July 09, 2011


This article is republished with kind permission from Olive Farmer.

Many of you have said that it will all end in violence. Then, and only then, can we instigate the change we deserve. That may be so.

But you should know that there is an alternative path. It requires (possibly) more bravery, more determination, and more resolve than the old fashioned piano wire and lamp-post method. That we are heading towards huge change I do not doubt for a single second. We wait, as we always must, for the slumbering ones to notice what has gone on while they slept. We count, as we also must, the fresh brutalities visited upon us by the police, by the judiciary, and by those venal politicians and their familiars. We mourn, as libertarians and free spirits must, each and every lost freedom snatched from us by a frankly terrified group of elites who, notably, remain unaffected by this wholesale thievery of our liberties and our ancient rights.

Can we defur the feline differently? My optimistic side says "Yea". My realistic side says "Nay". 

I am torn.

Olive Farmer, is not torn, and speaks thusly:

There is a moment fast approaching that will determine the future of humanity.
In the maelstrom of world events currently unfolding lie great currents, sweeping tides that defy understanding because they are so intricately orchestrated, so various, so occult.
These currents are sweeping humanity to a new, awful future.
Unless we learn a different way forward for our species.
Unless we learn how to Start Again.
Observe the revolutions fomenting in Europe, see the hands of the luciferian world elite guiding and shaping the chaos, see the thinkers and philosophers amongst us being drawn into sects and cadres, see the unthinking being shaken from their complacency, finally now raising their heads from the pasture and looking around them, fearful and selfish as ever, seeing who or what will emerge to lead them and hoping to ally themselves with the winning side as it emerges, for there lies safety, even in abject submission and slavery.

The current political elite is to be sacrificed though they know it not.
From Saddam via Mubarak to Gaddafi and the rest of the slime that runs the Arab world, from Cameron and Merkel and Sarkozy to Papandreou and the rest , the instigated chaos of the new world order will oust them as scapegoats, very probably lynch some of them in the streets as the madness of revolution spreads and falls under the control of the hands of absolute evil that are engaged upon their final solution.

These evil creatures that run the world care not for their faithful servants, will shoot them like dogs if the whim takes them, or if the high ranking slave steps out of line.
Just ask Kennedy

The great anger sweeping the world is a designed anger, an anger which arises from the careful manipulation of the power of money, the power that stems from political patronage, the power that has been given to the police who sadly, in every country, draw their batons against their own countrymen and women in defence of the indefensible.

The great herd that is humanity is being manipulated into this faux revolution.
Imaginary money creating imaginary debt creating the spectacle of the theft of nation's wealth, the security of a nation's people, the very structure and underlying mainstays of the economies, the power generation, the water supply, the food chain, the communication systems, all stolen, all stolen in order to create, finally, an outburst of the anger that leads to violence.

The world over, humanity is as a dry tinder-wood, awaiting just the touch of a spark for the fire of hatred and blood-letting to begin.

The spark will be provided. It is planned, as we have seen already in so many places.
Only the blind, and there are many, can fail to see the inevitability of the approaching chaos. Those who don't see it are those who live where the fire is not already raging. They stupidly believe that it's somebody else's problem.
It's not.
It's their problem.
Like a forest fire, it is sweeping inexorably and swiftly their way.

History shows that every revolution brings in its wake totalitarianism, witch-hunting, the lowering of standards of living, starvation, the loss of security, great fear. History also shows us that ALL the revolutions of the last few hundred years have been orchestrated and controlled by the very global elite that they purport to be against. So the Rothschilds behind the French revolution, so the Schiffs behind the Russian, so the Bushes behind the National Socialists of Germany and so on.
And behind the money that builds revolution lies the evil that rules the world.

These manipulators have at their control the masked mobs of the violent, the bomb setters and Molotov cocktail throwers, the shooters. So it was in Egypt. So it was in Tunisia and in Libya. So it is in Yemen and Bahrain and so it is and will be in Greece and Spain, Albania and Italy and Portugal and eventually Ireland and the rest of Europe and the rest of the world.

And what will emerge?

Those that study the long held and well documented plans of the new world order, that have read Blavatsky and Alice Bailey and Manly Hall and Albert Pike and the rest, understand the great structure and organisation that has slowly enveloped the world, know the underlying philosophy behind the United Nations, see the connections and join the dots between the US military industrial complex, the CIA Nazis born of the Thule society and the endless list of their collective subordinate organisations, see the connections between the old Royal bloodlines and their banking associates, see this vast web of lies and the weird luciferian fundamentalism that lies behind it and understand........
To the uninitiated, to the great unwashed, lucifer is a stranger as god is a stranger. To the believers and bible bashers and muslim fundamentalists and the rest lucifer is as real as god, and yet their god is the product and construction of the very manipulators that control the rest of the false reality.

