July 25, 2011

The Crusade Against Socialism

Having read thousands of words about the Norwegian mass murderer, I suppose, like most, I wanted to know why he did what he did.

I have read a largish chunk of Anders Breivik's own writings and try as I might, I can see no madness there.

And yet, 98 people are dead. 91 of them young adults. How can the man not be insane? How could he have detached himself so much that he didn't see young people in his rifle sights but the future enemy? He wanted whoever he shot to stay down. We know this because early post mortems on the bodies show that he used dum-dum rounds. These rounds break up on impact and do horrendous damage to a human body. The bomb he detonated near the PM's office was massive but he was able to do that remotely. (He had to, in order to ensure that he got away from the carnage to complete phase 2 of his plan).

I cannot conceive of a mind that can switch itself off while slaughtering 91 younglings.

All we can do now, I suspect, is bury and honour the dead, and then look for reasons for for this man's actions.

It seems, from what I read here that his motivation was the growth of Muslims in European cities and the growing Islamification of our societies. In this, he has a point. I have stated repeatedly here and elsewhere that this is a numbers game: Muslims have four children to our two. It is simply a matter of time before we are outnumbered in our own nations. As always, I will openly state that I have met and worked with thousands of Muslims in the last 25 years. We get on very well together. I learnt a great deal about (ordinary) Muslims in countries like Libya, Tunisia, Egypt, Algeria, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates.

But, as much as I like them, (I have dozens and dozens of friends and colleagues dotted around the Middle East and North Africa), I do not want them to come to my country and change it to suit themselves. I never did that in their countries so I expect exactly the same courtesy in return.

You want Sharia Law? Fine. Head off to a country where that is practised and accepted by all in that society. To the developed world, Sharia Law is barbaric in many aspects. We do things differently here. No, it may not be to your liking but remember: our house, our rules. If you don't like the rules, leave.

I realise that some of what I am saying today will cause alarm to some. It will definitely upset the socialists, but I can live with that. It will upset some Muslims although in my (real world) experience, it won't be many. My Arabic friends are quite content to stick to traditional methods though many also say they would prefer our system to their own. I found, in my conversations with Arabs, that if I ask a direct question from a group I get a stock answer. In Libya, for example, in January this year I asked three or four guys at a coffee shop (I knew them all), "Who here likes the Colonel?" All said, almost in unison, "Me". When asked later, individually, they all said that Gadaffi was a complete and utter lunatic, disliked, loathed even, by most Libyans.

Anders Breivik knew that if he attacked a mosque, or another great gathering of Muslims, a new front would have immediately opened, manned by the Islamic fundamentalists, and thousands of lives would be lost. His plan then, seems to have been to cull (there is no other fitting word for it) the next generation of socialist leaders at their youth camp. This, coupled with his bombing of the PM's office, was his way of saying that socialism must end. We cannot, and must not, cope with an ever increasing influx of Muslims, and a wide range of other nationalities into Britain. Immigration must be checked. If it is not, we morph into some socialists idea of a standard human. With no local or national identity. They want to remove the one thing that makes us individuals. We are supposed to be assimilated.

I will resist this until my last breath. I am not Borg, and I have no desire to be. My only rule is that I will resist without recourse to violence. It violates my oath which is to cause no harm. It violates my sense of decency-attacking young people with high powered rifles surely violates everyone's sense of decency-so I will not be seeking change that way. I have around 200 peaceful ways to ruin the socialists party without picking up a weapon more dangerous than a pen.

And yet, for thinking this way, I am an enemy of the state. For writing it down further condemns me.

I read a great piece yesterday by Tom Paine in which he says:  

"After the merest pause for a respectful nod to Norway's dead, it was on with the usual smear tactics and guilt by association before demanding that something be done about people whose opinions are readily detectable by their use of social media. If you tweet, blog or post any non-conforming opinions in comments, you should be very afraid this morning.

Try the following checklist:
  • You do not trust the British state
  • You believe that the Labour Party and its fellow-travellers are the greatest enemies of our liberty
  • You believe the BBC has a left-liberal bias
  • You believe that British academia is dominated - and our education system warped - by the left
  • You believe that immigrants have been allowed into Britain faster than they could reasonably be assimilated into our way of life
  • You believe that the left-liberal consensus facilitated this deliberately to create client groups for its own electoral advantage
  • You are tired of our capital being known as 'Londonistan'
  • You believe that citizens have the right to armed self-defence
  • You have called for politicians to be held personally to account (perhaps with a few lurid 'swinging from lamp-post' references)
Tick any two or three of those, and you are suspect."

I ticked them all.

For daring to disagree with the Fabians, I can be considered an enemy of my own country. A country that I wish to save, unlike them, who wish only for its destruction. They give it away to a foreign prelate, against my wishes, and now I have to fight. I have to resist. I have to say no.

I am proud to fight my good fight. I am honour-bound to fight. I am obliged to fight. Even if it is only with a pen or a keyboard. I am not obliged to agree with anyone about anything at anytime. Least of all these socialist creatures, who are, in my opinion, damned.

One thing is for sure, the lefties have already agreed that Breivik is a right wing fundamentalist, so that's alright. He has been weighed, he has been measured, and he has been put in a box. They know what they are dealing with. He will go away for a very long time, forever, perhaps, and that is right and just. Killing people has consequences and justice must and will be done.

