April 30, 2011

I Am Not Alone

Recently I stated that the monarchy was a farce. I said that they had submitted to be ruled by the cretinous outfit known as the European Union and in so doing, they reduced themselves to mere citizens.

Several bloggers, who really should know better, said that I was wired to the moon. I was wrong, wrong, wrong, dammit!

It seems that (unlikely as this may be) a mainstream writer agrees with me. In fact, if I didn't know better, I'd think the bugger had been here, reading my blog.


"The truth, I’m afraid, is very different. Underneath all the pomp, our constitution is badly broken."


"Even Britain’s right to choose something as basic as its own weights and measures has been lost.Then there’s the sick condition of the ‘United’ Kingdom and the devolution debacle. Separate parliaments or assemblies were given to Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland by Labour because it was claimed that this would be enough to satisfy the demands of the separatist local politicians. "


"The ‘reform’ of the second chamber was a similar Blairite disaster. The ancient House of Lords that combined hereditary peers with law Lords and some appointed experts was not perfect, but it worked well for centuries as a revising chamber. It was swept away, and the place stuffed with political appointees. Reform created a flawed system that was worse than the one it replaced." 

and, finally:

"When Britain joined the European Union — or the European Economic Community as it then was in 1973 — this country suffered an historic loss of power.

Under the terms of the Treaty of Rome, for the first time since Henry VIII refused to accept the Pope’s authority, a foreign body was placed above our national Parliament and the Crown.

Until that point, the underlying assumption had been clear. Britain — with a constitutional monarchy, an independent Parliament, accountable law courts and a robust, free press — governed itself. It was on these rocks that our security and great prosperity were built.

But then things started to change. Losing our empire and super-power status in the years after World War II produced something akin to a collective nervous breakdown in parts of the British establishment.
For much of the ruling class, the idea of throwing our lot in with the Europeans was seen as the only answer to our problems. Many honourable people (including a misguided Margaret Thatcher) were deceived. 

What was originally a free trade organisation rapidly became an anti-democratic supra-national monster.

But the most fervent Europhiles — such as Tony Blair — were very cunning. They realised that to make Britain more European they would have to dismantle steadily the traditional structures of government and erode this country’s sense of its own distinctive institutions.

This was done under the banner of ‘modernisation’ and ‘Cool Britannia’. Hence, we were given devolution based on the European model, European human rights law was incorporated into British law and there were attempts to ditch the pound and replace it with the euro.

Modernisers such as Nick Clegg have since taken up where Blair left off, seeking to impose all sorts of unnecessary changes to the character of our national life."

Still think yesterday was a great day? Still think the monarchy is cooler than a snowman's dick? Still think that they have any legitimacy?

If you answered yes to any of those three questions you are in the wrong place, you are in the wrong time, and you need to research more. We have no royal family. We have no monarchy.

We are all the same now.

What worries me most of all, are those who still think the monarchy has any supremacy over us at all.

They do not.



Anonymous said...

Oh, you've never been alone Ranty; we've been right there with you in your thinking - it's what to do about it.

Any pleas to the Queen to honour her oaths have been met with the response that ".she can not overule a democratically elected government, etc.."

The scum traitors have done their damage and they have set a course for bloodshed in this country.

The people on the street still think that they are dealing with 1950s Britain - they are totally unaware of what has happened; what happens when a EU tax is suddenly dropped on them or the European Arrest Warrants descend on increasing numbers of people.

I despise the bastards who have brought about this situation.

Captain Ranty said...

I know BJ, I know.

And it is an honour to stand beside you.

We need a plan, that's for sure.

I know what the problem is, I even know what the solution is, but what I don't know is what to replace it all with.

I am open to ideas...


GoodnightVienna said...

I thought that was a great article by Martin - really spot on. I sometimes wonder why journalists like him carry on.

People won't wake up until the boot is on their necks - too late then for anything other than violence. Already, time's growing short.

13th Spitfire said...

I think times are a changing though. You will note of course that the people out in force yesterday were mostly young 'uns. I wonder what they will make of the knowledge of the EU... Probably nothing in the short run but in the long run? Well, we'll see.

