March 04, 2011

What's It To Be?

For a change I will not offer a synopsis.

You can tell me how you interpret this video.



Anonymous said...

"The meek shall inherit the Earth... and if they don't... they won't complain."

New Age Propaganda... does anyone really think that the NWO will role over if we all become hippies?

Anonymous said...

P.S. Roll not role...

Captain Ranty said...


I'm not at all certain that the NWO will survive anyway. Far too many people waking up to their shenanigans.

I liked some bits of the video, but I was (secretly) wondering if any of you guys would highlight the same bits.


Lex Angel said...

Unfortunately, there will always be people who want wealth and power at any cost.

Anonymous said...

its not a global warming vid is it!

Captain Ranty said...


Too true.

It was ever thus.


Captain Ranty said...


I didn't think so.

I'm sure most of us (the sensible) know that AGW is bollocks fabricated to scare money out of people.

I am jiggy with reducing pollution and not littering. You know, common-sense stuff.

But the polar bears are fine. Breeding like...polar bears, they are.


IanG said...

Mmmmm.. lets have a stab at this. For me it meant one thing. DON'T FEAR THE FEAR. Probably the only thing the PTB have left in their arsenal is FEAR.

War, global warming, immigration, debt, high prices, student fees, the list goes on & on.

They are trying to get us to fight against each other, that's what they want, that's what they need.

For example, just today, they announced that all British slaves MUST pay prescription fees; except of course the Welsh, oh & the Irish, ah the Scottish as well.

So the English not only have to pay for their own Meds, they also pay for the rest of the British Isles. Fantastic!

Now, there are two ways to look at this if you are English. Get mad or smile and say 'great', well done, lucky you, to our neighbours.

Their game stops if you don't take the bait. Try it out. Next time one of your Masters try's to control you, say 'Fantastic, that's great, thank you for your time (shake their hand)- have a great day. Watch their body language change in an instant.

Motto? If you want your FREEDOM be NICE

Anonymous said...

No shoot outs/murders/car chases.So not a Hollywood production.Looks like every government tries to create mayhem in order to produce heaven on earth. Treacle and tosh!

James Higham said...

2012 was always going to be the year.

Anonymous said...

As I said... it's a crock of shit... just watch the tanks drive over you as you try and raise your vibration frequency... and as for that "love your enemy" bollox... personally I find it hard to consistantly love people I like, nevermind hate.

Seriously, when I have discussed the political situation with people who are into love & peace, TM, Buddhism etc., they retreat to that safe room bathed in white or blue light. Sometimes, it's good to get mad.

John P said...

So the thing I took from this was that people need to take responsibility for themselves and make a choice to live more simply, or to continue being spoon fed by The Powers That Be.

It is interesting that in order to make this transition this suggested method is meditation. This is used in many traditions to develop concentration and focus and harness that single mindedness to achieve your goals. For example most martial arts advocate meditation, as do most religions.

I have been exposed to a lot of this sort of thinking, but this was not somewhere I was expecting to find it! Well done Captain :-)

Captain Ranty said...


If I could please all the people all the time I would have the most popular blog in the world.

I can't, and I don't.

But I do believe there is a lot of mileage in fixing shit down here, miles below the elite. They depend, absolutely depend, on us continuing to hate.

Ironically, if we did shake hands and hug all of our manufactured enemies, governments all over the planet would crumble and die.

They don't like that, because it is a guaranteed outcome. Which is why we have to do it.

Otherwise, they will rule us, and fuck us, forever. They only survive with our support.


Captain Ranty said...


Thank you.

Do me a favour? Scoot over to Harry's place and convince him! :)


GoodnightVienna said...

Nope, didn't work.

Captain Ranty said...


Then you need to practise more!!!!

I just ommmmmmed and my 15 year old shut off his shitty music.

It DOES work folks!


Scotsfox said...

Seems confused to me. Conflating magnetic shifting with worldwide citizen unrest is just daft.
So do we just meditate and all the nasty bad boys will disappear?

Captain Ranty said...

I agree Boorach.

As I said earlier, I liked bits of it, but like you, I would have preferred for more time to have been spent on individual aspects rather than trying to ram them altogether.

I didn't fixate on the meditation part though. I (now) think we need to be more physical, we need to reach out and mend fences that THEY conned us into destroying.


westcoast2 said...

IMHO this was about 'perceptual filters'.

If you see the worst, your world view is tainted by that and reinforced.

It may, on a simplistic level, seem happy clappy/hippy and confused, yet what it says is you get what you percieve. If Bill O'Rilley says 'No Spin Zone' and you buy into that it actually does 'Spin' you around. If the BBC 'present' a worldview that also spins you around.

Yet if you view the world as a child views it and you inspire others to do the same, your self image and approach to the world is altered. You still see the messages, yet the fear is gone. Once the fear goes the messages lose power.

This does not mean act childlike or become childlike, love everyone and automagically the world becomes all light and happiness. It means to accept reality as an adult without the framework of fear surrounding it.

Sure, as Harry points out, there will be those that crave power and use force to attain it. The video is not so much about direct force as the use of and reinforcement of fear covertly and overtly. The portrayal of seemingly confused messages were an example of how the process is subtle. The images and messages jump around and appear absurd when run together. This enables you to see them directly rather than in the apparenlty logical sequence you would normally receive them

The point is by reorientating your worldview, you will be able to recognise what is happening, influence others to recognise it and then move towards a new understanding together.

I didn't like the ooh aah soundtrack and of course the whole thing might all just be a happy clappy self delusionary video in the same way as the Six O'Clock presents the 'news' :)

NewsboyCap said...


Sorry I'm with Harry on this one, make with the piano wire and lamp posts for TPTB right now.

We can look at loving/hugging everyone else once the excrement of the EU/Westmonster has been shovelled away.

I liked the soundtrack, goes well with 4 pints and a smoke.

will said...

it does not have to be a binary option between fear and love. love is not the only answer. its not a realistic answer as it ignores natural human nature. that said fear of coercion is not the only answer to address natural human nature.
there is nothing more powerful than natural human self interest. voluntary/anarchist society would pit this unavoidable force against itself. voluntary polycentric competing legal systems pit the self interest of individuals against each other so it is your own interest to respect the interests of others. this mututally beneficial behaviour is explained by stef molyneux over at and by david friedman in his book which is now available free online
there's even a chapter entitled 'love is not enough'.
the statists have no problem with all this happy clappy hippy bullshit as it is no opposition to their monopoly control. if the masses see love as the only alternative then there is no hope.

Woodsy42 said...

Not sure about this at all or what the message is.
Among other things they are conflating polar magnetic shift (happening)with lost ice (AGW,not happening). Then claiming there are external physical measurements correlating with 9/11 and they mix them all together with new age religious ideas.
They have one underlying idea right, we are indeed being bombarded with alarmism, but otherwise to me it seeemed more like a lot of airy faerie new age pretentious nonsense with music.
Sadly we can't pray or meditate the bastards out of their control of our lives.

Jack Savage said...

As soon as I saw Paul Ehrlich..who is never right about anything..I turned off.