The mistake the lefties make is to think that Breivik is rare. He is not. There are millions more like him. Other outrages will follow. More people will die. More bombs will go bang. More bullets will fly. More innocents will die. For exactly the same reasons as Friday's tragedy: the politicians did not listen to what the people wanted. They assumed they knew best. They do not. They always feel the need to "learn lessons" long after an event takes place but if they tried listening instead, they would learn all they need to know.

The Crusade Against Socialism will continue.

Just don't dare say you weren't warned.   



Skip Licker said...

"I cannot conceive of a mind that can switch itself off while slaughtering 91 younglings."

I can conceive some that switch off as they slaughter thousands of younglings - Our society calls them 'Politicians'

Captain Ranty said...

Very true Skip.

Although they mostly don't kill them. They take them as their playthings. 62 children a day are snatched. Most will be abused in one way or another.

I have a list somewhere of MPs that have been charged with paedophilia.

Perhaps I should publish it.


analiensaturn said...

When in Rome do as the Romans do, That is how I am with the culture of others. If they come to my country then respect and learn my culture.Try to change it into your culture and I will become a problem for you. its that simple.

DAD said...

I ticked them all.

So did I !

Chief_Sceptic said...

I also ticked them all ...

(UK Citizen and Norwegian Resident) ..

GoodnightVienna said...

Excellent post, Cap'n. Unfortunately, I ticked all Tom's boxes too - the mechanisms to label us as domestic terrorists have been in place for a while, they just needed a spark.

Captain Ranty said...


It doesn't get any simpler that that, does it?


Captain Ranty said...

DAD, Chief_Sceptic, GV,

See you all in the Gulag.


English Viking said...

Chief sceptic,

I too ticked them all.

Snakker du norsk?

Captain Ranty said...


I thought you would have given me some stick for this post.

Pleased to have you in the Dissedents Club.


I am Stan said...

Interesting post Capitan,

* You do not trust the British state

Being a Minarchist I tick.

* You believe that the Labour Party and its fellow-travellers are the greatest enemies of our liberty

Lab/Con/Lib, love power and control so devide us with fear, fear of war, poverty and the bogey man, unfortunately the sheeple buy it hook line and sinker I tick

* You believe the BBC has a left-liberal bias

Dunno about that!

* You believe that British academia is dominated - and our education system warped - by the left


* You believe that immigrants have been allowed into Britain faster than they could reasonably be assimilated into our way of life

Dont care whether people assimilate or not, people are not the Borg.

* You believe that the left-liberal consensus facilitated this deliberately to create client groups for its own electoral advantage

Thats assuming all immigrants vote Labour, not the case in my experience and we now have a Right leaning guvmint do we not?

* You are tired of our capital being known as 'Londonistan'

Not me, I couldn`t give a fuck!

* You believe that citizens have the right to armed self-defence

Yes and they do just!

* You have called for politicians to be held personally to account (perhaps with a few lurid 'swinging from lamp-post' references)

Who hasn`t, red, blue or yellow.

Tick any two or three of those, and you are suspect."

We`re all suspects.

Gordon the Fence Post Tortoise said...

It's becoming clear that some in government and on the "left" are viewing this as an opportunity to muzzle dissent.

It looks like trouble ahead...

Caratacus said...

Ticked the lot, Captain.

What is more, I cannot see how any intelligent person could do otherwise. Does that make me an arrogant, dangerous, reactionary old sod? It does? Oh Good - that means I must be on the right track then :-)

English Viking said...


We are in agreement that the world in general, and the UK (I prefer GB, but never mind) in particular is in a shocking state, due almost entirely to deliberate mis-management of affairs by politicians for at least the last 100 years.

We just differ as to the means of rectification.

I noticed you mentioned your oath in the piece. If someone (God forbid) attacked you, or your family, would you write them a letter, or fight back?

I suspect you would not pen a strongly worded letter. So then the line must be drawn on who you are prepared to fight for, in their defence. Just you? Your family? Your friends? Next-door neighbour? What about the man 10 doors down? 20? The next village? The next county?

We draw it in different places. If you manage to keep your oath, it will, sooner or later, be to your own, very great detriment.

Please don't think me a sympathiser of the nutter who wreaked havoc here at the weekend. He is utter scum and I condemn his actions, thought processes and use of indiscriminate violence, against his own people.

But I can understand how a weak-minded person can be driven over the edge by watching their home-town turn into a third-world ghetto, whilst being forced to pay for one's own destruction (through the nose) and being called ridiculous names if one raises an objection.

Captain Ranty said...


I would be stunned if "our" lot started rounding up dissedents. That might just be the spark they are determined to avoid.


Captain Ranty said...


Welcome aboard!


Captain Ranty said...


I am no Breivik sympathiser either. I can see his reasoning, but I do not condone it.

My oath is vital. I promise to honour it for as long as I am capable. If the streets erupt, I will not sit here writing stern letters to anyone.

As for me and my family, I would defend myself from attack, and I would definitely defend my family from attack. Since I have already spent years defending my country I am prepared to do what is asked of me, I just hope that I don't need to be asked.

Today's politicians are attacking my country so I do what is natural: I resist, I fight back, and I am happy to do so. When it gets nasty, I will also carry on defending my nation but I won't be happy at being forced to do so.

They (in parliament) either know they are destroying us from within, in which case they should be hanged, or they don't, in which case they need to be educated.


Antony said...

9 out of 9. That's me buggered, then.