Their god is a creation of the twisted minds that have created the rest of the false reality and comes to them in the form of the Bible or the Koran via organised religion, instruments all of division and hatred and strife and warfare and the slaughter and perversion of innocents, as demonstrated by their histories and their continuing present.
To lash at the beliefs of everyone, to strike at the core of the false reality creates no friends.
It becomes a lonely place.
Each of us believes in one part, one piece or another of the false reality.

Believers in the false democracies, believers in the false religions, believers in the false glamour world that holds so many of the ignorant and sleeping in its grip, believers in the strange and unnatural system of money and profit and wealth, all these things and many more together create the false reality and each have firm defenders and those willing to kill in defence of them.

Each of these belief systems is currently under attack from and by the very hands that created them, using the anger of revolution to sweep away the old in preparation for the new world order.

And with the new world order will come lucifer, brandishing what seems to be the sword of peace, bringing what seems to be reconciliation, bringing all that the world would expect from a Christ, but then destroying all that oppose, leaving only those that will comply.

I do not believe a word of the Bible.
But those that created it follow its prophecies and in lucifer's name are ushering in the new world order....
Unless we prevent them.

Humanity cannot fight this evil with violence.The temporary and faux victories of violent uprisings will inevitably lead to the horrors we have seen so many times before.

The guillotine, the Gulag, the concentration camp..
It is time to stop the knee-jerk reaction to police intimidation. It is time to recognise the strategy of the global elite for what it is.
It is time to IGNORE them!
It is time to find amongst the protesters those that seek violence and to quell them, to hug them, to speak with them, to prevent them.
If they are agents of the powers that be, to unmask them.
Your enemy, if you seek the change that will save humanity, is violence and ALL those who commit it, even though they seem to be on your side.
They are not on your side. Violence can be no part of our collective future, and we must prevent it from being the shaping force of our present.

Violence is the enemy of humanity.An end to violence must be our absolute aim regardless of the crude tactics that push us towards anger and hurt.

Humanity cannot fight evil with evil, for then evil will have won even before we begin.

Keep peaceful at all times regardless of the provocation that is planned to come your way.

Hug the riot-gear clad cop.

Tell the soldier how much you love him as he levels his gun at you.

If your son or daughter, grandson or nephew or brother or sister allies themselves with the global elite, wears the uniform that gives them unjust power over other human beings, speak with them, tell them of the shame they bring, cast them aside if they will not listen, but leave them the opportunity to redeem themselves, to come back once more into the fold, and welcome them back with love.

In every nation, as the chaos comes, those amongst us that are in uniform will be used against the rest of us.
Such was the great travesty in communist Russia, such was the great evil in Communist China, such was the disgusting spectacle in Nazi Germany, such is the situation now in the democracies of Europe!

Brother beating brother, son beating father.

Don't fight them.
Pity them.

Hug them.

Clasp their hands and ask them to join you.

Fight aggression with love.

Fight anger with calm.

Face the batons and the tear-gas and the bullets with peace and love.

These uniformed men and women the world over do not understand how history will despise them as it despises the S.S. that so brutalised their fellow Germans.

They everywhere will be shunned.
Families will disown them and hang their heads in shame.
It is our job, our duty to save them from this fate.
And in actions such as these lies the remedy, the solution, the answer to the great organisation of evil that spans the globe.
In love and with love will come victory.

We must decide not to play their game.
We must decide to go our own way towards the new reality.

The river, flowing towards the ocean, finds another path when it meets an obstruction.
Seek and find that other path, the path of least resistance, the path that is non-compliance, the path that just ignores the violent strategies of the global scum.

It is a truth that humanity seeks leadership.
The models for the choice of these leaders have been in the hands of the global luciferians for all of time.

It is time to change the model. To create a new way forward. To create a new world by simply ignoring the systems and procedures and laws of the old.
We should, amongst us, seek those that are most wise, those that do not lust for power or the trappings of wealth, those that have no association with the old “parties”, those that see love as the way forward, those that have no membership of the churches of the world but do not despise those that do. We should seek out the kind, the fair, the quiet, the humble, the meek, the non-violent, the caring souls......

And here's the strategy, perhaps.
In each place where the fervour of revolution begins, replace it with the fervour of rEvolution.

We should ignore the powers that be, ignore the law and the systems they have created to control the way we govern ourselves, and Start Again.

At the local level, in small groups, find these people and put them forward.

Do not feel that you are too small a group, that your efforts are in vain. Use this internet to reach out and find others. From this will come critical mass.
At the regional and national and transnational level let them step forward, with us behind them................

Build our own, new systems in love and harmony, make our own new law, debate and find the beautiful new future we desire, and simply IGNORE the old ways, pay no heed to their laws, their government, their police, pay no heed to their instructions, pay no heed to their press and TV and propaganda.

