April 04, 2011

Free Muslim On The Land

I found this site by chance.

There may be others like him/her, but I have never come across a Freeman Muslim before.

Pop over to The Free Muslim's place for a nice potted history of the Bank of England.

It is well written, and will give you a sense of when, where and why things started to go wrong.



Anonymous said...

I've often thought, that by the FM neutralising Admiralty, Shari'ah will fill the void.

"The Return of the Shari'ah currency, the Gold Dinar and Silver Dirham, poses a new understanding of wealth and prosperity that differs from conventional Economics."

"The full implementation of Islamic trading in effect proposes a complete replacement capitalism."

He/she is not talking about Baghdad... Leeds more like it...

Anonymous said...

All the Shariah currency does is binds you to intrinsic-value coinage. This is all very well if you can trust it, but as the citizens of the Roman Empire (and more recently any person buying gold bullion without checking for the presence of tungsten inside it) discovered, intrinsic value currency HAS to be verified.

It also drastically slows economic growth because of scarcity effects with the currency; hoarding of gold and silver increases the circulating value and further stifles economic growth, as it is much easier to sit and hoard and watch the coinage value increase than it is to actively get off your arse and create businesses. For this reason alone, the gold standard is not a massively good idea.

What is a good idea is a specific law defining what a Government owes (to prevent fiddles like PFI), and limiting how much of a deficit a Government can run without good reason. It can be gotten around, because one Parliament cannot bind another, but the getting-around makes noise and raises questions.

Also a good idea is a Bank of England which sets interest rates at, or slightly above the inflation rate, with a view to preventing inflation eroding the value of saved money; this effecively does what the Shariah gold standard purports to do, but more safely and in a way which permits bank lending.

The reason the Bank of England is not doing so at present is because Britain is at present more than slightly broken. Making it uneconomic to save is thus a cheap way to paper over the cracks for a while, though all it does is put off the inevitable. When this arrives, our Coalition is going to have to bite the bullet and impose some proper cuts, including reducing the international bribery fund to near zero, telling the EU to go do one and using fiscal drag to erode the benefits of the dolies.

Anonymous said...

Sue said:

"I've just gone right off muslims. All they seem to do is cause trouble everywhere they go."

That's why successive governments have been so keen to import them and others equally objectionable like them, into the country in their millions and millions. Enoch was perfectly correct in his "rivers of blood" speech. It's coming alright. A brilliant intellect that guy had. Brilliant.

Sike said...

muslim freeman! Is that not an Oxymoron?

Stealthmonk said...

Well I enjoyed the article Ranty ;)

Anonymous said...

So long as other freemen don't take away my freedoms, I don't care if they're Muslims or not. Problem is, many Muslims have a problem with me calling my dog Mohammed, let alone criticising their irrational religion and paedophile "prophet".

Found A Voice said...

"muslim freeman! Is that not an Oxymoron?"

They are free on the land. Our freeman ancestors were too, but answered their own Gods too. They are not incompatible.

Captain Ranty said...

I just thought it was interesting....

sike said...

It was an interesting article and fits well with the antiterrorist vids too.
One of the problems I have with Islam is their attitude to liberty,but that's a separate topic altogether.