I'm sure we are all now on a list somewhere.

Gordon the Fence Post Tortoise said...

Cap'n - I doubt that it would initially be a rounding up for re-education. The first thing will be constraints on content. Wouldn't be surprised to see them try something like a blogger's licence or a licence to publish on the 'net unless approved by let's say your local council.... and oh boy wouldn't some of those numpties relish that challenge.

I'm dreaming... somebody wake me up.

FFS the verification word is councl

Gordon the Fence Post Tortoise said...

Andy Burnham's already banging his tub hard....

Woodsy42 said...

Odd that, I left a comment here and it's vanished into the ether.
Not that it was a particularly useful comment, except to the extent that I, like others here, agree with every point in the list so I may as well make more work for the watchers by saying so.
I can't come close to understanding the mentality of anyone sick enough to think such feeling can justify mass murder, but the points you list are valid.

Anonymous said...

Save me a space on the train to Siberia, Captain, 'cos I ticked the lot too.

If your opinion does not fit the mould concocted by the MSM (at the behest of their corporate masters) then you will be demonised. The BBC is showing extracts of the manifesto with the words "EUSSR" in, for example. How many people use that term? It's a simple way to express the true nature of the EU. So are we all to be tarred with the same brush? Yes, of course we are...

Most people I have talked to since the shooting are equally hacked off with the behaviour of the MSM over the incident. These aren't just people in my "circle" but colleagues and acquaintances; "normals" if you like ;)


Blogging licences are apparently "required" in Saudi Arabia and local councils and other parts of the establishment in the UK have a sad history of trying to shut down blogs that expose how useless and corrupt they are. Often it works because the equally corrupt court system ensures any defence is beyond the financial resources of the blogger, meaning the platform owner (Google, WP etc) will shut it. Self-hosting could assist in such things. Multiple jurisdictions and backups would make it even harder.

The prospect of a "licence" has been mentioned several times. It will fail because there are ways around it. After the initial burst of anger I would just laugh, the whole idea is completely ridiculous and utterly unworkable.

A licence to own a computer has also been proposed (by the BBC) but got slapped down. For now...

Perhaps the government should be licensed by us first....? :D



Caratacus said...

"Avoid rather than check. Check rather than hurt. Hurt rather than maim. Maim rather than kill. For all life is precious and cannot be replaced". Lao-tse

And whilst I agree with Kant that the truly moral man abhors violence, that does not mean that I will not biff the ungodly when the occasion demands.

Oldrightie said...

An easy tick of all the boxes for an Oldrightie.

Jacobite said...

Well said CR I ticked the lot, no doubt it will be the gulag for me too.

Anonymous said...


"I have stated repeatedly here and elsewhere that this is a numbers game: Muslims have four children to our two."

As did in my previous blog to Harbinger's journal, but the truth is more 'Muslims have five children to our one'. The western sperm rate has dropped by 75% since WW2. Thanks to baby bottles and beer cans rinsed with Bisphenol A, the feminist movement and the manipulation of society by the Frankfurt Marxists, our birthrate is around 1.5 and I'm being generous. many women don't want families. They want best friends, by either popping to the fertilization clinic or finding an idiot to get impregnated and then shaft for maintenance.

"I do not want them to come to my country and change it to suit themselves."

Change what Cap'n? Our society already has been changed. You may be living in Scotland, but you most certainly are not living around Scots or Scottish culture. Remember that the English crown wiped out the wearing of the kilt and the speaking of Gaelic by hanging those who did instantly. It had a huge impact. The culture we live in in the west today is a global culture and the only difference between Edinburgh, New York, Paris, Rome, Geneva, Berlin etc is dialect.

Should you look at what Islam promotes and then globalism you'll see that Islam does live on a par with globalism in the creation of the ummah and world caliphate, but it's dead against homosexuality and paedophilia, which ironically is all you'll hear those who criticise Islam talk about - Muhammad the paedophile. I should know I was one.
Upon doing research of Sayeed Qutb, the instigator of ISlamism, one will see that he sites Professor Kinsey of the Kinsey Sex institute as one of the reasons for the decadence within the USA and why Islam must counter this disgusting invasion of its culture. Look at the following link to see how the US government funded paedophiles in this truly odious individual.


The attack on Islam is planned. The support of Israel will continue and the socialist, globalist machine will completely dominate. It cannot be stopped for many who disagree with socialism do not realise that they are socialists. What's ironic is that they do not realise that they try to promote a moral society alongside an immoral one. It's one or the other. You can't have both.

Muslims didn't just come here. They were invited in. And we know who it was who was behind that don't we?


richard said...

"We know this because early post mortems on the bodies show that he used dum-dum rounds. These rounds break up on impact and do horrendous damage to a human body."
Quite right, Captain, and no doubt our government will condemn the use of such unholy ammo... errm...

richard said...


richard said...

Sir Paul Stephenson said the hollow-point bullets were chosen by his force after a series of trials because they were less likely to pass through a body and hit an innocent passer-by.

The bullets are banned for use in warfare by the Hague Convention of 1899, but are not prohibited for use by law enforcement agencies.

The Met Police commissioner said the reasons behind the decision were “not for the squeamish”, adding that the bullet “reduces the potential of collateral damage”.

wayne said...

Yep, I am happy to report I ticked em all too..............

Anonymous said...

First Old Holborn's post now this one. Two of the greatest blog posts written in the sea off cuntitude that has been written about Oslo.

