July 21, 2011

Clegg, And His Fear-Mongering

An odious little nobody squeals, and we are supposed to tremble in terror?

Do be brief, Cleggy. The only people terrified of a EuroZone collapse are politicians, bankers, and Marxists.

If you manage to get through this garbage without vomiting and/or checking on your piano-wire stocks, you are made of sterner stuff than I.

I'll do a little light fisking and you can complete the job in the comments.

His opening statement?

"Nick Clegg has warned that the break-up of the eurozone would have catastrophic consequences for Britain."

No, it wouldn't. Quite the opposite. Britons, and British businesses would benefit to the tune of £110 billion per year.


"The deputy prime minister said that the crisis could have "a direct effect on living standards in this country'."

He's right there. As well as being better off, we could, at last, delete 4,000 new "crimes" from the Rolls, and dump in excess of 135,000 EU regulations. Liberty wins. Our economy wins.

Further on he opines:

"He warned Tory eurosceptics about the risk of a break-up, saying: "Be careful what you wish for."

Look where being "careful" got us? Our freedoms slashed as if they were an irritant, rather than devices to protect us. Being "careful" sees us handing out billions of £££'s to the unelected, unaccountable and the downright irresponsible.


"He said:''We are not an island economy, we can't turn our back on the rest of the world,'' he said."

Yes, we are, it has served us well for centuries, and why would we be turning our backs? Norway and Switzerland, to name but two, seem to cope extremely well."In Europe, but not married to it" would do just fine.


"He said by ''taking the action we did'' Britain had ''moved out of the danger zone''."

That's right Nick. Because now we are wrapped in cotton-wool, eh? Safe as houses, right? Perhaps you could explain why the thought of further integration with Europe scares the bejesus out of me, and everybody I talk to about the Glorious Fourth Reich?


"Mr Clegg said he was "not a starry-eyed, naive believer in all things which have the European flag attached to it" but was a passionate advocate of an open, liberal single market."

You could have fooled us, Cleggy. But then, perhaps it's because we are not thinking long-term, like you. We do not have glittering careers ahead of us in the EU parliament and all the perks that brings with it. In my opinion, the only politicians worth listening to are those defending Britain, not those who give it away, piece by blood-soaked piece, to a sinister group of men and women who care more for themselves and this insane idea that 27 nations can and will sing from the same hymn sheet despite being as different as chalk and cheese.

We need to get out. We need to get out today. Right now. Before those trapped in the Westminster Bubble really do our nation harm. I cannot recall anyone giving the governemt permission to give our nation away to anyone. The last two polls are crystal clear: the British public want to be out of the EU. The Labour Party did itself untold damage by ignoring the electorate. Smart people learn from other people's mistakes.

The onus is on you, me, and every Briton who wants to be able to call him/herself a Briton in the years to come. It's time to save our country from the politicians.

Just to be clear:

I am not a European. I am an Englishman and I am a Briton.

The Union Flag, Cleggy. Have a look at it, and have someone explain to you what it means. Have them explain how many millions have died defending that flag, have them remind you what WWI and WWII were all about. It seems you are criminally unaware of British history.

As a personal favour to me, grab the nearest EU flag and shove it where the sun don't shine.

It will be uncomfortable, but, you are a traitor. You deserve gaol, not just a minor discomfort, and it may serve to focus your mind on the bigger picture.



James Higham said...

Clegg's still there? I thought he dissolved in tears.

Jamie V said...

Well said, Sir. This needs to be said, often and loudly.

Captain Ranty said...


As long as he is uttering bollocks like this, he remains a danger to us all.

I wish he WAS gone. But you know what they say: if wishes were horses, beggars would ride...


Captain Ranty said...

Jamie V,


Join in. Start your own blog.

Start shouting back at them.


Anonymous said...



Twisted Root said...

Be careful what we wish for says Cleggy.
Well, I wake each morning wishing the whole cesspool of social liberal democrat marxist quislings was drained and flushed into the sewer of history. I fail to see a downside.

Anonymous said...

Think your "light fisking" analysed it pretty well as it is, Captain! :D

Clegg spent ten fucking years in the bowels of Brussels on the EU gravy train before being dispatched back home to further the seditious activities of the Europhiles. If he was made to fuck off, his masters would provide; so we'd still be paying him to talk bollocks. He'd just be doing it from over there instead.

As I mentioned in the other thread, the LibLabCon are fully paid up members of the Communitarian Club. By participating in their system, consent is implicitly given to everything they do.

The EUSSR is ultimately a building block of something much larger and far worse. They are only interested in dragging us further in and they don't ask us because they know what the response will be.

I actually think, Captain, that some of them are fully aware of British history; certainly their masters are. They actively despise it and want to erase it at all costs, just as their counterparts in other nations wish to do the same to their own.

Then again, iDave himself stated at the despatch box yesterday that he basically had no clue about the Bill of Rights, which is rather illuminating...



wayne said...

Run along Clegster and make Cameron a cup of tea, after all you're just his bitch. When you've done that shut the fuck up and take a long walk off a short pier you tit.

Dioclese said...

The Euro was introduced as a Fourth Reich ploy to cause the collapse of other countries so they could be taken into Greater Germania. It's working!

Captain Ranty said...


I read both of those links.

That remote areas should and can improve themselves is a-ok with me. Quite why I have to pay for it all is beyond me.

Actually, it's beyond my pay packet.


Captain Ranty said...


Amen to that.


Captain Ranty said...


"I actually think, Captain, that some of them are fully aware of British history;..."

That makes it ten times worse, does it not?

Wilfully and unlawfully giving our sovereignty away is an offence.

Why have they not been arrested????


Captain Ranty said...


