April 06, 2011

US Marines Deploy To Libya

This is a game-changer.

What was all that shite about NOT deploying ground forces?

Check out this 49 second video clip.

Semper Fi, and all that. Or not, as the case may be....



William said...

Don't panic CR It's just a rotation. The Bataan is relieving the USS Kearsage group off Libya.

What is really fucking annoying is both the Bataan and the Kearsage fly fucking Harriers!

Also heading to the med is HMS Invincible although she is dead in the water and under tow!

Cameron the Fuckwit has just told the Pakis that Britain is at fault for most of the worlds problems! The bastard should be hung drawn and quartered preferably whilst still in Pakistan.

Captain Ranty said...

Thanks William.

FWIW, you inspired my latest mini-rant.