April 07, 2011

Time Out.

Town's fucked up. Country's fucked up. Europe's fucked up. The world is fucked up.

Politicians are fucked up. Money's fucked up. Law's fucked up.

Freedom's fucked. People are fucked.

Unfuck yourself.

Watch this clip. It's on me.

No charge.



Michael Fowke said...

I'm too fucked up to watch. Portugal will be the final straw - if we're paying for it.

Gareth said...

Who was he? I dont remember his name on the vid and he took me from behind.

Captain Ranty said...

Steve Hughes.

banned said...

Love the way he gropes himself while fantasising about the bloke with a cigar and brandy in Belgium.

James Higham said...

So, it happened. They came round and I refused to put in the Census. Let's see what happens.

Captain Ranty said...


Not much, is my guess.

They are heading my way. I am looking forward to it.