April 25, 2011

I'm An Orphan!

Of Liberty, that is.

I was pleasantly surprised, and a little nervous, when I was asked to join the list of contributors to this new site.

Surprised, because I was asked. And nervous when I saw the list of others who would be contributing. There is some serious class adding their seriously good writing to Orphans of Liberty and it means I will have to up my game.

Essentially, the blog is populated by people with libertarian leanings and I thought I was a libertarian until I took a pounding by libertarians for what I was attempting to do. I discovered that for many libertarians, attempting to do anything, is taboo. This is probably unfair, and I am reluctant to tar them all with the same brush, but after I was soundly rebuked for my Lawful Rebellion stance I decided libertarianism wasn't for me. I mean that in the sense that I was about to join the party, but didn't.

I think I am on the extreme end of libertarianism, if you need to pigeon-hole me. I can certainly see the pleasure in standing around a pub fireplace quoting the very best writers, lobbing in well-worn quotes like jewel encrusted hand-grenades and then debating fiercely to defend the point you just made. Then meeting up a week later to lob more quotes around and continue the discussion. Forever.

That is a lovely image, and I wish them well with it.

It doesn't help me, here and now, though. I figured that it was time to do instead of time for yet more talk. And that is what ruffles their feathers. I have been accused of besmirching "the good name of libertarianism" and I read, regularly, that the Libertarian Party "should distance itself from nutters like Captain Ranty".

Fair enough.

I wouldn't fit in anyway. I haven't read all the books they have read. In a quoting contest I would come last. Every single time.

So I will not talk about it. I will just get on and be an awkward bastard until someone in your disgustingly bloated government notices me. I will send my affidavits, and I will hang on to my rights for as long as I have breath. The plastic benefits I am offered in return for my solid-gold rights can be begged for by others. I am done with begging. I am done with nodding. I am done with being ruled by the illegitimate. I am tired of the status quo and will not rest until it is severely damaged or destroyed.

And I will tell you all about it. I will tell you what I am planning to do, what I did, and how it panned out. Either here or on the new blog Orphans of Liberty.

I will be a dwarf among giants, but I will be a noisy dwarf.

I firmly believe it will be a roaring success. But only if you all visit and add your thoughts. The subjects will be diverse, and I hope your opinions are equally diverse.

The combined brain-power is a joy to behold. They are the real free-thinkers of our time.

Go challenge them, why don't you?



joe said...

You have only come across right-libs and an-caps Ranty,most are apologists for the state.They would be more than happy with the status quo,as long as its privatised ofcourse?Attempting to do anything is taboo,they wouldn't want to change anything would they?

Alot of the libertarians you speak of Ranty could also be called "libertorians"

Keep up the good freeman work,don't listen to right libs who only care about property rights,and liberty in THEIR lifetime.Also check out some real anarchism,by Benjamin Tucker,Pierre J Proudhon are a good start.

JuliaM said...

"Essentially, the blog is populated by people with libertarian leanings and I thought I was a libertarian until I took a pounding by libertarians for what I was attempting to do."


Still, far better than the lockstep hive-mind mentality of so much of the left, surely?

Captain Ranty said...


Thank you.

It's not as if I could stop. I bought a one-way ticket.

I'll check out the authors. Ta.


Captain Ranty said...


"Still, far better than the lockstep hive-mind mentality of so much of the left, surely?"

Yes. Yes it is.

I am much more comfortable with the right.

Socialism died some time ago. It does not allow room for personal responsibility, so guess what?

No-one is responsible. For anything. Ever. It is always someone else's fault.

That does not sit well with me at all.


joe said...

State socialism,state capitalism,both are shit?And its still always someone elses fault.

You think you are more comfortable with the right, until you realise they're just pretecting their own interests.

Woodsy42 said...

"the Libertarian Party "should distance itself from nutters like Captain Ranty"

I always thought a real libertarian should endorse and accept any action or point of view provided it does no harm to anyone else - surely that's the the aim of libertarianism, otherwise you are an authoritarian and imposing an attitude and behaviour.
Whether your route is lawful rebellion or praying to aliens for help is an irrellevence.

Captain Ranty said...


I am more comfortable on the right. It isn't perfect.

So I went a little further......

I now believe that anarchy is the answer.

From a 7 million strong army to....nil.

That would make me happy.


Captain Ranty said...


That is exactly what mystified me.

The attacks, by a drone called CH Ingoldby (and a few of his cohorts), were quite vicious.

Sean Gabb defended us though. I was happy to see that.

BTW, If I thought that praying to aliens would help, I'd bend a knee.


Anonymous said...

"There is some serious class adding their seriously good writing to Orphans of Liberty and it means I will have to up my game."

Oh Dear... do you think that my post "Learning how to play guitar well enough to get laid" is keeping my end up?


Captain Ranty said...


I like it Harry.

I tried it myself, but I was attempting to woo them with the Recorder. Not the same thing at all....


Longrider said...

Ta for the link.

I must have missed your spat. I managed to upset some libertarian purists as well. I guess I'll live.

Anonymous said...


If one wants to believe in a political left, right and centre, then libertarianism is a right wing belief system. I however, having been a right winger, a libertarian have now moved to the extreme right (to those who believe in left, right and centre) and into anarchism.