Anonymous said...


"Still think yesterday was a great day? Still think the monarchy is cooler than a snowman's dick? Still think that they have any legitimacy?

If you answered yes to any of those three questions you are in the wrong place, you are in the wrong time, and you need to research more. We have no royal family. We have no monarchy.

We are all the same now."

The Queen owns 6,600m acres of land around the world and is the world's no 1 landowner. Some believe that the Rothschilds control the Royal Family while I believe it's the other way around. You do know that the Queen wanted to dip into the poor fund to pay for her Buckingham Palace electric bill, even though she's swimming in cash?

I'm beginning to see the clearer picture. The return of feudalism is where things are going, especially with the monarchy privacy bills being passed of late.

It's all one big game and I don't believe anything I read in the Daily Laim. Remember that all politicians swear allegiance to the crown. So do the police and the military, which I don't need to remind you about. I don't think the Queen is a front for anyone. She's one of the most, if not the most powerful person in the world, able to make princesses disappear with no questions asked.


Katabasis said...

Something I've been recommending to my friends to do as a matter of urgency is to read Peter Oborne's books.

He details exactly how our political settlement has been hollowed out and - as you say - the fact that "political science" still deals with the settlement we had in the 50s. Oborne even goes so far as to argue that all politics textbooks need to be rewritten as they absolutely do not represent how our political system currently works.

Anonymous said...

Wasn't a bad day at all. Blair and Brown treated like leppers,and all that flag waving, must have got right up the lefties noses.

Captain Ranty said...

I can see that I may be coming across as some sort of royal people hater.

I am not.

I do not hate any of them. I do not wish harm on any of them.

If I can use a building as an analogy:

We seem to be looking at the pretty windows when we should be checking the foundations. The foundations have long been ignored and we haven't noticed that they are in serious disrepair.

As long as we keep looking at the windows nothing will change.


Anonymous said...

Yes, well, Skip, a certain race of rotten parasites have been gnawing away at the foundations of this country and trying to undermine it since around the middle of the 17th century. Sadly, their activities are not limited to the UK alone.

Live an 'Achievable Life' said...

That's the thing Ranty, you have a few who are ignorant of the truth and have the where with all to criticise. They are intelligent enough to use technology but not intelligent enough to do any real research.

I, my friend, am with YOU.

Note, and ALWAYS note this, if those that criticise cannot offer an alternative theory / solution or cannot back up their criticism with valid researched knowledge, they are blowing smoke up their 'own' arses.

I come across dick-heads like these all the time, and if you ask them why they think the way they think they nearly always repeat what they heard on the NEWS. How dumb is THAT!.

Take heart though, there are dark times ahead however things WILL get better. But NOT if we sit on our hands, say nothing or go along with the flow.
We have to do something and what you are doing is 'DOING'

Keep on keeping on, you have my support.

Namaste, phil;

William said...

Guy Fawkes knew what he was doing when he went for the foundations. Whoever brought down those American skyscrapers knew about the importance of the foundations.

Foundations have to be strong and flexible to take the great strain of what is piled upon them.

The individual human being is the foundation of all the crap that is being piled upon it by other human beings.

What we need is an earthquake of the mind to stir humanity into rediscovering that the individual mind is a creative thinking centre that has no need of authority/state/government/royalty/bankers ar as Icke calls them Lizard people running their lives for them.

Snakey said...

I agree with William on this one.

People have to take total responsibility for their own lives instead of relying on Big Daddy to take care of everything for them but they won't because the mass of humanity is infected with Fascistic thinking. It appears to be top down but it's actually bottom up because no Fuhrer (or authoritarian government) can succeed without society itself being infected with the same irrational ideologies as those in government. It is a mechanistic material mindset in thrall to authoritarian pedagogy. When Man thinks he is a soulless machine he becomes a soulless machine.

"The dictators, without exception, have built their power on the social irresponsibility of the masses." Wilhelm Reich (psychiatrist).

Anonymous said...

"Even Britain’s right to choose something as basic as its own weights and measures has been lost."

Well, the imperial measurement system is fucking stupid, as anyone under the age of 40 will agree.