April 02, 2011

Peace Officers-Not So Peaceful

This is a great new film from Rob: Menard.

Have a look, and see if you can spot any similarities with our own Peace Officers.

The next instalment should be equally interesting.

I found this clip too. It will answer a few questions that people ask about what a Freeman is.

Rob clears up some stuff, and I am glad he took the time to do that.

Freemen are not freeloaders. If they think that is what we stand for, they can fuck right off.



StealthOrwell said...

Looking forward to a reaction from tptb on Rob's questions :P

Captain Ranty said...


I have a sneaking suspicion that Rob has the answers already. I heard him refer to "the events in Egypt" which suggests that he made the film back in February.

I'll keep an eye on developments.


Anonymous said...

Hi Cap'n,

Rob says at the end of the first video that the people of Canada are proof that there can be a peaceful fightback. I disagree 100%. I don't think this will ever be resolved peacefully and through the law courts. Of course he won't speak of armed struggle or he'd immediately be hauled in for incitement.

The thing is Cap'n, where I disagree with Rob, is that he just thinks the elite, those who have been controlling society for a very long time are going to simply role over graciously, give in, get a normal job and stop having the slaves running around after them. What he fails to see is that we're dealing with psychopaths who thrive on power and see those below them as shit to be used and abused. Once more and more people latch on to the freeman route, guaranteed the goal posts will be moved and more authoritarianism will be brought in to control Canadian society, not that it isn't already happening after listening to Alan Watt's CTTM and stories from over there.

Lastly, I think that they've already got plans. I think our masters knew that the false rules of Civil Law would eventually be found out and therefore, their rapid move into a communist state society, where there is no freedom of speech. All one has to do is look at the Chinese - good obedient workers, to see that this is how they want the rest of the world's populous to behave.

Trust me on this one Cap'n, but once the freeman movement grows, so to will the oppression to combat it. We're moving into feudalism and the mass wake up that's needed won't happen fast enough.


Stealthmode said...


James Higham said...

Fitting reposte.

Captain Ranty said...


I have it on the most excellent authority that the Illuminati will die a thousand deaths within months. (Three is my informants estimate).

They hate daylight. You, me, and everyone else that has been busy showing these freaks for what they are, have won. They "ruled" for thousands of years. We have beaten them.

Listen, very carefully, and you will hear the screams.

They were in this for the long game.

They didn't count on the Freemen, the Lawful Rebels, and the Truthers.

Their day in the sun is ended.

Oh, and keep an eye on 29th April.

The police have had enough as well. Watch for them creating much disturbance at the royal wedding.

You heard it here first.


Anonymous said...

Going on a trip to Egypt.

Will let you know what the situation is on the ground.

Be well.


mescalito said...

its true, we have picked up to much momentum to be stopped now :)

Anonymous said...

Organised, co-ordinated civil disobedience is at least as effective as violence.

Captain Ranty said...

Safe travels Morgan.

If you get the chance, pop into the Egyptian Museum in Cairo. Find the Nile Hilton. It is behind the hotel. Tahrir Square is spitting distance from the hotel and the museum.

After you shake hands with an Egyptian, count your fingers. Make a habit of this. They are light-fingered bastards. Not all of them, obviously. Some though, will steal your eyeballs and come back for the sockets.


Anonymous said...

Collective (www.indoctrinated.co.uk)

Some nice video's.

Bottom line is the will of another over you.

We are SERF'S in a glass box

Captain Ranty said...


Agree 100%.


Captain Ranty said...


The next few months will be interesting!


Captain Ranty said...

Anon (10:53),

Thanks for the link. I'll go have a look-see.

The boot is on the other foot now. I have had enough of serfdom.


Anonymous said...

Thanks CR. Will do.

Now where is my batting equipment?.
Gloves, helmet, pads, anyone know where my box is?.

Be well my friend.