One thing I've found about the libertarian movement is that, as per usual with all opposition it's infiltrated by those happy to see its demise, most notably by socialists, conservatives and liberals. Then of course there are those don't seek to destroy it, from the aforementioned political ideologies, upset members of the electorate, very unhappy with the way their parties are going. The only problem with this is that they try to foist their beliefs into libertarianism, which has the direct result of destroying what libertarianism is and all about.

Hence why I moved into total anarchism. I disagree 100% on any form of control over people whatsoever. Simply no one has the right. If parents choose not to send their children to school then the state has no right to intervene. If people choose to not pay taxes, angry that their earnings (never itemised when off to tax collection) should be going towards funding illegal wars, to help other countries instead of their own people, to go into the back pockets of politicians etc etc, then again the state has no right to intervene or if it does, then it should certainly give a break down of taxation and of course allow people the right to decide where their money is spent.

Thus the only future for me is a society, an anarchy of no government and no laws, because the government and laws create the system and I'm wholly opposed to it regardless. I wonder how many people would die in an anarchy compared to what our country has been part of in its illegal war on terror, murdering defenders of their lands in the Islamic world? I wonder how many people would have died in an anarchy, instead of under communist rule in Russia and China? I wonder how many people would have died in an anarchy instead of under the feudal monarchy system, as they waged their wars all over the world, the Empires and of course the crusades, spanish inquisitions etc etc.

The problem is Cap'n, I responded quite franly with Dark Lochnagar last evening to which he removed my post on anarchy, purely because he, like the rest of society have been brainwashed by the MSM (the propaganda wing of the govt themselves puppets of the elite) that continuously portrays anarchy as some post apocalyptic, Mad Max, totalitarian run hellhole. And of course it will promote this because anarchies cannot be controlled by their very definition. And thus, if bankers can't control anarchies, then they don't have the power they have in all other non anarchy systems.


Anonymous said...

It's 100% obvious why this promotion of anarchy continues. The elite families, the bankers, the Zionists, the corporation owners, the petro chemical-pharmaceutical companies etc etc cannot therefore create monopolies and dictate life on the planet. Under an anarchy, there would be NO NEW WORLD ORDER and people would have the freedom to live however they chose, many resorting back to original cultural lifestyles, wisdom passed down from the elders and of course the total obliteration of a youth culture and feminist oppressive, politically correct, banker controlled faux democratic society.

Although I joined the Libertarian party last year I realised one thing and that is I'm an individual. Therefore, I don't choose to be part of any political movement whatsoever, instead promoting me, my life and what I wish to do with it. I choose to educate myself on what I should have been taught at school, for obvious reasons. I take personal responsibility for my actions as I always have. I treat others the way I expect to be treated myself and I try my best now to judge no one, that is up to a point when morals come into question.

Libertarianism is now firmly in the bin. I'm now 100% behind anarchism and freedom for all.



Captain Ranty said...


I got mauled a couple of times on the Libertarian Alliance blog.

There is nothing wrong with reasonable debate. Something like: I think you are wrong, and here's why...

But some of those Libertarians simply said "You're a dick-head". (Whilst there may be some truth to that, it is not debate).

I too, will live.


Anonymous said...

As I've said labels are not required. The ONLY thing that commands human beings to label themselves into groups is the state religion because that is the only way the state religion can deal with human beings.

Left, right, libertarian, liberal, democrat republican etc, etc just meaningless chains that bind humanity.

Captain Ranty said...


Good, salient points, as always.

I was initially worried about being labelled an anarchist.


I wear that badge with some pride.

Nothing else makes any sense.


Captain Ranty said...


Whether you like it or not, people slot you into a box.

They HAVE to. If you aren't in a box you are uncountable> Unmeasurable.

They don't like that, the drones of the world.

Call me whatever the fuck you want.

Just avoid calling me human, person, Mr, etc.

I am me.

Deal with that.


Leg-iron said...

Hey, you're not the dwarf on that site. I'm in there. Don't try out-dwarfing me, matey, or I won't be Happy.

As for the army, I like Obo's approach. The army would consist of sixty million soldiers and no generals. Invade and you have to take 1, Acacia Avenue first. Then no. 2. Then no. 3.

But then, those you push out of 1, 2 and 3 are now reinforcing 5, 6 and 7...

Taking control of chaos is impossible. That's why no organised army will ever win in plaes like Afghanistan.

Leg-iron said...

(maths is not my strong point, or maybe no. 4 are in Tenerife that week)

Captain Ranty said...


Let me know when you are posting so that I can post on a different day.

I need my UV's, I cannot survive in your shadow.

As for the numbers, I had assumed YOU lived at No. 4.....


Sue said...

I bloody hate being pigeon holed and labelled. I am not "anything" in particular. I vote UKIP because they have the best chance of getting us out of the EU but I don't necessarily agree with all their policies.

My politics are based on old fashioned values such as truth, freedom and honour. None of which seem to be qualities that have inspired modern politicians.

Our ancient laws are based on those things and they have never seemed unfair or wrong to me.

nominedeus said...

Captain, you do yourself an injustice in thinking you are the dwarf over there, you are the Giant m8 for you are walking the walk and talking the talk, mere mouthpieces can never compare to that kind of example, no matter how erudite they may appear....

Captain Ranty said...


I know you are right about UKIP.

There is no candidate standing in my area next week.

Not that it matters.

The SNP are a shoe-in.


Captain Ranty said...


Very kind of you to say so.

But really, have you seen the list of writers?

Some bloody good 'uns in there.