March 02, 2011

Manufactured Conflict

I spent my lunch hour over at Revolution Harry's place where I watched, with increasing fascination, a series of videos from the brilliant mind of Alan Watt.

Alan takes us through the manipulation of the masses and his story starts back when God was in short pants. The Manipulators just got ever more sophisticated as technology evolved. You may want to spend some time learning how to become unmanipulated. Or not. Stay glued to the tellybox and stay fucked. The choice is yours.

During his third video (of four) my mind wandered a little. Not because Alan had lost me, but something he said sparked a train of thought that I reckon needed to be aired. As ever, tell me what you think when I have finished.

Even a cursory glance around your own community, big or small, reveals those little conflicts that someone, somewhere, is maintaining. They feed them, but it seems to be done in a way that makes the conflictors think that they are in control. Bias, bigotry and often outright hatred are covertly encouraged. We surely all know by now that the mother of bias, bigotry and hatred is ignorance.

I was thinking about a few groups that are (for no good reason) encouraged to cause friction between each other. Muslims against Christians, Jews against Muslims, white against black, white against Pakistani, Indian against Bangladeshi, religious against atheists, abortionists against pro-lifers, rich against poor, northerners against southerners, Scots against the English, the English against the Irish, Catholic against protestant, and so on, and so on and so on, ad infinitum.

The reason? Well, if you watch Alan's videos, the answer becomes obvious. They, TPTB, absolutely do not want us to gather, as humans, to talk about what really pisses everyone off, which is them, TPTB. So the divisions must, at all costs, be maintained. When we had 58,000 pubs, and all were welcome, we would gather there, and in the days before the 90 inch videotrons appeared on the wall of our local pubs, we would actually talk to each other. The Man United fans would happily pass the time with Man City fans and find common ground, which was usually their collective disgust of the government and all of its machinations. Yes, younglings, at one time these topics were once freely discussed. Smokers would talk with non-smokers, drinkers would talk with other drinkers or the non-drinkers. In just four short years 7,350 meeting places have closed down. That's just the pubs. Every month, at least 3 bingo halls go out of business, and at least 30 restaurants close down. In Ireland, seven years after their smoker ban kicked in, just over one pub per day closes its doors for ever. In Scotland, the figure is the same. In England and Wales the number shoots up to six closures per day. Blame the recession if you must, but in previous downturns, closure numbers like the ones we witness today were unheard of.

We are now so terrified of breaking some politically correct protocol that we won't even wink at a smiling child in the supermarket lest the multitude of cameras "catch" us and we find ourselves trying to explain that we were being friendly and did not, as it happens, harbour any sexual or deviant thoughts about the smiling child. We daren't even say "Hi!" unless we have been CRB'd.

Divide, terrify, and conquer. Three words every government lives by. They no more want social cohesion than they want us to fill our cars up for 50 pence. If we truly were the communities that I remember from the sixties, we would have marched on Westminster and burnt that unlawful, illegal, immoral institution to the ground years ago.

We don't. We daren't. We are spineless. We are hypnotised. We are propagandised. We are brainwashed.

We are fearful. We are mistrustful. We doubt our own abilities. We doubt our own capabilities. We deny ourselves our god given sovereignty. We refute the almost unlimited power that we possess.

There is hope. But only if you turn off the telly. Only if you stop buying newspapers. Only if you stop listening to talk radio.

Most importantly, you need to unplug your iPod and start talking to the guy/gal next to you on the train or the bus or the plane. Go and say hi to your neighbours. Ask if there is anything you can do for them. Mend those fences, bury that hatchet and get used to being human again.

Undo decades of behavioural programming delivered directly to your eyeballs by a bunch of goons in parliament. The wiser amongst us now know that they are puppets. They are "front of house", and they are disposable. We need to get at, and disable, the producers, the directors, the script-writers and the special effects people.

We do that, to thundering, life-changing effect, when we ignore the garbage that our brains soak up. Turn off the tap. You don't need it, and it will infuriate them.

It starts with YOU. Export your thinking to your family, to your friends, to your neighbours, and just in case they haven't heard the news, strike up conversations with complete strangers too.

Their colour, their sexual orientation, their religion, and their politics matter not a jot. As long as they have a heart that beats, they are worth talking to.

Give it a go. It will not hurt. I promise you that.



Willliam said...


You not the video's I haven't watched them yet!!

Michael Fowke said...

I'm trying to cut out the TV and newspapers. Blogs are where it's at. We just need a laptop and the truth.

Woodsy42 said...

I tend to read a Sunday paper, and occassionally watch some BBC news. I like to know what I am intended to think. One should always know one's enemy.
Russia Today, Al Jazeera, and the Chinese news channel on Sky often provide an interesting counterview. Blogs however are increasingly important as the only honest information available.

Captain Ranty said...

The telly is easy to dump, I have found.

I do watch (on my laptop), RT and Al Jazeera. There doesn't seem to be any spin.

