July 14, 2011

A Letter To One Of The Despicable

This arrived in my inbox today.

I thought it was worth posting for you to read. The inepts who voted for this £9.3 BILLION gift will never understand the seething outrage felt by we, the giftees.

I fervently hope that they all come to a bad end. Swiftly.

Here it is:

Mr Julian Sturdy MP

Dear Mr Sturdy.

I reproduce below an Internet comment on the amazing decision of this government, including with your support, a £9 Billion gift to the IMF, acting by proxy for the EU, and of course profligate Greek and other bankers. 

The decision beggars belief as a deliberate attack upon all British taxpayers, akin only to thinly disguised theft.

No mandate. No discussion with the electorate. No regard for the masses of people losing their jobs, livelihoods, homes or businesses in the midst of a domestic recession. No regard for an economy in deep debt and failing daily.
No conception of the deep hypocrisy, irony, and contemptible insult of the mantra "We're all in this together".
No, just the same, relentless, ideological crazed obsession with the useless, corrupt and irrelevant European Union.
Above all, no understanding of the deep, and growing, loathing on the part of the electorate for a political class seized with some sort of collective insanity.

We have news for you Mr Sturdy, and all your chums in the cosy 'Westminster Village'.
Although the feckless MSM takes little interest in such a decision, obsessed as it is with worthless trivia - be very sure that there is an informed electorate out there (educated by the Internet not the MSM) for whom this news is anything but trivial.

It confirms their long held belief that this government most definitely is not "theirs" and is regarded as an enemy of the people it professes to represent.
A government bent on serving some bent ideological creed, but not the interests of the UK or British people..

It is not as if people are understandably angry about such a decision. No, it goes far deeper.
They are filled with a seething hatred of the complacent, self interested, ideologically and politically perverted, EU obsessed, careerists who call themselves MPs. The same people who manipulate other people's money for their own ends. A political crime of the first order.

But, be very, very sure, for every £Billion of British taxpayer's money you so generously gift to the EU, IMF or other remote and alien causes, there will be also be untold numbers of British voters with whom it has registered, and who will remember it to full advantage at the first electoral opportunity - with a vengance.

Why will many of you (hopefully all) be rejected with contempt on a massive scale at a future election? As Dr Richard North of the EU Referendum Blog spells it out, and it is worth repeating:

"Thus, in reality, we are buying up debt with borrowed money, to give to an organisation which will lend it to a "client" (or clients) that will never repay it. In effect, that makes this money a £9 billion "gift" from British taxpayers. It will be given to the financiers (mainly banks) who lent money to the Greek government, to help them cut their losses.

Will the electorate forget this as MPs fondly hope? No chance! MPs are so astonishingly stupid that even they cannot comprehend the simple inevitability of the law of political returns - what you sow, you reap. You impoverish the British people - so in turn they will

"What this means is that we borrow money off the market – for which we pay interest - to lend to the IMF. But what may have been missed from the earlier post is that the bailout funds are to be used, inter alia, to buy up Greek debt – from a nation that intends to default.

Subrosa has more about the loathsome giveaway by the people who call themselves our representatives. All we need now is a reason for not rising up and slaughtering them. It had better be really good."

I have removed the authors name for two reasons: a) I don't have his permission and b) he speaks for us all anyway.



Nick said...

Awesome post! can I link to it on facebook please?

Restoring Britain said...

Excellent post CR. I think much of this should form the basis for us all to write to our MP's to let them know that this little piece of subterfuge did not pass us by and that we understand what in reality they have done with our money.

Anonymous said...

Good letter, only flaw I see is,

"British voters with whom it has registered, and who will remember it to full advantage at the first electoral opportunity - with a vengance."

That matters not a jot when all are working toward the same goal.

In fact I suspect tptb are counting on angry box ticking every few years, forever.

Whether it has an effect on your lowly MP, who knows, worth a try I guess.


Captain Ranty said...

Help yourself Nick.

What's mine is yours. Except when it's someone else's, as in this case.

I'm sure the author wants the word spread that he has an idiot for an MP.

(As do we all).


Captain Ranty said...


As Lost says it is probably pointless sending it to your own MP.

They don't give a shit. They got the job, and if they get re-elected, bonus!

If they don't, they'll end up with plum jobs with all the schmoozing they do.


James Higham said...

Thus, in reality, we are buying up debt with borrowed money, to give to an organisation which will lend it to a "client" (or clients) that will never repay it.

In a nutshell.

giant bee said...

edit required Cap - " Thus, in reality, we are buying up debt with borrowed money.." is repeated.

Great post though

Captain Ranty said...


I was confused by that line.

I thought we were lending the money to the IMF. They are obliged to repay us even though their "clients" will not repay them.


Captain Ranty said...


It wasn't my letter. I just cut & pasted it directly from my email inbox, but I have removed the repeated paragraph to facilitate easy reading.

Thanks for pointing it out.


Restoring Britain said...


I'd agree you're right in that our MP's don't give a shit. I'm currently pushing water uphill trying to promote the idea of local voting blocs and finding tools to help people develop themselves into independent candidates.

I want to find out which of them are beyond redemption in the p*ss take of democracy and which ones will toe the line when they realise we're watching.

Whilst the 600 odd jokers in Westminster are on their turf it looks insurmountable. However I think there is a battlefield where we can win which is back in the constituency they have to come to to suck up to us for a vote. Like a wilderbeast on the edge of the herd, I think they are vulnerable to exposure here.

Apathy by voters may win out but if I do nothing we'll get what we deserve.

Anonymous said...

Nice letter. Will be totally ignored because they know, no matter what they do, 90%+ will still vote liblabcon.