BTW I am afraid I ticked all of them too.

It will require a few more rebellious sorts who will undoubtedly copycat the Oslo theme before our stupid idiot fabian leading elite start to understand they have pushed their own populace too far.

Anonymous said...

Phew! Harbinger, points well made there but JEYSUS H I'm depressed now......

Anyway, I'm with the captn on this, I don't swear much but I'm about to become an "enemy of the state". "State" my arse! An enemy of the people who are giving away the country my grandad was conned into fighting for.... So officially they can stick their interfering, they know whats best, self serving, back stabbing, tretcherous, greedy, camera obsessed, moronic, lying, socialist, elitest, right wing bollocks, general fuckwitted views right up the crack of their arses....... Sideways! If that makes me an enemy then they can just FUCK OFF and boil their festering heads!

I still can't understand why Anders Breivik would slaughter innocent people like that and I hope justice is done to the maximum of effect their law allows but WRITE A FUCKING SONG OR SOMETHING! don't kill people you are as bad as the politicians now.


Anonymous said...

I agree with all that's been said, but I fear that whilst we know that all these things that happen can't be right and the people supposed to be in charge should know better and act for the people, the question is why do they carry on and we get ignored and screwed for our rights and money even more?
I think the answer is that the real people in charge, the people pulling all the strings for their own gain, use the likes of our M.P.'s and ministers. The 'puppets' probably don't even know what really goes on, that's why they actually believe what they're saying!
So, what do I know? Probably not too much, but I do know something's terribly wrong and take much of what I'm told by the MSM or the PTB with a large pinch of salt. However I did come across this from one of the forum comments on one of the blogs,can't remember which:
This does explain a lot of why we're in this mess and who stands to gain. The words 'lied to' and 'for 60 years' spring to mind

Anonymous said...

FFS Captain, have you read this bile?

Choice quotes:

"Anyone familiar with the darker waters of the blogosphere would for years have been aware of the existence of a vibrant cyberscene characterised by unmitigated hatred of the new Europe, aggressive denunciations of the 'corrupted, multiculturalist power elites' and pejorative generalisations about immigrants, targeting Muslims in particular."

"What the denizens of this blogosphere have in common is, first and foremost, a resentment of the defenders of diversity."

"However, had {Breivik} instead been forced to receive his information through a broadsheet newspaper, where not all the stories dealt with Europe's loss of confidence and the rise of militant Islam, it is conceivable that his world would have looked slightly different."

Forced to digest the MSM? FORCED?

Just. Fuck. Off.



Anonymous said...


Get depressed, get angry, get mad, lose it, eventually accept it and find peace in understanding that through understanding reality, you've met the ego, expelled the ego and are now on your way to seeing that we are all part of an agenda, nothing but lab rats inside a maze. However, we can be whatever we want to and our controllers realise this, hence the control they have over our lives.

Become an enemy of the state. I am and the Cap'n is. In fact, every intelligent being that views this blog and has woken up to reality is. The state is an illusion of a false reality that's been created to totally dominate our lives. it has only one destination in my eyes - OBLIVION. And all those who are part of it.

However realise some important points about reality:

1. There is no left, right or centre. There is merely the machine.

2. The left always has been about control whereas the right has always been about freedom. The left moves from socialism into totalitarianism. The right moves from conservatism, to libertarianism and to eventual anarchy. This bollox about left wing anarchists makes me piss myself with laughter. You can't have a freedom loving socialist. It's like hot ice or cold fire an oxymoron.

3. The right has been continually demonized. They falsely stated that Hitler was extreme right wing when he was a socialist who wanted state control over people. They tar anyone as extreme right as haters of all people, different to themselves. This is a lie. You will find that it is the right wing that seeks to promote individuality while the left promotes the group. The right promotes individual cultural survival in their own natural lands. The left the exact opposite by forcing all together into one melting pot, which creates the synthesis of thesis and antithesis (indigenous culture, alien culture) and we all know what happens to ingredients in an experiment don't we?

It's called the Hegelian dialectic which Marx and Engels promoted. Communism was known as dialectic materialism before. It's about creating coninuing opposition amongst all.

Lastly, as regards to Anders, well, he may be heavily critical of the Frankfurt School but fails to see they were Zionist Jews out to destroy the western world. And moreso, why kill innocents, when he could have taken out some politicians who wouldn't be missed. It leads me to one conclusion - controlled opposition.


Anonymous said...

I believe freedom of association is second to freedom of speech.

If the left is so confident in their grand plans, why do they not let those of other persuasions set up their own communities? Everyone abides by the common law, but everything else is up to each area.

It would solve an awful lot of problems, but would also rob the elite of power. Frankly, you would think they would jump at the chance if they were sincere, as it is obvious that non socialists are not going to play ball. Why do they deny their supporters this fabled paradise. Maybe the Soviet Man will at last emerge?

I deplore his choice of victim, but I cannot refute the majority of what he wrote.

The question is, how far are our police and military willing to go to enforce the very policies that will turn their lands into a Muslim caliphate within the next 50 or so years? And how will the typical leftist fair under Sharia Law?

I agree most Muslims are not so different from us. But the lunatics have most of the power, and they tolerate zero dissent. Until they deal with that, their presence in Europe in large numbers is a recipe for disaster.

Anonymous said...

'... why kill innocents, when he could have taken out some politicians who wouldn't be missed.'

