April 18, 2011

Turning The Tables

Fact: Politicians make promises in their manifestos that they never keep.

Fact: Politicians change the rules to suit themselves.

Fact: We CAN do the same to them on May 5th.

Watch this short clip (Thank you GV!) and then follow the instructions.

If one of us does this, it will make no difference (much like AV), but if one million of us do it, it will send a powerful message to the no-marks in Westmonster. So you are going to have to share this video with everyone you know. Tell them to do the same, and tell them to tell their friends to do the same. Before long everyone in Britain will have seen it. Twice.

The politicians don't take politics seriously, so why should we?

Have a bit of fun, and make 'em squirm.

Spoil your paper, and spoil their fun.



Sike said...

this was what i was planning to do anyway so HOORAY!

Just Woke Up said...

Vote? I can't. Only the Name can vote and as I can't prove I am the Name, and neither can the 'authorities', I've sent a nice Notice (with returned poll card) to the Electoral Registrar with a polite demand to be removed from this traitor's roll as I may be committing deceit, fraud or even perjury by using the Name (not proof of ID, 120% hearsay, no witnesses to birth registration were formally identified). Five days to go till tacit agreement. If the ER doesn't heed the Notice then he/she may be committing the crime and my hands are clean as I warned them. I'll pop in for a visit next week to check with them personally. Wouldn't want to break the law or be party to a crime by allowing deceit and fraud to occur, would we?

honour and peace

WitteringsfromWitney said...

CR: Thought you had gone off to areas that seem to be your second home?

Aside: when you come back, we need to talk.......

The Travelling Toper said...

It might be a good idea if everyone spoiling their ballot paper spoiled it by writing exactly the same thing.
Possibly a concise reference to the events that occured in Paris in 1793/1794 could do the trick.

It might get their attention.

Anonymous said...

Who actually reads the ballot papers? Probably only the counters and so it will be chucked away as a spoilt paper. No politician will see it. I agree with the sentiment however.

Angry Exile said...

What Anon said. There will be no differentiation between papers that have had this done and papers which have 'I like chicken' or MUFC or anything else on them. As far as they're concerned there are going to be three piles of papers: yes, no and spoiled.

No, AV probably won't make a difference (and I think it's probably not going to pass anyway) but it does offer a slightly increased possibility of getting the referendum that was promised. UKIP would probably gain from AV. Not seats perhaps, or not right away, but it could well tip some existing ones from one direction to the other. What that means is that UKIP may not have parliamentary presence but it may have kingmaker abilities in some constituencies, and in turn that could be hugely important in a close election. Might not happen but it's a hell of a lot more likely than under FPTP.

Anonymous said...

Politicians all over the western world are in debt denial.
They are afraid of upseting their ludicrously bloated client states.
Autumn 2011 could be a tipping point.
Watch that space.

James Higham said...

The whole thing is a w**k. I'm writing "proportional representation" on mine.

Lost said...

Sadly I cant help Cap'n as I've been deleted from the electoral role, thus I receive no polling card.

Oh the shame!

Not that it'd make a rats fart of a difference anyways.


Andrew Hunt said...

""Who actually reads the ballot papers? Probably only the counters and so it will be chucked away as a spoilt paper. No politician will see it. I agree with the sentiment however.""

All the candidates get to see ALL the spoilt ballot papers as the returning officer gets their approval that they are indeed spoilt. Plus the number of spoilt is always recorded in the offical return.