April 01, 2011

Corruption Plagues European Parliament...

...as offices are sealed for probes.



"BRUSSELS, March 29, 2011 (AFP) – Guards blocked the sealed offices Tuesday of disgraced MEPs after a fresh resignation in a string of corruption scandals engulfing the European Parliament. Hella Ranner, 59, an Austrian conservative, became the latest to quit after a newspaper report there alleged she planned to pay back a seven-million-euro ($9.8-million) business debt using expenses meant for staff and office running costs. She threw in the towel as security guards in the Brussels parliament buildings prevented access to offices and files of a trio of lawmakers already facing probes after a sting by Britain’s Sunday Times newspaper showed them agreeing to take bribes of up to 100,000 euros ($140,000). The flood of cases comes little over a week after ex-British Conservative MEP Den Dover was ordered by the European Court of Justice in Luxembourg to repay sums four times that amount — in a judgment actually reduced on appeal."

Thieving bastards.

Are they like this in every parliament?

Full disgusting story here.

Anyone spot the same story in the MSM?


Odd, that.



Sue said...

It's in many of the European dailies but our MSM just gets worse, even The Telegraph is like reading The Beano these days!

New Europe is quite good.

Captain Ranty said...

Thanks Sue, didn't know about that one.

It is bookmarked.


Anonymous said...

Back during the Labour expense scandal in UK were a few MSM reports on the same thing happening with MEPs - excessively huge salaries on top of excessively huge and unaccounted for expense reimbursements, some MEPs running in the hundreds of thousands yearly in hardly accounted for expense reimbursements. MEPs do no debating on issues nor representing the sovereign interests of the people who sent them there. It is whoever has enough money to run a propaganda campaign of lies as to why they would make a good MEP and getting enough name-recognition to be ticked off on the ballot box is how they manage to get there - then once they do it's a gravy train of unaccounted for grift from the EU to MEPs for their loyalty in voting yes, yes, yes, yes, yes - to every single dictate 26 unelected bureaucrats behind closed doors in Brussels say will be law - and without question the MEPs job is simply bring that back to their host countries to tell them what to enact. It's no more an open and free democracy than the man in the moon but the biggest charade every pulled off in history, an empire built with clay feet, sure to crumple or else fight to the death to maintain itself including killing off all the people ruled by it, gargantuan satanic monster it has morphed into. That is my opinion of disgust and revulsion over the entire concept of a centralized soviet state that sits in rule over all the continent and unbearably so over the UK.

Captain Ranty said...

Thanks Anon.

No wonder the bastards don't want the books auditing, eh?


James Higham said...

The MSM is the sticking point, isn't it?

Captain Ranty said...


It's the truth filter.

If a thing is true, it gets nowhere near the front page....

...or any other page, for that matter.


Val said...

Sorry to be ignorant, but what is the MSM?

subrosa said...

MSM = Main Stream Media Val.

The Spiegel is ok but I notice at the moment they're 'working with the Guardian on 'British Views of Europe'. That's a letdown.

Val said...

Thanks subrosa