Err, that's exactly the reason why.

boojahadeen said...

Harbinger gets it.
The Dialectic is a ship of fools tacking into a wind called change.

banned said...


My understanding of Brieviks actions as they unfolded and after watching his vid


was that he was punishing the Norwegian State by blowing up their Whitehall and by slaughtering the young of those that he held responsible for turning his country into a multi-culti paradise without permission.

The Judges summing up from yesterdays preliminary (secret) trial

“The accused believes he needed to carry out these acts to save Norway and western Europe from cultural Marxism and Muslim takeover.

“The objective of the attacks was to give a sharp signal to the people. The accused wishes to induce the greatest-possible loss to the Labour Party so that in the future it will limit new recruitment. The accused said the Labour party has failed the country and the price of their treason is what they had to pay yesterday.”

Dr Evil said...

CR, I ticked them all too. I consider myself, sane, normal and a pillar of my local community.

Anonymous said...

"What the denizens of this blogosphere have in common is, first and foremost, a resentment of the defenders of diversity."

But being right wing is just another part of diversity.

Anonymous said...


Thanks for that. I now understand FAR more than I did before. As you probably guessed I am new to all of this and am just "waking up/woken up" so to speak. I discovered this great blog along with some others and although I don't agree with some, the majority of people seem to make sense. I have been through a denial stage which I would imagine everyone goes through and now I don't want to be a sheep anymore.Or should I say I am not a sheep anymore and if these cowards don't like it they can just kiss my arse or come and call me out themselves, in person(not get any employed thugs/hitmen) and we can sort it out like men. I don't class myself as Libertarian, I just don't put myself into a "box" like that, I'm sure that will no doubt piss the government off. I just want to live a peaceful life, be treated fairly and bring up my son to be a good man with morals.

How on earth are we going to turn this arround now? Have we left it too late to change things without violence and chaos which will only play into the governments hands. People have ideas but no one is prepared to act upon it. So again the burning question is how the hell do we sort this mess out? They won't even give us a referendum on the illegal EU FFS!

But thanks to people like yourself and the captn hopefully people will see whats going on and whats next? who knows?

Anonymous said...

PS That last comment was from myself....


PPS What the fook is the "death of the libertarian right" bollox all about. I don't give a monkeys arse. As Harbinger said there is no left/right/centre.... Just a bunch of loonies, despots, thieves and down right evil people in high places that need knocking off!

end of!

mescalito said...

Hello Ranty man and all, there is a mass megaphone mission coming up and i was hoping you could do a post on it to spread the word my friend.
there are many videos that have been uploaded about it.

here are some examples:






there are many more.

Anonymous said...


I hate to be negative but you can't change what is.

The amalgamation of cultures has already happened to the point that everyone is united together to defeat the NWO. Great, as you may say, but it's come at a price. We no longer have our own cultures anymore. Instead we have a society of globalists who are just exactly what the NWO has planned.

Captain Ranty will rant about this and about that, but although he's an incredibly astute and clocked on man he's dishonest with reality. I, on the other hand are 100% honest. This world that we know it is dead. Our cultures are dead. We have been interbred with each other for so long that no one knows no different. I am to blame with two mixed race children, whom, had I been brought up with a proper father I'd never have got involved with non white women. It's my downfall and my father/parent's failure in not being there for me, but again, sadly nothing but part of the NWO agenda to destroy western society within.

You cannot stop what is. It's viral and completely unstoppable. What was of British indigenous culture is now dead. It cannot be restored. It's an impossibility. We are now living within the Tower of Bable and soon there will be no difference between all.

By all means, rant away as the Cap'n does, but as much as I love him he can't stop the inevitable. It's done. It's past. Reality is and globalism has conquered. You will see this sooner or later. It's a matter of time. You world already is part of the socialist NWO and though patience you'll see this.

Sorry for the negativity but accept reality. If you disagree you're a racist, a nazi, a xenophobe, a bigot, a fascist, a white supremacist and every other slur word possible.


Bill Sticker said...

Yes, but was the ammunition used really 'Dum-dum' rounds or Police / Military 'frangible' ammunition, which is different from standard hollow point hunting rounds. There are significant differences.

Do the lamestream think everyone is as thick as they are? No wonder anyone with the least critical thinking skills doesn't trust their output any more. I'm sure all the rifle shooters at my local gun club are stifling muffled derisive laughter about their ignorance right now.

Anonymous said...


You don't understand reality Stan and that's your problem. And you constantly attack those that do.

It's called racial genocide through intermixing, something, as I said, had I been educated on at a younger age I never would have done. I would simply never had partnered with women out of my race.
There's nothing prejudice or hateful whatsoever in that statement. There are millions of non whites and millions of whites who do not mix out of their race. Are they hateful individuals as well? Do they show hatred towards people of other races?

Just because I've ripped holes in every argument you've ever got involved with me in, you continue to bait me on every turn. You don't like anyone having a differing opinion to YOUR reality do you Stan?

There is no hatred to the children I sired, yet because I speak honestly you think there is? And to say that I condemn my children as worthless beings when I said nothing of the sort also shows your ignorance, happy to promote hatred where there is none. What would happen if a program came in in the near future that all non whites had to partner with whites, that is those that were chosen to have children? Race intermixing is racial genocide no matter how you look at it and it is promoted by massive migration and forced integration among peoples. It destroys the races that are in this world and I'm sure you're not stupid enough to see this? Then again maybe you are. Regardless what you think about this it is 100% fact and truth and no matter how many times you say I'm wrong, you'll always lose out for the truth is simply the truth.

