April 07, 2011

Are You Asleep?


And it is deliberate.

They have been poisoning our minds and our bodies for generations. Waking up, and taking control of yourself, absolutely terrifies them. They need your complacence. They depend on your compliance.

Which should be reason enough to rouse yourself from slumber.

Wake up! Stay awake!

You have but one life. Live it your way.

Not theirs.


Tip of the beret to poster Holy Vehm over at FMOTL.


William said...

In a similar vein

Captain Ranty said...

Just watched both videos.

Incredible stuff.



banned said...

That explains the treatment meted out to Dr Andrew Wakefield who blew the whistle on the dangers of the MMR vaccine pumped into our children for decades. For his trouble he was de-humanised, de-normalised, pilloried by the press, struck off, sacked and made unemployable by baseless accusations of child abuse just for going against the medical establishment as though they always get it right.

I don't know if he is right or wrong but the orchestrated journo-medical-legal campaign against him was a fucking disgrace and an obvious one at that.