July 05, 2011

I, Spy (On The Wrong People).

Reaffirms your faith in MI5 dunnit?

What else are they screwing up?

All we have to do is wait for the next clusterfuck to reveal itself.

(I wonder how many of us they bugged?).



Anonymous said...

I like the "a formatting fault on an electronic spreadsheet" line. Cos spreadsheets just have formatting and technical faults on them by default, don't they? ;-)

Nothing whatsoever to do with the people putting the data in, nothing at all...

Actually, given the colossal incompetence and utter uselessness of anything involved with any government IT programme, that may actually be the case.

"The subscriber data acquired had no connection or relevance to any investigation or operation being undertaken by the Security Service". Oh, well that's alright then. Don't worry about it.

"This data was not obtained fully in accordance with the law" but it doesn't matter! It was still justified by some spurious undefined reasoning!

Keep calm and carry on!




George Speller said...

I just cannot believe it - these people can't even set the type correctly in a spreadsheet column? Theytreated telephone numbers as maths? You would thing they might have twigged that all the numbers they were bugging ended in "000"

Anonymous said...

Hi Cap'n,

I'm interested in no article from you about the Charlie Veitch sell out situation.
Had I been blogging I'd definitely have covered it.


Derek said...

"A formatting fault"

Bad workmen always blame their tools. In this case the 'bad' must surely be deliberate. They take us for idiots, and unfortunately when you look around, there are more than a few.

Captain Ranty said...


Investigating now. I'll blog on it when I know more.


Anonymous said...


The colossal thread on DIF may (or may not!) be of assistance:

48 pages and counting though...but does have lots of video links in it.

The upcoming Beeboid hitpiece is going to be hugely interesting (and undoubtedly infuriating).