I believe in culture promotion not destruction. I believe in race promotion not racial destruction. You disagree which means you are part of the problem, that is, nothing but a willful admirer of the antics of the new world order's desire to create a one world people and culture and destroy all identity and individuality.

I try and ignore you as much as I can. But I had no choice but to reply to your attack on me on a post that was not directed to you but to another commenter. You have no knowledge whatsoever of my upbringing so to say that me blaming my father is pathetic shows your arrogance and your ignorance of the situation. A situation I have no desire in discussing with you whatsoever and you have no knowledge of whatsoever.

Look at what the Captain is saying above:

"You want Sharia Law? Fine. Head off to a country where that is practised and accepted by all in that society. To the developed world, Sharia Law is barbaric in many aspects. We do things differently here. No, it may not be to your liking but remember: our house, our rules. If you don't like the rules, leave.

I realise that some of what I am saying today will cause alarm to some......"


Anonymous said...

Regardless of what you may think, if Islamisation does happen (which it won't as a war against the Islamic world will happen long before resulting in a situation on a par with the film children of men) then it would ultimately mean the joining of all people under an Islamic world caliphate. That would then mean the inevitable racial mixing of all as well. The only difference between that and the new world order is the worship of a deity and his prophet Muhammad. It would be an oppressive society regardless although it would be a better oppressive one than under the new world order.

Like it or not I'm sure the Captain does not agree in racial and cultural genocide and whether through murder or interracial relationships the same outcome is inevitable - the destruction of the white and non white peoples.

I see reality. I see just what's happening and had I never gone to London I would never have been involved with people of other races, as the way society always has been in the past. I would, as I still do, show the respect when in their lands partaking in their culture. It is the cities in this world that attract peoples and the government promotes this. Cities are massive melting pots of race and culture. They are testing grounds for the rest of that country's society. Everyone within is merely a lab rat in a cage with others.

You always bring emotion into debate. This is your downfall and shows all you have no argument. The venom and bile continually spouts forth from your direction. As I said, you attack anyone who has a different opinion to yourself and even worse anyone who promotes indigenous societies, because you're not part of the flock. It is your anger that you are not that continually makes you attack. It is the fact that you are not Scottish, English, Irish or Welsh, thus British, that makes you feel the way you do. It is the fact that although our MSM promotes the falsehood of Black and Asian Britons, you cling onto this as you try to find acceptance from a people who will never accept you as one of their clan. They don't hate you. They simply see you for who you are - not of their ancestry.

You, Stan, really are full of hate which is ironic because it's what you constantly call those who you disagree with. You are unable to have any coherent debate. You lack respect for others. However worse still, you are exactly what the NWO wants within society and the more non whites move into the west, the closer the NWO comes to endgame.


Anonymous said...

Again, emotive nonsense. Inability to debate.
Your ignorance is overwhelming Stan. You pick up on one aspect of a debate and ignore the rest. Your inability to see reality, your continuing insults and your thinking I am an empty vessel do you no favours. You are just bitter that I see reality for what it is, whereas you see it through rose tinted spectacles.

And bogey man? Who? You're coming out more and more as a disinfo agent than anything else as you support the very thing many of us in the UK are against. You are not, nor will you ever be British. Should you choose to partner and have children with a white woman of this land, then your children will be, but you'll forever be nothing more than a black man from Africa living in the UK, regardless how long you reside here.

I tell it like it is. You take that truth as bitterness and spite where there is none, well, not to my common man, living in Shitsville, but certainly a great deal towards those at the top of the tree, hurling the coconuts down on the rest of us.
I have failed in very few things in life. My success rate has been quite high thank you. And again, all you can do is attack and insult. My negativity in my posts are merely a mirror to the reality I write about whereas yours are towards those whom you disagree with, regardless whether they speak truths or falsehoods.

I see reality for what it is. You don't. You live in a vacuum of nonsensical, emotive arguments. The only hatred that is on this debate is coming 100% from you, because you simply can't accept the truth that intermixing of races is cultural and racial demolition and very much the plan of the NWO. Just whose side are you on Stan?

Wake up and smell the coffee!


P.S. working? And you are you working? Posting on a comment section means that I am not working? If that is so, then you need to get a job as well! LOL

P.P.S. I think you should show a bit more respect to the captain, by hikacking his post.

Anonymous said...


Sorry for the exchange. I actually wanted to ignore Stan, but as usual, out come the attacks against me because he disagrees in what I write.

I won't apologise for Stan, but I will for getting involved in a spat with it Cap'n and promoting an ill favoured exchange.


I am Stan said...

Harwinger said,

"Just whose side are you on Stan?"

I`m on your kids side Harwinger and any kid like em, there`s spiteful people like you out there who try disrespect and demonize them because they`re different, and stop crying to the Captain you coward, he knows where the delete button is, man up, suck it up and get a life.

Oh and stop using your kids as an emotional punch bag with the readers in a sad attempt to justify your inadequacy, spite and paranoia.

I`m done with you loser!

Anonymous said...


"When in Rome do as the Romans do, That is how I am with the culture of others...."

This is a true saying but then look at what the Romans did? They hardly lived by that Euphemism did they? They happily smashed their way around most of the world imposing their will and culture upon all and amalgamating them into their empire and armies.

