April 12, 2011

Grinding America Down

In direct contrast to yesterdays post, I thought you might be interested in how certain parts of the world fought back and started to destroy America. From the inside.

Spot any similarities between the USA and the UK?

Tip of the beret to Christopher for the video.



Anonymous said...

Cultural Marxism = Multiculturalism.


DAD said...

In his book "Wake Up" by the AntiTerrorist, the author gives the ten commandments of the communist manifesto (pages 174/175).

He also quotes Khrushchev,
"We cannot expect the American people to jump from capitalism to communism, but we can assist their leaders by giving them small amounts of socialism until they awaken one day to find that they have communism"

mescalito said...

Ranty man any chance on a post on this:

We will be denied the right to use the majority of herbal remedies currently available in health food stores and on the Internet when a new European law is fully implemented on 1st May 2011, according to data published today by the Alliance for Natural Health International (ANH-Intl).

you can DO NOTHING and leave your life in the hands of an unsympathetic government who continuously lie and treat us like slaves.


STAND UP AND BE COUNTED: sign one of the most important petitions in history TODAY be heard, make history, safeguard the future of your friends, families and every generation yet to come.

use it or lose it people!


and this


their idea is to get a million minimum so we really need to get the word out and get it posted everywhere.

please and thank you...

Christopher - Conservative Perspective said...

Thanks for posting this Captain and for the link.

I was not going to comment on your last post as I saw much the same in what the British Empire in it's largesse past as well. Same goes with Spain, France, Japan,,,etc.

I do not condone such goings on but it would seem that you see similarities in this post between the U.K. and the U.S. so one might say what comes around goes around and it would also seem now that China is in the catbird seat.

Captain Ranty said...


I am looking at both subjects. I saw your request a few days ago on another post and started the research.

They will appear soon.


Captain Ranty said...


We have our whistle-blowers too. None have (so far) come forward with news quite as devastating as your EHM.

I like his composure, even if what he has to say is so worrying.

I agree. All major countries have a vested interest in enslaving smaller nations.


Jacobite said...

The fabians/marxists in the uk have been extremely successful in their endeavours, it seems almost everyone I talk to is of the left or socialist lite it is hard to find people of like mind. The town I live in was always used as a barometer in elections who ever won the seat in the town was the party that formed the next goverment, so the town was evenly balanced this is no longer the case in this town (now a city) it proves the fabians are winning at the momemt.

Anonymous said...

Great vid, Skip!
And if it hadn't of been for the internet, these filthy degenerate scumbags might just have got away with it!

mescalito said...

Cheers Ranty man, sorry if i seem a bit pushy just think the message might get lost amongst the rest.

Jack Savage said...

Standard "Frankfurt School" operating procedures. But, sadly, I do not think anyone has done it to us. I think we have done it to ourselves!

Anonymous said...

Oh no, our societies are evolving to suit the changing world, we're trying not to spread hatred and looking at the effects we may be having on the planet. IT MUST BE COMMUNISTS!]

What is this, 1960?

Anonymous said...

I only knew about your site coz of your census objections, which I thought were cool. This clip, on the other hand, isn't cool at all. What next, witch hunts? Oh, my mistake - you already started one. So, if your objection to completing the census is because Lockheed Martin kill millions of innocent people, why are you promoting hatred? Don't tell me: you don't mind if they kill gays, feminists, ecologists and blacks, you just object to not having more of a say in how they do it?

Or what?

Captain Ranty said...

Did we watch the same clip?

The one I posted details the destruction of America from within. A great deal of that work was orchestrated by outsiders. The same is happening here.

I DO mind if innocents are slaughtered. Yet I assume you are happy to chip in for the slaughter of Iraqi and Afghan non-combatants by happily paying your taxes?

My objection to the census doesn't have much to do with LM. My standing as a Lawful Rebel (rightly) prevents me from aiding and abetting an illegal parliament.


Anonymous said...

The whole idea that criminalising recreational drugs and the trade in them is a useful policy, is based on the principle that, if people had a choice to use drugs to pay/barter for things then the government could not use paper money to control us!