April 18, 2011


I certainly hope so.

Thanks to Sue for the clip, and a tip of ye olde beret to Victor and his brother for the words.

Britain cannot be great again until we dump this embarrassing, unaffordable and unlawful connection to the European "family". Most of us love the Europeans, we just don't want to be married to the EU state. And when a poor relation borrows more than he can afford, the right thing to do is to walk away and allow him to learn his lesson. Increasing his pocket money just exacerbates the problem. And yet we keep doing it. No matter how idiotic the poor relation is.

The Finns straightened their spines and said "No".

This, from the Em Ess Em.

That's all it takes, folks.

It worked for them. It works for me.

It will work for you too.



Steven said...

Hay CR,

Have you seen this story?


Captain Ranty said...


I have now.

The lying bastards:

"Mr Hughes also said the police officers involved in his arrest had copied each-others statements, something he labelled as "disgraceful".

Magistrate Bradd was also told by the barrister that one officer had lied in the stand and committed "21 identifying incidents of perjury".

Cops lying and brutalising people seems to be a problem the world over....