This has been continued by following great empires, most notably the British. While we smashed our way into other lands, forcing democracy upon them (and still are) creating a society that will be ruined by debt and demanding they adhere to our ways of life, we are now in the situation (even though I don't believe Islamisation will happen for obvious reasons) as beign discussed in the captain's article about another people doing back to us what our ancestors, through enforcement by the crown, have done to others - cultural and racial genocide.

The worm has turned.

Why am I against immigration? Well obviously because of the outcome of it, which is inevitable cultural demolition, racial genocide and of course civil chaos with clash of civilizations. However I am also dead against the enforcement of our cultural ways upon other people who do not belong to our culture. It is not their culture to adopt, for they are not part of that history. Regardless what many non whites will think about when stating their ancestors fought for the empire, they were still of their own culture, sucked into an empire that was not theirs and giving their lives in wars that were not theirs to be part of.
We have no right to enforce our cultural ways upon other people who do not wish to live by them.
Therefore it leaves a dillemma, that is, we should not impose our culture upon another, just as they should not impose theirs upon us, yet in not doing so we will lead to clash of civilizations. Therefore the only answer is no migration of alien cultures and their peoples in order to promote harmony between the two.

This argument will always be seen as pro BNP, when it's a common sense one, myself no member of any political party. The migration of peoples into the UK was very much the plan of the NWO and the instigator of it back in '97, Tony Blair, is being rewarded by his masters for his assassination of the British culture, that is what was left of it.
The elites look after themselves and will continue to shit on the little man. And the little man will continue to accept it and do nothing. Life goes on....


Anonymous said...


Out of respect for the cap'n I'm not going to entertain what you have to say anymore. And the cap'n does know where the delete button is but is too much of a promoter of freedom of speech to ever use it.


Anonymous said...

Harbinger, despite what @stan is saying (and don't take this the wrong way) I think it's a bit strong and late 4 u to say about keeping within your own culture and bring your kids in to this even though I get the point you are making. So we can say you have established the idea that as a world we are too far down the road of being "globalised", but surely we need to erradicate the vile scum that are in control. They are only in control if we allow it... So I suppose a good start would be, example if Dave the nob head Cameron annouces that we must pay for this and that we ALL turn round and say NO. What they going to do? Put millions of people in prison? They can't there are barely enough places as it is and soon to be much less. (I know this for a fact)

They are only in charge because we allow it. I truly believe that the "Elites" have not accounted for one thing. Nature! I get the impression that we as a species have gone too far and as always with nature there will be a cull of the species. It could argued that a chain of events have started already with the seemingly increasing natural disaster happening in the world.

So in summary, yes shit has happend but we need to stop the rot and make the best of what we have left.

Too late? maybe but I'm not going to go down quietly!


Anonymous said...


I don't take anything the wrong way and respect your right to reply, especially when you do debate and keep it respectful. I don't know 'my kids' as I've never grown up with them. They live with their mother, whom I hope has found a decent partner and good father to them, as I'm not there to be.
As for bringing them into the debate it was to make a point, a point that education will stop problems from happening in the future, something that our newspapers and schools most certainly won't do.

When it comes to globaliasation, we already are globalised. The Russians had a word for those reprogrammed within society. It was contaminated. Our society is contaminated.

Firstly with the likes of Stan, a black African thinking he's British, is part of MSM brainwashing and state propaganda in order to further promote the agenda of destroying all cultures and races, for they see it as the following: "You have no cultures. You are all part of the global community. There are no longer any seperate races and so there's nothing to argue about?" It very much is the fact that by destroying family, culture and race, do you there destroy any will of the people to fight back against the elites.

Secondly, because of this contamination, most people within society do not realise that they've already been living happily under socialism most of their lives and although they do not believe they are socialist in their ways, they ironically very much are. The antiterrorist has a very good video on our communist society should you care to look. Many of society have already united into the US vs Them scenario which is just what they planned to happen, all people of the worlds uniting as one to fight the menace and like as they have in the past brought forth a leader, they will again. Nothing will change, apart from the fact that their control and grip upon society will be even more than it already was.

A weed will constantly grow within the ground, even though you've taken it from the stock upwards. If the roots are left within then back it will come and this is just how the elites have controlled for many years. When things get too hot, they move on, with their stolen loot, set up shop in another place, create another civilisation and boom, right back to square one again. The liberty and freedom of people is short lived.

As I said above, many people do not realise they are very much are socialist in their beliefs. A classic example are those within the BNP who will hurl insults at the Labour party, yet not realise that one of the main goals of the BNP is nationalisation of industry and state control over society, albeit a predominantly white one. So it's out of the frying pan into the fire scenario.


Anonymous said...

I do agree that we do have to stop the rot, but like I said, many of the young have already been brainwashed into nothing but globalist automatons. Technology, sports, celebrity, Hollywood and the music industry has done its job - the little man behind the curtain has been constantly ignored by all, left to get on with his job of world culture demolition and the heralding in of the NWO's one world government agenda.

