July 29, 2011

Just WTF Are You, Mrs Windsor?

It's make your mind up time.

We have asked the question several times here at Ranty Barracks, but now it has been asked as an FOI request. It is a simple question. The kind you and the government have the most trouble with.

Even your "own" Attorney General seems unable to tell us whether you are a citizen or a monarch.

What. Are. You? It doesn't get much simpler than that.

It may not matter to you, with your 6,600 million acres of land. You are sitting pretty whatever you decide to call yourself.

We, on the other hand, need to know. It does affect us. Whenever we are stopped by the police, or end up in court, or get questioned by UKBA on the way in or out of our own country, are just three examples.

Why does it matter?

It matters a very great deal because these people are acting in your name. And if you are merely an EU citizen, I have no need to listen to any of them, at any time about anything. Neither does anyone else. They carry no more weight than say, a fruit seller on the streets of Marseille, or a taxi driver in Dusseldorf.

They derive their powers from you, sweetie, and if you have none, neither do they.

You can really understand why the AG has no desire to let that particular cat out of that particular bag, can you not?

Just so we are clear, I am absolutely convinced that your traitorous actions ever since you put that funny little crown on, render you a meaningless little old lady. You have an out, if you want one: (in the words of whoever wrote Quantum Leap) you need to put right what once went wrong. Sadly, you will have to renounce your citizenship of Europe, but we will forgive you that. Take back ALL the sovereignty you unlawfully gave to the EU.

Until you do this, my allegiance remains with the Barons Committee (2001), and I will continue to ignore every single statute you ever signed.

If it were just me, you (and the fraudsters who represent you) could continue to treat me as an irritant. But it isn't, is it? There are hundreds of thousands just like me who have sent in their Affidavits, aren't there? And, lovey, when the rest of the country realises that they have more power than you do, (after all, they didn't give away what wasn't theirs to give away, they didn't violate their oaths), the jig is up.

Game over. Cancel Christmas. Lights out.

Unless you do what you must do, you deserve to be remembered as the most traitorous monarch for all eternity.



GoodnightVienna said...

Something to hide, I think. According to a parliamentary debate (which I blogged about, with links) she's a citizen of the European Union - that'll do for me.

Anonymous said...

I have sent in an affidavit 3 or 4 years ago.

She is a traitor.

Anonymous said...

Jordan Maxwell - Queen of England Exposed Part 4


Anonymous said...


Many speculation of what the Queen is. Icke believes she's a lizard. There are many in the truth movement who believe she is of elite stock all the way from Babylon and before, merely continuing what her ancestors have done for thousands upon thousands of years - creating civilizations, plundering the wealth and resources of others, making a smash and grab, disappearing and then popping up in another part of the globe to start the same system all over again. There are others in the truth movement who believe that the Saxe-Cohburg-Gotha family are in fact Zionist Jews who seek to put Prince William as the world leader on his throne in Babylon within the rebuilt temple of Solomon....

Whatever the belief, it is undoubtable that the Queen has betrayed the very people and the oath she sword to protect and follow. She has willfully signed over our country to control by another. She has engaged (through lack of opposition to) in wars in foreign lands and the murder of innocents, which means all people, including the defending armed forces, who are defending their lands from western invasion.

When people begin to realise that this woman and her family don't give a shit about them, their children, their friends, their sovereignty, their liberty, their freedoms and their country will they only then begin to wake up, but as long as the MSM keeps churning out the usual propaganda that we must follow the Queen, then nothing will ever change. We are taught to love our abusers and those who hate us. This is the model of the psychopath. They always blame the abused for allowing them to abuse them. It's utter hypocrisy and totally absurd but this is the reality we live within.

I was speaking to a friend the other day and I simply said. Imagine having a company and within that company there's a bright young hopeful within that company that works for another sinister organisation, unbeknown to you? Imagine also that not only is there a bright young hopeful within your company but in all companies, belonging to the same sinister organisation? Now imagine that these bright young hopefuls get older and take control of the reigns within these companies/establishments and employ more bright young hopefuls whom they know are part of their organisation? What you have is a system of organisations that run society, completely controlled by one body and it doesn't matter who gets elected into power, because as with the companies and their bright young hopefuls, the same happened within the political fraternity also.

This is the reality we live within. Where does the Queen fit into this? Is she at the top of the pyramid? If not she's very near the top. She and all elites (read psychopaths) need to be removed from any position of power within society. Better still, strip them of their wealth, turn them into exiles and social pariahs and let them spend the rest of their days the way they planned the rest of society to live. That's called justice in my book.


Anonymous said...

:D Ranty, after that FOI response, WhatDoTheyKnow.com owes me a new keyboard. What a load of bollocks.