Their systems are not our systems, not the systems Humanity desires and yearns for. They are systems of evil, systems of war and brutality and slaughter and bullying and greed and torture and lies and fear.
We have had enough of their systems.
They have no legitimacy.
All this rEvolution needs is a critical mass of us to achieve this transformation.
Do not feel small and helpless.
Do not feel that you can achieve nothing.
Humanity is approaching 7 billion in number, each of us is just one..... yet together we are many, together we are enough to end this misery.

This is our duty to the future.

It truly is time to Start Again, for if humanity fails in this we have lost our future, have condemned our children to worse slavery than that we endure now, almost certainly acted too late to prevent the destruction of many of us.

Our world can be beautiful.
Our world can be bountiful.
Our world can accommodate billions more of us in its vastness, all living in peace and harmony, in security and safety, basking in the beneficial light of our own incredible ingenuity.

It is, my friends, time to Start Again.
Put this on your poster:

" rEvolution "
With love, I hope this message reaches many.

Love to all,

Olive Farmer


V4V said...

That was a good read, thanks CR

Anonymous said...

Usual New Age claptrap... Give me a few square shouldered, belligerent, hard nosed b@st@rds every time...

Anonymous said...

PS Revise previous list that included learning a martial art... to join a knitting class...

Anonymous said...

Dear Cap'n

You ain't goin' all Gandhian on us are yer?


Where's the nearest Ashram?

richard said...

Did you notice how quickly Cameron announced not one but three "public enquiries"? And that the NOTW was shut down BEFORE the public had a chance to do it for them? Anything to hide the fact that the public can vapourise anything by simple non-participation. There's something in what this guy says. The system's set up to flatten overt resistance, but what if people just ignore it, realising that nothing's there but a handful of guys. Sixty million people taking orders from a few dozen public schoolboys makes as much sense as one man taking orders from a spider on his bedroom ceiling.

suedenimon said...

People have been 'ignoring them' for years, that IMHO is the heart of the problem...
To think that peaceful loving new age 'we should all rise above this by ignoring them' is going to work is a dreamers half assed daydream, whilst living in the corporate killing nightmare, ask anyone in a war theatre if 'ignoring it' makes it go away!

Anonymous said...

Be more trouble than you are worth. One obstinate bastard is a chore. A million is ungovernable.

The trouble is, the majority of people are too conditioned and/or stupid to stand up for themselves, and will endure all manner of abuse to lead an 'easy' life.

Unlike previous power grabs, the Internet has opened a lot of peoples eyes, and is something of a wild card.

Ranty, when do you think things will start to kick off in the UK?

Anonymous said...

Dear Captain Ranty,
I found this very interesting because I have observed that in America we have a small population that to some degree has been immune to a lot of New World Order transformations, simply because they have ignored much of it by coincidence. I am referring to Pietistic (Amish) communities in Eastern and Central Southern US. No daycare, no state schools, no television, no pop music. no birth certificates, no college, no feminism, etc. I believe that the powers have realised this and are beginning to try to intervene more in their lives. That said, I don't believe that it is fair for us to have to give up so many of our organisations and systems just because they have been usurped.

Anonymous said...

... and then they came for the Amish...

"Feds sting Amish farmer selling raw milk locally"


ladyraj said...

Love the David vs Goliath theme...I'm an American, we love underdogs. I also appreciate those in possession of the skill-set to profess they are, in fact, the holder of "what is true". If only others would wake up to the truth...but be patient or feel pity for those who just don't get it... maybe they just need a hug. One can't fault that line of reasoning...right?

Truth, just as with reality, is subjective.

There may or may not be a "global elite" who pull our puppet strings. What I do see many times over are examples of elitism. One proclaims they have superior knowledge/insight that others aren't privy to...which is, by definition, an elitist stance.

Shall I trade one elite for another?

Stealthy said...

Loving all these recent posts ranty :)

ladyraj said...

Hey CR, I found this article that may interest you as it applies to a revolution (of sorts) in Britain due to begin soon. I'd love to hear your thoughts on this matter.

UK Islamic radicals set to implement 'Sharia-controlled-zones'


-Hardcore Islamists in Britain are set to kick off their new 'Sharia law enforcement zones' across the country, under which gambling, smoking, drugs and prostitution would be strictly prohibited.

-They also claim their hardline rules will be policed by thousands of "Sharia cops" on the streets.

My question: Are the Islamists attempting to denormalize British law by simply ignoring the rules and following their own? or

Is this merely activism in Islamic neighborhoods or a demonstration of some sort?

Thanks in advance! Ruth Ann

Anonymous said...

