April 04, 2011

Right On The Money

Two new vids from The AT.

Part 1:

Part 2:

First spotted here so a tip of the beret to BB.

As always, let me know what you think.



mescalito said...

great stuff from the AT as usuall :)

mescalito said...

ranty man and all have you seen the NHS is not for sale rap?


James Higham said...

The grand illusion, as outlined in the second vid, is almost impossible to get across to the ordinary citizen.

Yesterday, just such a situation arose when I asked a lady if she'd filled in and returned the Census. She'd dutifully done it that night and returned it by post next day.

When I mentioned all sorts of rights being violated in the questions, in the sense that she could be prosecuted, she was nonplussed.

It was too complex a concept, too out of left field. She vastly preferred to just comply because it all looked so official ad on the radio, threats were used to make people comply.

At least she went away thinking about the issue. Doesn't resolve it though.

mescalito said...

Claimants 'tricked' out of benefits, says Jobcentre whistleblower – video


Snakey said...

Good to see the topics covered in the 2nd book now released as a video :)

Anonymous said...

hi Captian, great work you are doing, and AT is on top form thankyou AT, some people way want to listen to this:-
Recorded Reading from "The Secret Covenant of the Illuminati' (Their Plan for all of humanity) on radio show

This could be the most important 15 minutes of your life, your childrens’ lives, your grandchildrens’ lives, your great-grandchildrens’ lives . . . . !!! Your gut will know when the truth is spoken. Then share it.

We are either going to come out of this free and alive, OR we all shall End up Like the people in germany in the 1930's.. because im telling you for sure that people saw some of the truth back then.. And wrote it off.. MILLIONS DIED. (Hitler actually wrote a book about his plan, but most ignored it.) The global awakening thats going on is Just a level of awareness to the real powers of the globe. This is Not religious. This is not Spirital. (well in a way it could be i guess.) But if you dont wake up to the true plans for the planet set by the Rothschilds and the Committee of 300, and you don’t take this seriously, we will perish. They have warned us and given us many clues. And people still pass them off. Ttrust your MIND and your GUT.



William said...

As James said trying to open the eyes of friends and family is difficult if not impossible. I seek solace in the fact we all live in the worlds we create.
If spending an hour of their finite time watching Benidorm with associated selling opportunities is their bag who am I to try and tell them otherwise.

There is no country there is no state. They are only ideas we hold in our heads. These truths are very easy to prove but are proving to be troublesome concepts to shift. Perhaps its my age and the fact I've only started opening my own eyes rather late in life after decades of conditioning.

Thanks to Timothy Bartholomew and the good captain amongst many others I am making progress at an ever increasing pace. But don't be fooled unlearning is far harder than learning.