April 21, 2011

Voting Is A Sick Joke

I was taken to task on a couple of blogs recently because I put up the "AVing A Laugh" video.

That video recommended that we scrub out the wording and insert our own demanding an in/out referendum on the EU. I haven't changed my mind about the advice given in that post. If you intend getting involved in this ridiculous referendum, demanded by a demented boy child, then you really should make a mockery of it.

Voting, for anything, really is a joke.

Back in the day, we had politicians who entered parliament with good intentions. It was almost vocational. The money wasn't great, but politicians seemed to want to improve the lot of their constituents. They had stature, they had integrity, and most of them knew and understood the word 'honour'.

Today the situation is entirely different. Politics is a career choice for most of them. Once they board the Train de Gravy, they do not want to get off it. Their salaries are almost three times the national average, and that is before they get stuck into the expenses malarkey. They earn serious coin with their expense chits. If it all goes bad and they are not elected the next time around they simply smarm their way onto company boards and get given cosy directorships. Usually with firms they helped while they were clamped on to the public teat. You know, that never ending pot of money that they somehow convince themselves is theirs to raid for any spurious reason. These are mostly people who have remained in education until just before they enter politics. They are so far removed from Joe Public that they have absolutely no idea what real life is all about.

Nowadays we elect drones to govern drones. It's a kind of reverse evolution.

Here, this picture may explain:

And yes, I am all too aware that our dumbing down was deliberate. Our subservience was engineered. We have a responsibility though. Once we have shaken ourselves from slumber it is our duty to rouse the others. Now, Rome wasn't built in a day, but that should not deter us. There is a job to do, and it rests on our shoulders. The politicians are never going to enlighten us. There is nothing for them to be gained by explaining how corrupted the system has become. The corruption favours them.

Good men and women are few and far between in public office. They have become a rarity in this land. I urge you all to listen to this great interview on Infowars. Harry has it, and so does GV. Listen, in horror, at the treatment of one of our countrymen, hauled off in the middle of the night to be gaoled in some Hungarian hell-hole for 16 weeks on the whim of some communist commissar. Frightening stuff, and becoming more common-place with each passing day.

And whose fault is it?

Yours. And mine.


Because we keep voting for the drones. We keep putting the same robots into positions of power and they have no clue how to exercise that power responsibly. On May 5th I am doing the only sensible thing I can do: I will not be voting at all. (I will be abroad at the time but I could have organised a proxy).

It is an exercise in futility. Once elected, 99% of the drones go deaf. They don't want to hear you whining. They will support you only if it helps their careers. Try doing what you are meant to do if you have a serious issue that needs their support. Write to them. Make your case, and ask them to act. I have tried it with over a dozen MPs/MSPs and the result? Not a goddamn thing. Not even a response. Nothing. Nada. Nix.

My voting days are done.

Vote if you absolutely must, but do not, under any circumstances, expect anything to change.

Because it won't.



Anonymous said...

well said sir ranty!

Anonymous said...

I refused to fill in Voter Registration form for 2 years but still on Voters Roll.


mikebravo said...

Not seen the picture before. Excellent and most amusing.
Keep telling the fools. You will get through in the end. I have broken through to a couple of sheeple and changed their minds.
Fight on.

Jacobite said...

It's a sad situation that our self serving ruling elite are allowed to get away with, however at some stage the worm will turn then we can have some fun.

Anonymous said...

Who the hell voted for this lot, they seem to run the Scottish Government.


Furor Teutonicus said...

XX Back in the day, we had politicians who entered parliament with good intentions.XX

There is only one person in history, that entered Parliament with good, and honest, intntions, and he was called Guy Fawkes.

Angry Exile said...

Nice pic - I may borrow it occasionally. WRT the referendum, my only problem with it is that it doesn't go anywhere near far enough. It's a very small reform and if I thought we'd be asked again in a year or few I'd be spoiling or waiting or voting no. But, and granted it's not a very large but, in the unlikely event it passes there is a slightly increased chance of minor parties, particularly UKIP, influencing the agenda a bit more - maybe just enough for a less Europhile government to hold the referendum that we really want and that the liars and reprobates promised. Pretty fucking slim chance, I know, but just enough to make it worth voting yes. And if it really doesn't change anything then there's nothing to lose by doing so. My 2¢ anyway.

