; Holloway, Mr Adam; Hopkins, Kris; Howarth, Mr Gerald; Howell, John; Hughes, rh Simon; Huhne, rh Chris; Hunt, rh Mr Jeremy; Huppert, Dr Julian; Hurd, Mr Nick; Jackson, Mr Stewart; James, Margot; Javid, Sajid; Jenkin, Mr Bernard; Johnson, Gareth; Johnson, Joseph; Jones, Andrew; Jones, Mr David; Jones, Mr Marcus; Kawczynski, Daniel; Kennedy, rh Mr Charles; Kirby, Simon; Laing, Mrs Eleanor; Lamb, Norman; Lancaster, Mark; Latham, Pauline; Laws, rh Mr David; Leadsom, Andrea; Lee, Dr Phillip; Leech, Mr John; Lefroy, Jeremy; Leslie, Charlotte; Letwin, rh Mr Oliver; Lewis, Brandon; Liddell-Grainger, Mr Ian; Lidington, rh Mr David; Lilley, rh Mr Peter; Lloyd, Stephen; Lord, Jonathan; Loughton, Tim; Luff, Peter; Lumley, Karen; Macleod, Mary; Maude, rh Mr Francis; May, rh Mrs Theresa; Maynard, Paul; McIntosh, Miss Anne; McLoughlin, rh Mr Patrick; McPartland, Stephen; Mensch, Louise; Menzies, Mark; Mercer, Patrick; Metcalfe, Stephen; Miller, Maria; Milton, Anne; Mitchell, rh Mr Andrew; Moore, rh Michael; Mordaunt, Penny; Morgan, Nicky; Morris, Anne Marie; Morris, David; Morris, James; Mosley, Stephen; Mowat, David; Mulholland, Greg; Mundell, rh David; Munt, Tessa; Murray, Sheryll; Murrison, Dr Andrew; Neill, Robert; Newmark, Mr Brooks; Nokes, Caroline; Norman, Jesse; O'Brien, Mr Stephen; Ollerenshaw, Eric; Paice, rh Mr James; Parish, Neil; Patel, Priti; Paterson, rh Mr Owen; Penning, Mike; Penrose, John; Phillips, Stephen; Pickles, rh Mr Eric; Pincher, Christopher; Poulter, Dr Daniel; Prisk, Mr Mark; Pugh, John; Raab, Mr Dominic; Randall, rh Mr John; Rees-Mogg, Jacob; Reid, Mr Alan; Robathan, rh Mr Andrew; Robertson, Hugh; Robertson, Mr Laurence; Rogerson, Dan; Rudd, Amber; Ruffley, Mr David; Russell, Bob; Rutley, David; Sanders, Mr Adrian; Sandys, Laura; Scott, Mr Lee; Selous, Andrew; Shapps, rh Grant; Sharma, Alok; Shelbrooke, Alec; Simmonds, Mark; Simpson, Mr Keith; Skidmore, Chris; Smith, Miss Chloe; Smith, Henry (recorded as voting in both lobbies); Smith, Julian; Smith, Sir Robert; Soames, Nicholas; Soubry, Anna; Spencer, Mr Mark; Stephenson, Andrew; Stevenson, John; Stewart, Iain; Stewart, Rory; Streeter, Mr Gary; Stride, Mel; Stunell, Andrew; Sturdy, Julian; Swales, Ian; Swayne, Mr Desmond; Swinson, Jo; Swire, rh Mr Hugo; Syms, Mr Robert; Thurso, John; Timpson, Mr Edward; Tomlinson, Justin; Tredinnick, David; Truss, Elizabeth; Tyrie, Mr Andrew; Uppal, Paul; Vaizey, Mr Edward; Vara, Mr Shailesh; Villiers, rh Mrs Theresa; Walker, Mr Robin; Wallace, Mr Ben; Walter, Mr Robert; Ward, Mr David; Watkinson, Angela; Weatherley, Mike; Webb, Steve; Wharton, James; Wheeler, Heather; White, Chris; Willetts, rh Mr David; Williams, Mr Mark; Williams, Roger; Williams, Stephen; Williamson, Gavin; Willott, Jenny; Wilson, Mr Rob; Wright, Jeremy; Wright, Simon; Yeo, Mr Tim; Young, rh Sir George; Zahawi, Nadhim; Mark Hunter; Bill Wiggin.

You know what to do.

Order your piano wire early. There is going to be huge demand.



Anonymous said...

Well i'm not sure piano wire is necessary, albeit fun! :-)... I would say let them deal with it! Refuse to pay tax, if your employed then quit, go on benefits, take the money back! In that time find something self employed! Refuse to fund those which are stealing from you! Those who are sending us to war! Let them fight their own battles... Just say thanks, but no thanks... If you paid for a tv service but didn't get a picture you would stop paying! How will these people operate without money? Lol.

wayne said...

My spineless tosser has been emailed. Will be interesting to hear the justicication, if he bothers to reply.

Michael Fowke said...

And I haven't noticed a lot of media coverage. Or any, really.

wayne said...

Yeah - funny that!

bryboy said...

Shock! Horror! Nicky Morgan from Loughborough is on the list! I don't believe it! She replaced a really good constituency MP, Andy Reed, because he floundered under Gordon Brown.

We now have a puppet who is not representing her constituency!

Mr A said...

Oh God, mine's on the list. This would never have happened on his predecessor's watch.

Ho hum.

Anonymous said...

At least they bothered to vote although badly and not in the best interest of their Country. What about the 120 MPs who either abstained or decided not to attend?

Anonymous said...

Bollocks, mine is on the list as well.

Angry Exile said...

So's mine, though unless it had to come out of his expenses I doubt the troughing prick he replaced would have voted differently. I wonder how many of these pricks have personal blogs on which they can be called on this in front of their supporters and voters.

Anonymous said...

Forget the piano-wire and buy Silver.
This is your last chance for freedom from the system.
ALL Fiat currencies are about to collapse.
By the end of this year you will not recognise the economic landscape.
Silver has been kept down by the Fed and Bank of England through the Comex and London Bullion Market. They are losing control.
This is everyone's very last chance before the money in your pocket becomes real confetti and Silver becomes extraordinarily expensive.
Forget the wankers on the "list" above

Anonymous said...

OR if you can - buy Gold - you do not pay VAT on gold (bullion) - so you do not give the Govt. anything towards their scamming !

Anonymous said...

disclose.tv #12


ellie12022 said...

Pleased to say my M.P. voted No

Captain Ranty said...

Mine also:


Whiteford, Dr Eilidh

She simply will not answer any of my letters and emails to her though.

Can't have everything I spoze.


Anonymous said...

Mine is on there too, as is the next-door neighbour.

Oddly there's not a single mention of it on their websites. How strange.