July 12, 2011

Tuesday Titter

In picture form!

No deep thought required. Just yer old peepers.

Found these pics here. (I only trawled back a couple of weeks. You could spend months there...)

One for the Lesbanians.

One for the deep-thinkers. (If any showed up)

One for the remote shitters.

One for the speed-freaks.

One for the tree-huggers with a love of history.

One for the feminazi's.

Last one is for us rebels.

Do have a lovely evening.



Anonymous said...

3D printing


suedenimon said...

Hillaryious Glinton...lol brill cap'n!

stelph said...

lololol :D

Anonymous said...

That last one is a peach; we should get that on T-shirts and flags and stuff.

Angry Exile said...

Might have a holiday in Lesbia this year, but not if Billary's going.