Anonymous said...

>Because we keep voting for the drones.
You may have done, but I've never voted for *any* of the fuckers. I spoil my ballot paper with the words "I am only governed under duress", for all the good it does.

Anonymous said...

That is the most marvelous pictorial diagram I have ever seen. In my life! It tells the entire history of the human race, no further words need said. At present I think we are only one away from the final image on the right, just barely.

Steven said...

They could change the voting system to this http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fUM2efJVemM It wouldn't matter. The Lib-Lab-Con EU Bankers' Party would always win.

I've just had a census drone knock on my door for a second time. I keep missing them. By the time I go to answer the door they've gone. The drone bot was nice enough leave a little note with my door number written in biro; there's nothing like the personal touch! At first I was informed, "Don't worry, there's still time." Now I'm told, "I'm one of the few who still haven't completed their census." One of few? I sincerely doubt that. The captain commands me; it is compulsory to return it today. If I don't I could be fined £1000.

Thank God we live in a democracy.

Michael Fowke said...

Well, we can always vote UKIP.

Anonymous said...

For the first time in my 50 odd years, I will be spoiling my paper.

None of the duplicitous, self-seving, thieving, lying, traitorous bastards are worthy of my vote. Whoever gets their turn at the trough this time does not and never will represent me.

PS Cap'n, I got a nice visit from the census girl last night, she is off to check with the Post Office. It appears my form may be lost in transit.

Anonymous said...

By voting you simply continue the power and corruption of the system. The System is voting. Voting was brought in to distract the public, as they vote for green, blue, yellow or red, while the bankers and masters get on with plundering society.
And like any good false flag attack to get the public united into the problem-reaction-solution agenda, we were all brought up believing "People gave their lives so owe could have the vote...blah..blah..blah.." Of course, people did die, but not so we could have the vote in a fair democratic society, but for completely ulterior motives, their politicians never told them about when they sent them off to foreign lands to protect 'the nation'.

It's fubar, totally and I've only voted once in my life, that was when I was 18, 22 years ago. I'll never, ever vote because you cannot destroy the system from within, as many people believe.


Raphe said...

I went to freedomainradio.com and downloaded the books "Everyday Anarchy" and "Practical Anarchy" from the site. They're free, pretty short, easy to read and give a really clear account of why our model of democracy is horribly flawed and always ends up corrupted to the point of serving only the politicos and they're special-interest mates. I'd recommned both books to anyone who still needs convincing that voting is a feasible way of taking back the post-democratic UK.

William said...

My good lady and I are not on the electoral roll but still got a 'polling card'!
The census moved smoothly from doormat to the fire.
We have been visited three times by the 'census lady' and received one 'there is still time card'.
She now appears to have moved on.

As Marc Stevens proves on his site and in his works there is no state and there are no countries.
We are taught in school that the opposite is true so no wonder it is automatic for most to fill in the 'legal occupiers' census forms and take 'their' polling card to the polling station to vote for things that will only make their lives worse.

Captain Ranty said...

Steady on, FT.

The man can do what the fuck he wants. It's his vote.

I'd sooner hear about spoiled votes than the usual "Yeah, I voted Labour 'cos me dad always did".

Anon demonstrates that he has given the matter some thought.

Most people don't.

Spoiled papers ARE read. They have to be so that the candidates can assure themselves that the actual papers WERE spoiled.

Imagine if you were one of the candidates and you saw thousands of votes that COULD have gone your way but for the adoption of a simple campaign promise?


Furor Teutonicus said...

As I have said before, and if i recall, it was on this site, the ONLY way to make politcians take notice of "spoiled papers" is to take the total amount of spoiled papers from the final total of the winner.

OTHER than that it is merely an exersize in imbicility.

Captain Ranty said...


Voting itself is an exercise in stupidity. As I said in the piece, we keep expecting things to change.