If he was only a teaboy I could put up with him, but he is a gobby little teaboy breaking the law.

Lock the greasy little fucker up. Let him make tea for the Yeoman Warders.


Captain Ranty said...


It is indeed working.

Shamefully, we stand by and watch as it happens and do nothing more than turn up the volume on The Apprentice or some other shite.


Anonymous said...

Excellent fisk CR. I do have to be a pedant though, its not the Union Jack, its the Union Flag.

Live a achievable life..... Hahaha at cleggies, that's fucking awesome

I am Stan said...

Oh well said Capitan,

As a proud Afribrit I support and agree with your every word, long live the Brits, death to the Commission.



WV= lowsymot.....lol

Anonymous said...

Dear Captain Ranty,
If you haven't read it, you may find of interest Christopher Story's European Union Collective.
yours sincerely,

Anonymous said...

"He said:''We are not an island economy, we can't turn our back on the rest of the world,'' he said."

The EU is about 10% of the world, by focusing on the EU he is turning his back on the parts of the world that are moving forward!

Anonymous said...

I see it a little differently Cap'n, Don't get me wrong I hate Gleggoniod and the cock ballast known as the EU with all I'm worth but...

When he says "Be careful what you wish for" I don't think he's talking shit, It's a direct threat! It's this simple, we are NOT in control we lost that some time ago, yes?

While ever we are not in control we will pay for what ever happens, through taxes interest rate's and the not so secret tax, inflation. It will not effect them they'll just alter all the above, and then some.

Make no mistake when it goes tits up if we don't have the power back we'll be shafted in a fashion that'll make the last planned hi-est on private wealth (credit crunch)look like a bad garage bill.

Just my two hundred quids worth (adjusted for inflation obviously)


Anonymous said...

I had almost forgotten about these clowns since I switched off the MSM.
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Giolla Decair said...

I caught him saying how we depended on a strong eurozone when accidentally catching the news, almost caused me to waster good wine!

Caratacus said...

Whenever I look at the Cleggthing, I can't help remembering Peter Ustinov relating that director Mervyn LeRoy summarized the manner in which he envisioned Ustinov should play the Emperor Nero, as "Nero...he plays with himself, nights...."

giant bee said...

Good post as usual CR. I agree with everything including "Smart people learn from other people's mistakes", however as has been proven a billion times in just over a year, smart people are not running the show.. there must be an awakening. When and how ?

Anonymous said...

I could never tire of kicking Clegg in the bollocks with a pair of steel toe Dr. Martens.

Same goes for Cameron.

That is the only common purpose they have.

Anonymous said...


"Why have they not been arrested?"

Indeed; probably many reasons, way more than comments permit! :)

It can be argued that giving away our sovereignty is treason. Which, until Liebour got in, was still subject to the death penalty in certain circumstances.

If we witness crimes like those we are meant to report them lest we become complicit in them ("misprision of treason"). Most people don't know that but then as you implied in another answer they are distracted by "other things".

However, as various YT vids demonstrate, if you do go down the local cop shop to report such a crime, they look upon you as if you've grown an extra head. It's just possible that Plod then takes a bit more of an interest in you in the future; "keep an eye on that nutter who thought the PM was committing treason." You've done what you're meant to and ended up worse off! :(

Of course, it doesn't help that in many aspects the police are in it as much as the politicians are, as the phone hacking saga has shown. I'm not by any means tarring all with the same brush, there are still decent coppers out there. At least until the Coagulation's forced "retirement" policies kick in and all we're left with are the fast-tracked sort with no understanding of the common law or their role, fancy dress PCSOs backing them up and eventually Eurogendfor just a phone call away.

To paraphrase the AntiTerrorist, effort may be better employed at waking the others. Critical mass is needed before these people can be held to account and it isn't there yet.



Anonymous said...

What a fucking arsehole piece of shit this cunt is.

No history, not only GB but of Europe also, ie, Spain, France, Germany etc.

The mans a fucking moron, if, he thinks for one minute that people cannot see through the shit he spouts.

Spandau prison came to mind, but alas, that no longer is an option. Then again surely appropriate accommodation could be found.

Give this whole europian union shit to Belgium, throw in the bankers, give them all their fiat currency, then shut the fucking door.

Reduction of our military?..Why?..
Foreign personel on our shores?.. Is that what other europian countries want?..

The whole house of cards is about to fall, being just a humble peasant it matters not. Coming out the other side.........

Sixteen year old arrested for hacking into rich corporation files.. America wants him to be extradited...Do your own research.
Anonymous. Anonymous. Anonymous.

The message is viral, it cannot be stopped.

Carry on my friend, its just a matter of time. There is no stand down on this issue..

On a lighter note....If you have not bought your new bike yet, buy jap. Best bikes in the world.

Be well..


Stealthy said...

What a knob, can't help but notice he looks a bit run down lately. Must be hard being around that much bullshit on a daily basis.

Anonymous said...

Clegg says "when you are in a hole you have to keep digging".

Anonymous said...

Hi Captain
Evidently non of this will matter as the comet Elenin is between the Sun and the Earth 26/27 September. What NASA seems to be hiding is that Elenin is not a comet but a dwarf star.

Hence the recall from the "space-station" plus the NASA personnel alert. Now we know why all those deep bunkers were built.

Latest ifo from science is that they have recalculated the Mayan calendar and it ends October 2011.

Hang on to your hats for a pole flip.

I shall be breaking out the Champagne and whistling up my Barcelona.

Mind you the doom merchants have been wrong before but ....................

Captain Ranty said...


We looked at that last month:


But 7/7 came and went without any destruction.

Mind you, the bloke does say that it may happen in August.

We will need to wait & see!