July 28, 2011

We Are Not Your Slaves!

If you truly believe that you are free in 21st century Britain, if you truly believe that you are not enslaved for life, then do NOT show up at New Street Station in Birmingham on the 20th August.

If, however, you have even one eye open, and have been mystified and angry to find out that you are indeed shackled from birth, forking over your well-earned coin to the most wasteful government(s) in many, many decades, then jump on a train, a bus, a plane, a bike, walk, or drive to this event.

Voice your disgust, your disagreement, your discontent, at this gathering of free-thinkers. Share your thoughts with others. We all have much in common. Frustration is growing.

There will be no leaders, no organisation, no structure, no control. You can bring them all with you. Only YOU are responsible for your actions. Bring a calm heart and an open mind. Be peaceful, be forceful, be rebellious. Tell them, in one mighty voice, "NO!"

Or, go back to sleep.

Ignore those invisible chains. Ignore the theft of your sweat equity, ignore the loss of your liberties, ignore the fact that your nation is being handed to the dreadful EU slice by slice.


Tip of the beret to our pal Mescalito for bringing this to our attention.


Old Holborn said...

I'm actually in that video!

wayne said...

Bugger I go on holiday on 18th! I'll be checking out Portugal's national debt while I'm there.....:)

Pesky Anonymous said...

I'm actually in that video too! In the Liverpool clip with Charlie.

Check out Charlie Veitch's answer to his critics:
His previous film we discussed was a ploy to shake off some of his drone like followers, and leave himself with the ones who can actually think for themselves, or rather, those who don't follow leaders. Sure, he's got a big ego, but he was feeling the strain of being a messiah.

Get to Brum if you can all. The name of the game is numbers.

Summerisle said...

So you just go to Brum (at no little expense) and...er...what exactly? A little more info on just what this is about would be good. Also, who's behind it?

sike said...

what Summerisle said. Train tickets are not cheap.

sike said...

hmmm... you tube in other videos seems to indicate that it is something to do with Charlie Veitch or UK-UNCUT or some dodgy sounding org called we are all palestinian now (with a trademark too) or maybe Anonymous.
Well good luck but I am unsure if I want to join in with that lot.I hope I am wrong about this.

Pesky Anonymous said...

It's called a demonstration.
I'd say it was about 'raising awareness'. Getting them old sheep to wake up a bit.
You will be behind whatever it is you do, or get involved with.
They seem jovial, good natured affairs to me, with a large element of meeting others, in real life rather than via keyboard.
I take your point about the expense though.
If you're skint but keen, search a few forums in which like minded souls offer lifts to these events.
Otherwise, make an effort to attend something closer to home one day.

sike said...

thanks Pesky - I do get the point about Anonymous being any random group of autonomous individuals but I am very wary of groups like UKUNCUT . I would still like to know who organized this event

banned said...

Strange company we keep, Anarchists and bomb banners.

Anonymous said...

Think I will go shopping in Brum on that day.


Anonymous said...

Cap'n, will u be attending?

Anonymous said...

@Pesky Anonymous,

"Sure, he's got a big ego, but he was feeling the strain of being a messiah."

Shit no Sherlock?

When you put yourself on a pedestal and say silly things, especially on a YouTube channel then you will get your critics. What did he expect? He attracted the followers by parading himself all over the shop, on the Youtube and up and down the street with a camera and megaphone, completely invading people's privacy with total disregard for them. I know when people used to walk around with ghettoblasters pumping out whatever drivel they did it used to piss me off.

"And I probably get more attention from the opposite sex than you fuckers get in your whole fucking life....."


Yep, the video is certainly an attack on those who criticised him and?
It's called the ego without a doubt he has one.

The better man would have answered his critics with silence, not words on a 'Fuck You' YouTube reply channel, a channel he's incidentally removed all comments on (not that I'd ever or ever have) which pretty much shows his love of liberty eh?



Anonymous said...

Who would want to go to Birmingham, unless it was to drop bombs on it from a Messerschmidt?