It never does. We just replace one set of morons with another. Red ties for blue ties.

I personally don't give a fuck what they wear. It's what's in their heads that matter. The answer to that, we learn repeatedly, is nothing.

Nothing apart from their own self aggrandisement. They are there to increase their bank accounts and lay down plans for when they are deselected and work for corporations in order to....increase their own bank accounts.

The only party that give a rats ass about the state of the nation is UKIP.

But, I reiterate, voting is meaningless. It's a fucking joke.

It's designed to make us feel part of the process. But we aren't.

When will we all understand that?


James Higham said...

That video recommended that we scrub out the wording and insert our own demanding an in/out referendum on the EU.

Highly recommend it. Trouble is, there are so many good causes to scrawl across the paper.

Furor Teutonicus said...

XX Captain Ranty said...


Voting itself is an exercise in stupidity. As I said in the piece, we keep expecting things to change.

It never does. We just replace one set of morons with another. Red ties for blue ties.XX

Agree totaly. But "spoiling the paper is just a sign of stupidity. Why bother going at all, if all you wish to do is partake in what amounts to a piece of sensless vandalism?

Captain Ranty said...


It is worth it when you know that someone has to read them all.


Mate, it's a piece of paper. A piece of paper designed by the corrupt to be used by the ignorant.

Why not scribble on it if it gets your lone voice heard, even if it is only read for a few seconds by a drone?


Furor Teutonicus said...

I was meaning more "as pointless as vandalism."

Although they deserve locking up as much as any other criminal, I CAN, sometimes, see that theft can be, even if only in the mind of the thief, justified. It has an end benefit. Vandalism is just pointless, like "spoiling the ballot paper" is pointless.

Anonymous said...

Calm down FT, think of your blood pressure. I am not sure what your rant and name calling was intended to achieve but nothing constructive for sure. All you have succeeded in doing is portraying yourself as a short tempered, foul mouthed bully and yes, possibly even an imbecilic dumbfuck. (apologies Captain)

If you think spoiling my paper is a waste of time and you think I should do something else, persuade me don't abuse me.

I could abstain but how would they know? I would be counted as one of the millions who never bother to vote. Apathy is not my style. Perhaps you are suggesting I should vote for the least worst?

Please, FT, let me know what actions you recommend or approve of and I promise I will consider them.

Furor Teutonicus said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Furor Teutonicus said...

XX I could abstain but how would they know? I would be counted as one of the millions who never bother to vote.XX

The same as you are "not counted" by vandalising the voting paper.

It MAY be mentioned in passing, but knowing quite a few councillors and two or three M.Ps, (Chalker, Porter, Dallyell) from my days back in Britain and member of the conservative party, the candidates themselves could not tell you three seconds after it is anounced how many "papers were spoiled". They could not GIVE a shit.

"spoiling the paper" has NO MORE EFFECT THAN NOT TURNING UP! So THERE is you answer as to what "you should do"

The ONLY way to get them to take notice is to have a system whereby "spoiled papers" and NON ATTENDANCE are counted as "Ghost votes", which, after the final count, are subtracted from the winners total. AND a minimum turn out requirement of 55%.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the answer FT.

Boycotting the election would be effective if a much larger than normal number refused to participate. My concern is that if, say 5 %, additional people do not vote they will be collectivised as the apathetic. However if 1,000,000 papers state "None of the above are worthy of my vote" you will get some kind of reaction, even if that is just the an MSM headline or two, this in turn may get more people to think about our whole corrupt system.

Furor Teutonicus said...

XX However if 1,000,000 papers state "None of the above are worthy of my vote" XX

You are fooling yourself!

My ex Wife was a bank worker, so, along with all bank workers, she was always asked to be a counter on election nights.

ANY mark except for a cross, OR a clear indication that a particular candidate was meant (A tick, or even a "smiley" will do), and the paper gets thrown in the "spoiled" pile.

They ARE NOT READ! No one has the bloody TIME to read them.

There is NO collector their compiling a "compendium of spoiled ballot paper quotes". No one GIVES a shit WHAT was said. It is just "a spolied paper".