I read my local rag but I do not buy any of the usual shite.

There was a time, after a long trip abroad, that I would hunger for a British newspaper. These days they are useful in foreign climes because bogroll is usually not provided.


William said...

BBC says Gadaffi ordered planes into attack. Nato says the same.
Russia says there were no attacks!

A quick glance at the Fail shows it using pictures of a burning petrol tanker which caught fire in a road accident alongside the fake air strike story!!

Air attack>smoke and flames>people waving Gadaffi pictures>something must be done>BOMB LIBYA

Fancy that our media and our 'protectors' caught lying, again.

Captain Ranty said...


I saw that!

Cheeky, sneaky bastards!

I deliberately kept my post about the UK. If I had got started on the EU and the current troubles in North Africa and the M.E I'd still be typing now.

Needless to say, there is some interference going on there as well.


Harry J said...

They are good aren't they CR. I was aware that they had manipulated and brainwashed us but watching those videos really shows the scale and depth of what they've done.

James over at Nourishing Obscurity has a post on a related theme which is worth a read. He concludes with the following:

"... the word I use for these people, these multi-billion dollar funded corporations led by the world’s so-called philanthropists ... is, quite appropriately: “Evil”.

I have to say I agree entirely.

Captain Ranty said...

Just read it Harry.

A good piece and "evil" is exactly right.

I just hope I live long enough to watch these bastards hang.


banned said...

It amuses me when the online Telegraph publishes the latest government propaganda as its lead article yet it appears nowhere on the 'most viewed pages' links.

The last one I recall was the instruction that we limit our intake of red meat to less than three slices of ham per day. It was ignored by the readers, you'd think the editors would get the message.

Mongo said...

Excellent post Captain,

@ English Viking, are you serious?

Snakey said...

Bleh. TV News. I tuned in yesterday to the BBC news at 6 and turned it off 15 minutes later as it was putting me off my tea lol. The propaganda is nauseating.

richard said...

I watched those videos a while back. His account of the introduction of cheap TV rental and the subsequent effect on his community is particularly telling. Pub closures are deliberate - no chance of a beer hall putcsh without a beer hall.

Anonymous said...

Hi Cap'n it's Harbinger here. I've restarted blogging but why the anonymous account? Well it's been suspended and my blog removed. I don't know why but I received a message saying that there's been 'unusual activity' and to get access to my blog and email (hence the anonymous account) I have to provide them with my MOBILE number (yes mobile phone number) so they can send me a verification code. It seems that they want to find out more about who I am. It's all interesting because the UAF fascist Chavrecycler has been following me around YouTube demanding I delete it and my blog, by order of the UAF. I sent an email. Don't know if it will do much good though...

As for Alan Watt, yes he has a brilliant mind. I've been listening to him regularly since November on his Cutting Through The Matrix show on the RBN at 2 in the morning. I've been downloading his shows and been nodding along to everything he says. There's no lizards or extra terrestrials there, just common sense and fabian manipulation of society. It's all there should you choose to pick up a book and read. You won't find what he says on the MSM that's for sure.

As for EV, fuck 'im. You're more awake than most people I know and people who think they're awake. Keep up the great work.

Captain Ranty said...


Good to read you.

Sounds like you are being harassed, but if there is one man I can depend on to sort that shit out, it's you.

I really need to hear more from Alan. He is logical, intelligent, and he flows. Lots to learn from him, I reckon.

Good luck with the Chavtwat. He doesn't know it yet but he picked on the wrong guy.

Stay well,


Anonymous said...

Hi cap'n,

Well the fact that Google have asked for a telephone number is incredibly odd. Why wouldn't they just ask for an alternate email address and why would they shut down not just my blog but also my email?
More importantly IP adresses can only pin point areas, whereas mobiles, especially on contracts locate the human being. Sure, people will say it's paranoia but of late I've been speaking to some people in high places.....

As for Alan, yep, he's spot on the ball. He stays away from the aliens and lizards and exposes pretty much everything. He is everything that you say and more.

As for Chavtwat, well the net's closing in on his identity. Exposing him is what he utterly fears the most. I can imagine after all the shite he's been throwing around on the internet anyone who loathes the UAF will have a ball with him. LOL


Barking Spider said...

Excellent post, Cap'n, I'll be watching those videos a bit later tonight. Like yourself, when I want to find out what's really going on, I watch RT and Al Jazeera - I can remember when our own news was reported like that.

You have got to be joking!

I can hardly wait until that snivelling, vindictive, little communist, peadophile shit, Chav, is finally exposed and, as you say, the net is closing on him - he's squeal like a stuck pig when he's caught!

In the meantime, if you're still having problems with him, Direracist and the rest of those UAF bastards, you might want to consider moving your blog to Wordpress if you haven't already - if you've got a blog that I don't know about please drop me a line. ;-)

And, of course, don't forget you can always post your videos to Eye Tube where that shower of commie shit can't get at them.