July 05, 2011

The Failing EU Reich: Nige Gets It Said

Our Nigel has some words of praise for the feisty Hungarian.

Wheels are wobbling, but not quite coming off yet.

Good stuff!



Captain Ranty said...

Indeed OR.

I want to witness a slow, painful death.

That's the way all empires go.

I just wish much screaming agony on this one.

The popcorn has been pre-ordered. Front row seat has been booked.


Arsonista said...

Why was Robert de Niro sitting next to Nige.

Anonymous said...

He was there to make Greece an offer they're likely to refuse...

Woodsy42 said...

"I want to witness a slow, painful death."
Me too - as long as Cameron and Co keep the agony at arm's length, sadly I think they are determined to share it.

Michael Fowke said...

Great stuff! But why do I have to come here for it? Why isn't it the first item on the BBC six O'clock news?

James Higham said...

The trouble with slow painful death is that it is slow and painful for us. They themselves are living the life of Reilly, on the gravy train.

Captain Ranty said...

Yeah, but it took decades to build. I'll be happy with a three year agonising death.

It needs to be painful so that they learn to never, ever try it again.


Johnnyrvf said...

Its also important to realise that ome of the nation states have always had a plan B or accepted that they MUST survive the least ravaged should it all fold up, it is going to be more painfull for some countries than others, particularly countries who have allowed the greens to dominate political debate and policy, Huhne comes to mind as a good example.

Anonymous said...

Captain, in ref. to this post and the last link on Sunday's post:

A default may not actually see the desired outcome after all - what seems like death throes may turn out not to be. The groundwork may be being laid for a "selective default" and Emergency Liquidity Assistance (ELA happened in Ireland last year to the tune of €51 billion or so).

Mainstream Media says: "Even with default, ECB can maintain Greek liquidity":

ECB says: "Euro Nations Could Support Lenders Through ELA":

Trichet's letter is at the ECB website as a PDF: "As part of its non-standard measures from the outset of the crisis, the ECB widened the set of collateral eligible for its monetary policy operations." This "eligible collateral" stands at €14 trillion, up from €8 trillion in 2005. And of course since last year the ECB no longer applies credit rating thresholds to any marketable debt instruments that may be issued by the Greek government, now or in the future. The ECB says it won't accept Greek bonds as collateral but watch for the U-Turn if the current great idea falls down.

They are going to do whatever is needed to keep the scheme alive even beyond the point of barking madness!

(I hope I'm barking up the wrong tree though!)



DeeDee99 said...

I want a Berlin Wall moment. I want to see people on the streets literally dismantling the EU building; and I'd enjoy seeing Barosso and Rumpuy face a Ceaucescu moment.

The demise of the EU can't come quickly enough.

Derek said...

Just where are all the pro EU commenters - do they exist outside of Whitehall or Brussels?

So far removed are they, that the gems Farage comes out with must feel like a festering blister in their boot. Barroso has no plan B, he is determined to proceed with 'The' plan.

The EUterus has a cancer. The cure is death.

Anonymous said...

Glad to have found your blog... Great stuff captain ranty! I'll be joining you soon in lawfull rebellion! Just need to do more research, one thing is certain, my son to be will not be getting registered, I'm getting there slowly, I already home educate my 2 girls! Theyll have a family of rebels to deal with, lol.

Captain Ranty said...

Welcome aboard the Freedom Express!!!

You are in for a fantastic ride my friend.

If you need help, just let me know.

Be well,