As I said, the exercise is TOTALY futile.

Anonymous said...

FT, I did not mean the words literally. The spoiled papers get counted in toto. A large rise in spoiled papers and / or a very large increase in non participation will get reported on.

It will not make one jot of difference to the political elite other than the usual "we must listen to the electorate" bullshit but as I stated earlier, I can hope that it may make others think. I may be fooling myself or even be considered a romantic but I do believe that a message needs to be sent. A poor turnout is easier to spin away than 1,000,000 spoiled papers. Physical evidence that the people are disaffected.

I do agree in principle that voting is a waste of time.

best regards

Furor Teutonicus said...

XX It will not make one jot of difference to the political elite other than the usual "we must listen to the electorate" bullshit XX

:-)) Taking the amount OFF the total of the winning party would....concentrate their minds, rather. :-))

Anonymous said...

It would definitely focus their minds ;-) but I am a little unsure of the mechanism to make it work. Would you suggest all no-shows or amend the paper to include an abstain option?

Also the math sounds a little suspect, very few MP's get more than 50% votes and winning parties often somewhere around 30 - 40%. The " deduct from the winner" system may encourage tactical (or non) voting even more than the current system. That is to say a lot of tribal voters cannot bring themselves to actually vote for another party but may find it acceptable to effectively cast a -1 vote for the opposition by not voting.

I can't imagine any Political Party subscribing to this concept. All the more reason to support it !!!

Furor Teutonicus said...

XX but I am a little unsure of the mechanism to make it work. Would you suggest all no-shows or amend the paper to include an abstain option? XX

That may work. It would also mean that people that normally would not bother, because it makes "no difference" may actualy feel that it is then WORTH getting out of bed to turn up.

It COULD increase the turn out.

I did think of the relative percentages. I.e, if party A gets 40%, then 40 % of the "no shows" are subtracted, and that decreases with the amount of the actual percentage of the entire vote they recieved.

But then that would mean no difference in the "relative vote" and the same party would end up winning, no mater what. Because the percentage between them and the loosers would, although lower over all, remain the same.

XX I can't imagine any Political Party subscribing to this concept. All the more reason to support it !!! XX

Sounds good to me. Together with the "minimum turn out" clause. I.e, if less than 55% turn out, then the vote is null and void, "Must work harder. Go back and try again!"

And I would like to take the opportunity to apologise to you for my earlier outburst. ;-)

Sometimes happens when I have gout.

Patience goes out of the window.

Anonymous said...

No apology needed FT, I am sure we have all experienced it (although I did think your Pseudonym was very apt ;-))

When you get right down to it we both want the same thing and are just exhibiting our growing frustrations.

I do not believe in violence and cannot envisage myself ever taking to the streets, but the way the Country is going I can see others doing so. All a bit sad really. In the absence of a deducting vote mechanism, I am forced to work within the constraints we have.

I will now give your idea more thought whist accompanying my Mrs to the shops.

Have a good weekend FT and I hope the gout settles quickly.

best regards

Furor Teutonicus said...

Same to you. Ans, aye, it is nearly away. Just means I can not eat any chocolate tomorow. :-(.

See you around the web no doubt.

Anonymous said...

I've been saying this for years........ mostly to deaf ears.

Don't vote!

Voting only encourages the bastards.

p.s I haven't been reading you lately because I thought you were working

Anonymous said...

Look, the only way to change the system is from the inside.

Not voting is pretty pointless.....they love no votes, nearly as much as they love voters for their particular parties.

Not voting changes nothing!!

What they are worried about is if you actually vote against them.

I never used to vote "waste of time". That changed nothing.
Part of the problem was that there was no one worthy of my vote.....all a bunch of self serving gits. That's why I decided to give the local people in my area a choice and am standing for the 2nd time as a UKIP candidate in the local elections.
I'm no politician.......but needs must! Things have got that bad in this Country & it's time for ordinary folk to make a stand.
Sure.....the chances of winning are somewhat low (lol).....but I aint in it to win....I am in it to give people a choice away from the main parties. The more people who vote for UKIP....the more chance the big parties will listen to us (the people).