March 21, 2011

Friends In High Places

We are not alone folks.

We have support for Lawful Rebellion in the House of Lords.

Thanks to my pal Slimline66, we can, at last, produce a list of those Peers who said, "Enough is enough! We will turn to Magna Carta to put right this terrible wrong". As a result of their intelligence, their bravery, and their patriotism, the Barons Committee was formed in 2001.

This list was difficult to locate. Thank you Slim, for finding it.

Peers signing the petition:

Lord Ashbourne,

The Duke of Rutland, Viscount Massereene & Ferrard (as Lord Oriel)

Lord Hamilton of Dalzell

signed and presented the petition at Buckingham Palace.

The petition was also signed by:

Lord Sudeley,

Viscount Cowdray,

Viscount Norwich,

Lord Napier & Ettrick,

Earl of Romney,

Earl Kitchener,

Lord Napier of Magdala,

Lord Ailsa,

Lord Sandys,

Earl Cathcart,

Lord Oaksey,

Lord Milne,

Lord Newall,

Lord Barber of Tewkesbury,

Lord Dormer,

Viscount Exmouth,

Lord Wise,

Earl of Devon,

Earl of Cromer,

Earl of Shannon (as Lord Carleton),

Lord Sandford,

Marquis of Aberdeen (as Earl Aberdeen),

Lord Strathcarron,

Lord Craigmyle.

The Countess of Dysart also signed,

but the Dysart title is Scottish

and pre-dates the Union of 1707.


... or download the document:

Also, the Lizzy did send a reply (also in the same doc above):
"I am commanded by The Queen to reply to your letter of 23rd March and the accompanying petition to Her Majesty about the Treaty of Nice.

"The Queen continues to give this issue her closest attention. She is well aware of the strength of feeling which European Treaties, such as the Treaty of Nice, cause. As a constitutional sovereign, Her Majesty is advised by her Government who support this Treaty. As I am sure you know, the Treaty of Nice cannot enter force until it has been ratified by all Member States and in the United Kingdom this entails the necessary legislation being passed by Parliament."

Slimline has a brilliant blog. If you read nothing else today, please read the last two articles on corrupt judges. The website, linked on the right, is called The Secret People and it will teach you much.



mescalito said...

ranty: MSNBC - Banksters & Government Exposed FINALLY by Mainstream News!

NewsboyCap said...


My first affidavit goes of to Her Madge later this week. Do I have to wait until I have sent the second one, presuming she will not put things right, before I write to the Barons informing them of my change of allegiance ?
I know this is the right thing to do, but it still saddens me that we live in such a corrupt and greedy system which has forced me to make this decision.

Captain Ranty said...


That's a helluva video!

Are the wheels coming off, at last??


Captain Ranty said...


You do have to wait 40 days. Thems are the rules.

You have to give her the chance to respond. She won't. You won't even get an acknowledgement from her secretary, but you may be the first!

Once you have sent the second affidavit, send your notice to the BC. (You can send them out at the same time, if you want to).

This is not a lifestyle choice, as you know. This is an obligation.

Those not entering LR are, in law, wrong.

You ARE doing the right thing.

Don't worry, there is no downside.


Sike said...

Have any of the barons committee had anything to say since the queen fobbed them off with that limp response in 2001?

Sike said...

I have asked this before I know.Google does not give me any clues either

Captain Ranty said...


I have not found any updates either.


mescalito said...

they are trying to form a new barons committee over at

go over there and talk to jenny on the forum she has lots of info.

Broken Briton said...

Lawful rebellion IS ON!!!! Roger Hayes just won his case and has had council tax declared unlawful!!

mescalito said...

broken Briton: where is the info of him winning the case?

this link says he was made bankrupt???

Anonymous said...

Hello Captain,

Just wanted to say THANKS for the kind words. :blush:

There's a bit more info on the peers petition on my site if you're interested (Lawful Rebellion tab).

With regard to my last two articles, we know "the social contract" has become very much a one sided affair (maybe it always has been?) so, there really isn't any rational reason why it shouldn't be voided. Why carry on investing heavily in something that only the minority are getting any returns from?

Keith. (slimline66)

I am Stan said...

Chaka Stan of Stanzuland?