July 27, 2011

Free Papa Coley

The short version:

Retired shopkeeper, 72 years old, playing cards with his friends in a shop, two armed thugs walk in to rob the place, Papa Coley stabs them both, one thug dies. Papa arrested on suspicion of attempted murder. (Odd, since one of them died).

Long version here.

Instructions for the bobbies and the CPS:

Let. Him. Go.

Then apologise for wasting his time.

The two thugs came with GUNS, Papa Coley defended himself with a KNIFE.

Got it?


In fact, fuck the apology, give the man a medal.



Anonymous said...

I hope the CPS see sense over this. I really felt for this poor man when I read the story.


Captain Ranty said...


Much like the last time this happened (in Salford) he should be released immediately.

Another fine test of Ken Clarke's promise.

A couple of hundred cases later I bet we see robberies and burglaries plummet.


Anonymous said...

I suppose they do need to question him though I don't see why he needs to be arrested at this point. For example, if he had chased them out and then stabbed the robber on the street, then Ken Clarke's promise means nothing. If the fellow stayed in his shop after the robbers ran away, and then he collapsed and died later (which I hope is what actually happened), then of course he needs to be released immediately.

Notice how the newspapers all fawn over the dead man. He had a gun and was up to no good, I have no sympathy for him.

Woodsy42 said...

I thought the Salford case and ministerial guidance had sorted this nonsense and decided people were (at last)allowed to defend themselves. So is the government lying or are the police out of control?*
Of course the police need to question him, but he should not be arrested (DNA samples and permanent record) unless they are totally sure he did something more than fight back.

* - I would suspect both.

I am Stan said...

Yeah Capitan,

I just heard it on the radio, well good for the old coot, guess you don`t mess with old school West Indian florists in the middle of a card game.


Anonymous said...

How can that be attempt murder? Oficially attempt murder is a pre-planned killing. What he did was defend himself when perceiving a threat to the life of himself and the people in his shop. I would be going down the road of he saw the GUNS and feared for his life (which no doubt he did) then took the action he deemed necessary to deter the threat. At worst he could be looking at manslaughter. But under the circumstances as the captn said he should be given a medal!

The scumbags who CHOSE to enter that shop with guns to rob it got what they deserved. A hazzard of the job I'm afraid. No sypathy at all!

End of!


Caratacus said...

A BIG medal, a decent pension ... and £500 a day consultancy fees to advise that fool Clarke how to do his job properly.

ReefKnot said...

I've often thought it would be a good idea to award ' Good Citizen' trophies, medals and certificates to people like Papa Coley and to issue press releases and get coverage of the award ceremonies. Also at the same ceremonies awards of 'Prat of the Year' could be made to the relevant Police Officers, who would not turn up of course, but the awards could be in absentia. Maybe like the 'Oscars'. Would need some philanthropist to fund it of course.

F***W*T TW****R said...

Pisses all over that saying, 'Don't bring a knife to a gunfight'? PMSL when I read this.
They have to investigate I suppose.....

Anonymous said...

Correction for earlier post.... Attempt murder is a pre-planned effort to kill someone (unsucessful murder.

Just to straighten that one up.


Anonymous said...

"How can that be attempt murder? Oficially attempt murder is a pre-planned killing."

You are most correct Aldo. If anything this was manslaughter via self defense. The culprit stabbed was not only a robber with intent to seriously wound and murder, but trespassing also.

Murder is premeditated. Manslaughter is accidental/unplanned. There's a huge difference.


Anonymous said...

Very brave old fella.

Anonymous said...

Who the fuck robs a Florist? With guns!

Props to the old feller for keeping in good enough shape to fend off two armed attackers!

Anonymous said...

His only mistake was not getting both of the fuckers. Bit like Tony Martin, sadly.

Dr Evil said...

Yet again the poor bloody victim is arrested. He and his pal were pistol whipped then fought back. The waste of oxygen robbers came off worst. Serves them both right for breaking into his shop. Agree about the medal.

Anonymous said...

I suppose he was supposed to fight back with a couple of Chrysanthemums.