"Your request is one of seeking advice and not information and therefore has not been treated under the Freedom of Information Act"

"I can neither confirm nor deny that we hold the information specified in the requests"

"Whether we hold such information does not apply if the public interest in maintaining the exclusion of the duty to confirm or deny outweighs the public interest in disclosing whether or not we hold the information"

LMFAO. IMO, the FOI request has been answered by omission. Such constant obfuscation and "requests for clarification" are always used on WDTK whenever someone is onto something that the "establishment" don't want to answer. Surely if the answer is a simple one it would have been provided, no? Or maybe the only answer available has somewhat "wide-ranging" implications :D

(Or: The contract (coronation oath) was between "the people" and a Corporation Sole, and was signed by Brenda in her capacity as the holder of an office, nothing more. She can be a citizen because the corporation is a different thing. Perhaps. Still reading up on it :P)

What-the-heck-ever, the essential point boils down to what Harbinger says: they must be swept aside entirely.

Fuck 'em.



suedenimon said...

Have at her Cap'n, had her census lovies here holding hands yesterday...we werent in to idle callers who ignore notices...feck em!
Would be obliged if you and your readers would consider joining the non compliance site and perhaps spreading the word around, about it. It needs the oxygen of publicity and as much support as we can give it to be effective, you can find it here...

DAD said...


is an interesting video regarding the same subject and the (established) Church of England.

Span Ows said...

I think you're all being a bit mean ;-)

What say she enter parliament at the next PMQs and beheads DC and Miliwatsit, then proclaims a pox on all their houses and instigates an immediate withdrawl from the EU cess pool...would that be a start? I'm sure she's game.

Anonymous said...

My nuts is itchy can you scratch them


Anonymous said...

Anyone asked the EC what they think ?

Tapestry said...

Read the book 'The Sustainable Prince' by Joan Veon. Charles is the linchpin of the United Nation, running the Prince's Business Leaders Form (check out its members), and directing the sustainability programme, which includes depopulation, and the spread of totalitarian socialism.

The UN Security's Council's edicts have to be obeyed by all UN members. Britain's seat is in process of being signed over to the EU. That is our government. The EU merely its agent.

The Royal family rules the world through the United Nations. Of course they love it. World rule at last, and no democratic feedback.

Anonymous said...

Dear Captain,

I love your style. I love your words. I love your thoughts. I love your belligerence.

But..... practicalities.

What is the point of bringing a knife to a gun fight.

"They" can ignore your protestations and "They" can ignore their own "statutes" and beat the crap out of you and sling you into prison.

Then what?

Anonymous said...


I think the Cap'n won't mind if I answer your question, although I'm sure he will most certainly, depending on his free time.

We must go down the rule of law road first and of course we are speaking of common law here not admiralty which our society is run under and has been for a very long time, my guess is from around the mid 16th century after the English civil war, but that's another story.

You see by going down the road of common law first do we strengthen our defenses. That is we play by the book. If we do so and we are ignored then it gives us support from those who are anti violence because it simply shows them that if the elites are not prepared to hand over their illegally taken power over society and the people lawfully, then there is only one way left to deal with them. Hopefully also it will show the people who are protecting the elites in the armed forces and security services that they are being lied to and doing wrong in defending the elites over the people of whom, ironically, they belong to.

As many people who post on the Cap'n's blog know, the elites will hold onto their power down to the last tooth and nail. They are psychopaths who, through constant years of interbreeding, freemasonry hierarchy through generation and total control over society actually believe that they are far superior to all others on the planet and they are the rulers of this land. They see everyone else as there to serve them and for them to rule over. Generations of psychological brainwashing has turned them into a truly despicable cult that will dominate and use every means with which to do so.

In other words george, the bottom line is simple when dealing with these bastards - "we'll play by the rule books and if you don't we'll hang you from every fucking lampposts up and down the length and breadth of the country, that is after opening up your gizzards for the crows to enjoy."

Anonymous said...

I forgot to sign my name.


Anonymous said...

Dear Captain, I see, like the "Royal" family you to have a spokesperson. Someone called "harbinger" with a name that doesn't bode well for the future.

My take on "rebellion" is that the full frontal approach gets publicity but few results.

There are, I should imagine, many thousands of people that would love to do something to muck-up the "elite's" system but do not want to have a high profile.

There is definitely a need for a "blog" that gathers together all those little "mischievous" things that can crash the system. One small action multiplied by thousands would have an effect.

There must be people in the police, tax and legal profession that obviously wouldn't want to be identified but would love to hand on information anonymously that could make the "elite's system of control unworkable.

I site like this would have more effect than confrontation. The elite love confrontation because it gives them an excuse to clamp-down on everyone.

mescalito said...


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