March 28, 2011

Problem-Reaction-Solution Explained

Nice and simple.

We fall for it every single time.

I realise that you are not all fans of Icke, but you really should have a listen. The man is right about their ham-fisted attempts to scare the shit out of everyone. They (TPTB) may be imbeciles, but they fool us because we refuse to wake up and listen to the other side of the debate. 


Once you figure it out, you will be able to apply it to most of the headlines you see. The MSM ceased to question anything years ago. They are mostly just rebroadcast stations for IngSoc. No help to be had there.

You need to work it out for yourself.

Some examples? Swine flu, Bird flu, terrorist threat levels, illegal wars....the list goes on, and on, and on.

Dig around, even a little, and it soon becomes obvious. These people are not all that sharp.

We just need to be sharper.



Sue said...

I must admit to watching David Icke now and again. I think he was unfairly branded as being crazy. We're all a little crazy now.

That's what the New World Order does to people!

Woodsy42 said...

He sometimes goes one step too far and loses the plot, which is a shame as most of his earlier steps describe only too well what we see around us.

Anonymous said...

Is he really wrong.
I think the reptile stuff is a bit over the top yes.
However it is true that most of the worlds elite are indeed related to each other albeit distantly.
So I think the notion that the world is owned and governed by one extended family of people does indeed have a ring of truth about it.

James Higham said...

Cap'n, I'd not leave this here [blog etiquette] but can't find an email anywhere for you. There's a direct challenge to you from one of my commenters at:

Thought you might wish to respond.

Bucko said...

Captain. Have you seen any stuff by Alex Jones. It's just about America mainly but some rest of world stuff too.
He talks in depth about Problem Reaction Solution and the steps that governments take to control us through our own fear.
I have some of his documentaries that I will start posting this week.
They are each about 3 hours long so I need to split them up a bit first.

Found A Voice said...

I agree that whilst Mr Icke clearly has some bizarre views, his openmindedness allows questions to be asked, which in themselves make others explore.

As for the theory professed in his video, I don't know if they are deliberately fabricated events (problems) or ones that TPTB are quick to encourage, but there are certainly groups of humans (again, could be just the self-interested rather than the worldwide consipiracy) who will always make sure that a good 'crisis is not wasted'.

That is one of the reasons that the state must always have limits on it's power and why I think that the US Constitution was an excellent attempt (not entirely successful but best so far) to stop big government. And it was written by Englishmen who knew their rights... ...oh for some of those today...

Richard said...

So the Illuminati create Soviet Communism, Capitalism and Fascism in the hope that they will all go to war and leave the world ready for the EU and global government?

I'll have to think about that ...

Seriously, on the evidence of this clip, the guy is a fruitcake. He may say some things that are true, but even a broken clock is right twice a day.

boojahadeen said...
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richard said...

The terrorist threat is put into perspective by Morgan Spurlock in his book "Where in the world is Osama bin Laden?" According to his research, in the ten years since the WTC more people in the US - INCLUDING those killed in the twin towers - have been killed by domestic dogs than by terrorist action. More people have (he says) been shot by the US police than those killed in terrorist action, again including the victims of 9/11.
What exactly is this terrorist threat? Apart from the London bombings which were terrible and tragic yet fortunately not comparable to the sustained Irish actions of the recent past, we've had a man who fried his own penis, a man who burnt his own footwear, a toner cartridge which was declared harmless then harmful, and a broken window at Glasgow airport. Not exactly equivalent to the pounding of London by the Nazis, and yet the British stiff upper lip which saw off Goering is allegedly trailing on the ground as we shuffle along in fear.