Like I said, anyone who attacks migration is instantly lambasted and shouted down as racists, bigots, fascists, nazis, white supremacists etc etc, but should the same thing happen in Africa, say Chinese takeover of the country as what is planned by the elites (http://www.galton.org/letters/africa-for-chinese/AfricaForTheChinese.htm) guaranteed, those who attack Brits for speaking out about migration will be screaming at the top of their voice that this just isn't on, that is that which is happening in the UK simply can't happen to Africa or any other non white land. This is programming. Our society has been reprogrammed to happily accept non white migration into it, even though it will ultimately result in civil conflict. Small numbers are not a problem to the population. For example Africa has a white population that makes up some 0.05%. The UK's black population compared to whites in the UK is far, far higher. While I don't want to go deeply into it, it's a point being made that the acceptance already is for a multicultural society which is very much the agenda of tptb.

The thing is, it could be stopped but I don't believe it will simply because every move that can be made by the people against the system, the system's already worked out every possible counter. It controls people by debt and many people within society are materialists. They simply can't live without their mobile phones and laptops, especially amongst the younger generations. I see people holding onto their mobile for dear life, checking it every so often for messages. They've become dependent upon them. This again is a massive reprogramming of society in that they have to constantly be in touch with others all the time.

I just think that the indoctrination is so deeply ingrained that the realisation of individuality is so far gone, that even if you did start to try and re-educate children on the situation, it would be impossible to change their ways. Once you start a tree off in one direction, it's an almost impossible task to straighten it, once it's grown.

To finish, there are those within society who are awakening, but even amongst them many are still oblivious to much and are actually going down the exact path tptb expect them too. More so, those who are already awake don't realise that there will have to be massive sacrifices made in order to smash the system. Sacrifices that many would not be prepared to take because of the danger it will inevitably bring on their loved ones.

This is the reality Aldo.


Anonymous said...

Truely a shite situation to be in.
I hope that you are mistaken (no offence)and a spanner is thrown in to the works so to speak.

Funny you should mention about chinese people in Africa, I saw a video on David Icke's website yesterday about WW3 starting in the middle east involving everyone and he mentioned China and Isreal will be at the centre of it.

Bugger that, if they think I will fight they will have to find me first.


Anonymous said...

Harbinger, I missed the first part of your post..... Bear with me and I'll get back to you when I've checked out the recomended viewing.

I hope your kids have a happy and healthy life too, sorry to hear it didn't work out with their mother. (probably backs up what you were saying about different cultures)

Anonymous said...

Harbinger, Thanks for the link..... Well I suppose were comunists then..... for now. Magna Carta and the British constitution seem to be our only way out if enough people are educated. The problem with that is try getting the average brit to switch off Eastenders and read the Magna Carta!

Things are getting more and more clearer for me and I thank you for pointing me in the right direction.

I've go a shed load of anti-terrorist stuff to view.


Anonymous said...


We mustn't give up hope and we must also realise that tptb can be destroyed, but they must be totally destroyed and never allowed to rise again and this is where the problem arises. Firstly what is needed to be done I don't believe will. Secondly the sacrifices needed to be made won't be. And thirdly the indoctrination within is simply far too great to reprogram. But saying that they can be defeated.

WW3 was already fomented long before WW1 Aldo. All wars/revolution in this world never simply happened. They were all planned long before hand. Problems were created, reactions inevitably happened and solutions were brought to the fore. Have a read of this:


Of course, people say this is a fake, as they always do, but all one has to do is read Pike's 'Morals and Dogma to see reality. Albert Pike was truly an evil man. He was also a theosophist.


The first part of defeating the NWO is knowledge of them, about, who and what they are.
The second part of defeating the NWO is questioning everything, no matter how absurd it may seem and not being afraid to turn over certain stones.
The third part of defeating the NWO is to completely eradicate them from power so that they can never have it ever again. Remember, they want to totally remove 90%+ of the world's population, hence the global warming agenda and the world's too full scenario. Both incredible lies that Goebbel's would be proud of.

Remember also that when you start getting too close for comfort, your life and those around you will be in terrible danger. One, one hundred, one thousand, one million, one hundred million....deaths means nothing to these people. They are psychopaths, believe they are always right and will stop at nothing in order to fulfill their agenda. The end always justifies the means to them. They're truly sick, twisted and evil people.

And yes, it does back up what I said about culture/civilisation clash. Women who now come to the UK are poisoned by dialectic materialism. Most certainly a high portion turn into superficial beings.


Anonymous said...

Hi Aldo,

I was typing my reply when you posted your third reply.
Anyway, enjoy what the antiterrorist has to say. Also enjoy what Albert Pike has to say, that is educate yourself to the mind of a madman.
You are correct, we do have to get not just people turning off the TV and reading the Magna Carta, but turning off the TV altogether and their 'drug like' dependency on football/sports and the MSM overall.

I'm an anarchist and I don't believe in any government or laws. Although the Magna Carta is a noble piece of paper, as is the American constitution, they were still written by the elites. We need a system run by the common man.

One last warning. I don't know how far you are down the rabbit hole or if you're still pondering on whether to jump or not, but if you are on the edge then be careful on what you will find. It most certainly won't be nice. However, saying that accept it and understand it. Find yourself an outlet for the anger that will ultimately ensue. Take up a martial art and find a way of finding inner peace and more importantly being an individual and removing the ego altogether. This battle can only be won by individuals, not group mentality as all groups are ultimately infiltrated and controlled. I needn't remind you of Common Purpose, although I'm happy to say more and more CP offices up and down the country are closing thanks to the work of Brian Gerrish et all.

Have a listen to Alan Watt on Republic Broadcast Network. He also does a show here and there on Alex Jones.


Check out The Sovereign Independent also and their radio station:


Good luck on your travels.