I love how certain people seem to think ignoring means being a hippy or just won't work! Well that's funny but i seem to remember ghandi doing pretty well! I guess he was a no good hippy failure? Lol... Why cant you just say no? Did you people sign up for any debt? Did you ok it, that the government borrows money on your behalf? And your childrens behalf? Untill people start to say no, the problems will continue! But hey, you gotta be brave to say no! Which some of you clearly aren't!hippy or just won't work! Well that's funny but i seem to remember ghandi doing pretty well! I guess he was a no good hippy failure? Lol... Why cant you just say no? Did you people sign up for any debt? Did you ok it, that the government borrows money on your behalf? And your childrens behalf? Untill people start to say no, the problems will continue! But hey, you gotta be brave to say no! Which some of you clearly aren't!

Captain Ranty said...

Thanks all, for the comments.

The sad fact is that no government ever went peacefully. We kid ourselves time after time that our vote does the job but does it?

Do we not just replace the old clowns with new, as yet untested clowns?

Who wins? They do. And despite the promises on the campaign trail, nothing changes.

I see there is a mix of comments: one supporting peaceful change and one acknowledging the realities.

There is a very real danger that neither peaceful nor violent rebellion will take place. We need to wake the others. They will not awaken easily. They think they are comfortable because they do not know that a different comfort awaits the brave.


Captain Ranty said...

Ruth Ann,

Muslim dominance in our country (and yours, eventually) is inevitable.

It's simple mathematics: they have 4 children to our two.

In less than 30 years they will become the majority.

It will happen because we did nothing about it today.

That immigration door needs to be eased shut. Gently, but firmly.

No need for aggression, or racism, or nationalism, just common sense: our infrastructure cannot cope today so we need a cap on immigration.

This calls for common sense, but none of our politicians have any.


ladyraj said...

Thanks for the reply CR. In America, our census reveals that indeed the caucasion majority is being bred out of that position. However, the so called "browning of America" thus far has not extended to religious demographics in which a Muslim base will dominate. But of course that data is limited because it is all self-report.

Interestingly, as more states put forth bills to ban sharia law and are shot down...the license to carry a concealed firearm laws have been relaxed and many are arming themselves. Now take a minute to digest that. Weapons in the hands of civilians that are trained to use them as per their license. Of course only law-abiding citizens can receive such a license but with the permit you can carry your weapon almost anywhere. Even my niece is locked and loaded.

If, in fact there is some grand plan out there inciting violence between people there is now a big flaw in the ointment. Gun-toting law abiding civilians shoot via their conscience whether they wear blinders or not.

Regarding the perceived power of the vote...Politicians simply adjust their message to what appears popular as per current trends. Most people know this, are frustrated by it, but the process repeats ad nauseum. There is a tipping point in which peaceful people will cry no more...I'm not sure where that is.

English Viking said...

No more drugs for Oliver.

Captain Ranty said...

Ruth Ann,

"Interestingly, as more states put forth bills to ban sharia law and are shot down...the license to carry a concealed firearm laws have been relaxed and many are arming themselves. Now take a minute to digest that. Weapons in the hands of civilians that are trained to use them as per their license. Of course only law-abiding citizens can receive such a license but with the permit you can carry your weapon almost anywhere. Even my niece is locked and loaded."

Sadly, we allowed ourselves to be disarmed years ago. We don't even have that to fall back on.

Only the bad guys carry guns here now. And yes, I do include the cops as the bad guys. Most are now barely more advanced than Neanderthals.

I think the threat to the US is slightly different. Our immigration is okayed by the feckless in parliament whereas yours is mostly illegal. Beyond an amnesty I'm not sure how you will ever sort it out. Some say that your economy will collapse if all the illegals stayed at home for a few weeks.

A thorny issue.


ladyraj said...

CR, in reality, our Nation was founded on illegal aliens which is not lost on the populace. As Eddy Izzard is fond of saying...we simply had to plant a flag to declare this land our own.

Amnesty may fly in places like California but other states are not so welcoming (particularly in hard economic times).

As far as the economy collapsing....the loss of productivity/manufacturing and the bubble crises have done a fine job of that. Our workforce is filled with many individuals who simply feel that some work is beneath them. Thus, no one wants to pick the farms, be a nanny, clean hotel rooms, etc and definately not for what is paid. The loss of illegals who work these jobs would mandate hiring those on the unemployment/welfare roles picking up the slack for minimum wage which would raise the cost of such products/services. No one wants to pay more so the status quo remains. In other words, it's a class/status issue that creates a form of indenture via silent agreement that has no expiration date.

Captain Ranty said...


Go back far enough and you will find that the UK is not dissimilar. They call us the Mongrel Nation.

Your last paragraph applies just as equally to the UK. The difference here is that we taxpayers support the idle. For some, doing sod all is a career choice.