Anonymous said...

Harbinger 23:51


You are so droll at times harbinger. The thing IMHO is some just dont get it.

The hole is fucking deep, and at times a frighting place to be.

Laughter is at times the best remedy and a release of the frustrations that build up.

Criticism is something people with ego's cannot handle. Tyrants are a prime example.

Miss your writings.


Pesky Anonymous said...

Harbinger. You are right of course. He's acting like an immature young kid.

I never said Charlie was perfect, am no big devotee, never posted him any comments, rarely visit his site. A friend pointed out that vid to me this morning. I guess I posted it because it confirmed my suspicions of what was going on with him.
And yes, you would think that he would have learned by now, that such a vid would have him cringing with embarassment later (or maybe not with an ego that big). Now many more will cross him off the Christmas card list. He is currently doing himself few favours.

But I chip in and stand up for him, because I believe he has done some good work. At least he made an effort. At least he did something. So give the guy a chance I say. He may come through this and evolve.
What's that line in the Cagney film? ..... 'He used to be a big shot'.

I read and enjoy your posts Harbinger. You'd be surprised how much we have in common. I think you will probably rubbish the slight praise I have for Charlie, but I can't allow myself to be so pessimistic. Life's fucking grim enough.

Oldrightie said...

Drat, It's our village show and I'm committed to this old English event. I had hopes of flaunting my Oldrightie T Shirt!

mescalito said...

Pesky's got it right,

"I'd say it was about 'raising awareness'. Getting them old sheep to wake up a bit."

"You will be behind whatever it is you do, or get involved with"

there is no leaders here, it started with a an idea that spread like wild fire. its not the name of the groups that are organising this, its the people who make up the groups.

if your unhappy with the way things are it an opportunity to come make some noise about this.

its a chance to come voice your unhappiness with thousands of others, not one particular agenda, not one particular organiser....just the people uniting and doing what they should of done a long time ago.

its time to stop making excuses and make a stand!!!

I will be there, and look forwarded to seeing you all.

mescalito said...

Thanks for doing the post Ranty, would really appreciate a regular update if you'd be so kind.

ile link you new vids as i receive them.

safety and peace all.

Anonymous said...

Hi Morgan and thanks. You are correct that criticism is something the ego can't handle.

Hope you're well. I may start up the blog again, but it won't be on blogger.


Anonymous said...

Pesky Anonymous,

I think it will be a video he will regret, well that is I hope he will.

I don't dispute what he does, just the way he does it. That's what I can't agree with. He has a complete lack of respect for people. Shouting on a megaphone and shoving cameras in people's faces, when they don't want to be filmed, is not the right way to go about things.

I'm not going to rubbish your praise for Charlie as that's your prerogative to do so and I respect that, regardless what's been said. It's good for you to defend him, but then he also shouldn't put himself in the line of fire. There's more than one way to take over a castle. Trying to knock down the front gates will always result in the heaviest casualties.

Remember also that a pessimist is merely the optimist's name for a realist. I'm only keeping it real unlike many I know. My articles are grim, I won't deny that. They do scrape nerves and sometimes completely sever them, but that's merely my understanding of the world around us.

Thanks for reading and I'm glad you're enjoying what I have to write. I have a lot in common with most people about many things. I just, tend to get involved in subjects many shy away from. The truth hurts. The truth offends, but regardless the truth is the truth and it's far better living in that reality than one of lies, as the majority are today as you know.

Life is grim, but only if you ALLOW it to be so. Remember a slave is only one who believes they are. I'm not, nor will I ever be.


Captain Ranty said...

I fully agree with those that say it matters not who else is going.

Put your differences aside and attend anyway. What matters is that YOU are there. You will hook up with like-minded folk and have a great day out.

To those asking if I will be there: work permitting, yes. I tend to disappear at little notice, that is the nature of the beast. If it's up to me I will be there.


Anonymous said...

Hear they have a floozie in the jacuzzi in brum. might join her around 2.

After my shopping of course.