July 08, 2011

Freaky Friday

If this wasn't quite so bizarre I would have called this a Friday Funny.

There is nothing funny about an appointed judge taking pictures of todgers in the court-house toilet.

Have a look:

Bent coppers, bent politicians, (alleged) pervy IMF heads, so why not pervy judges?

We're in good hands, folks.

Rest easy.



Steven said...

If I was in the toilet at the time the judge would have needed a wide angle lens. Aaaayye!

On another matter, the evidence in the DSK case seems to be not as strong as the mainstream media were led to believe and so diligently parroted.


(The evidence for my first sentence is sadly lacking too)

Captain Ranty said...

She'd have needed a telephoto lens for mine.

(Sadly I DO have evidence to support that...)

I thought the bugger was going to be sharing a cell with Big Vern for a while. Maybe the elites really do look after their own, eh?