April 06, 2011

Snivelling Little Bastard

CamerBorg apologises to Pakistan, and gives them £650 Million!!

A spineless nation led by a spineless man kissing the arse of an undeserving third-world nations' spineless leader. A "perfect storm".  

How humiliating.

Oi, Davey-boy! You did not apologise on my behalf and you did not have my authority to bung them a shitload of my cash. Take both back. Today.

You gormless cunt.



chanting/dancing, chanting and dancing said...

I'm absolutely BLOODY FURIOUS. It's almost as if Gordon Brown is still in power.
What a pc liberal scumbag Cameron is turning out to be.
I can't say any more as I might launch my keyboard across the bloody room.

Ed Butt said...

When we had the chance to suck up to India, a humiliating prospect but something we might have gained material benefit from, Blair blew it.

Now Cammers is blowing the tyrants who lead the Islamic theocracy next door from whome we will only ever get an influx of terrorists.

Can only be a matter of time til we live under Shiria law.

Dioclese said...

Why are they squeezing our taxes to give it away to bloudy foreigners?

Katabasis said...

Cameron in Pakistan right now.

Anonymous said...

At least he didn't offer to s*ck their c*ck the way Obama did, bending way over, on his overseas tours.

Word Verification: "rente", as in "rente boy".

banned said...

Cameron got a wll deserved cunt kicking from Peter Osborne in the Telegraph for this piss poor performance

"...David Cameron’s sloppy and poorly informed remarks"

"The sad truth is that the Prime Minister’s ignorance of the subject about which he was speaking knows no bounds!.

The Heir to Blair indeed.

Angry Exile said...

Cunt. That is all. I'm off to join the queue to nominate him at IAC.

Anonymous said...

If Pakistan can afford to have Nukes, they can afford to do without aid.

Wouldn't be surprised if the money is used to buy weapons for the fighters in northern Pakistan, and a nice set of golf clubs for Osama.

Spineless, Common Purpose, stooge, lightweight, bankers pet, EUSSR traitor, and c**t.

Our political system is f***ed!!!

Labour - C**ts
Liberals - C**ts
Tories - C**ts

Anonymous said...

Fuck Pakistan.
Fuck Islam.
Fuck Mohammed, like he fucked Aisha when she was only nine, the sick paedophile dog.