March 04, 2011

Living Free In An Unfree World

This is one of Stefan's best ever talks.

I wish I had watched this before writing my last few posts. I could have made a much better case.

It is nice to know that I have similar thoughts to this man. I admire him, and his philosophy.

You may think that it is long at 57 minutes, but believe me, it isn't long enough.

I am pretty damn sure you will enjoy this one.


westcoast2 said...

CR have your videos slipped?

I seem (like the 2 Ronnies) to have the video for the entry before on the front page. The talk is missing. It is there if you click the title.

Please delete if it is just me.

Captain Ranty said...


It all looks ok from here.

Anyone else seeing stuff out of synch?


westcoast2 said...

CR It seems ok now! I get my new glasses next week....

Anyways, interesting video, though a little confused. Nice use of metaphor (and some people have a problem with NLP :))

The questions at the end were interesting, a pity he did not have enough time to expand on his answers.

The message seems to boil down to 'go first' and others follow.

There are consequences to this appproach which again he did not fully expand on. He did give some guidance though. What worries me are the sociopaths! ( Bob Altemeyer's - The Authoritarians is worth reading on this aspect - His Homepage )

Stefan does have a great point about the horizontal control aspect, you only need to look at the smoking ban to see this.

Captain Ranty said...

I really enjoyed it. Much of his thinking is new to me because I have never studied philosophy.

I am overdosing on Stefan tonight. I am now watching this one:

I'll check out Bob's stuff shortly.

I used that "horizontal control" theory to argue/debate a point with Harry in the last post's comments. I like that line of thinking.

Thanks for the link and for the feedback!

(I'm a fake, really. I am feeling my way in the dark here. So much to learn!).


nominedeus said...

Youre not a fake Captain you are walking as well as you can. This is an excellent video and I will post it around to those who may listen, unfortunately not enough people have a long enough attention span.

WV = psyclet, is that what we are??baby minds struggling towards the truth?

Stealthy said...

Thanks for this CR :)

Snakey said...

I highly recommend Bob Altemeyer's The Authoritarians study as well. Milgram's Obedience to Authority experiment and Philip Zimbardo's Stamford Experiment should also be added to the reading list of those who are curious about human behaviour.

Oh I just wanted to mention that as a genealogy hobbyist I have lots of copies of entries of births, deaths and marriages going back to about 1850. I thought you might be interested to know that no all caps was used for surnames before the 1950s or so. Prior to this time frame most of the certificates I have are hand written entries with no capitalisation of surnames.

I haven't read the 1958 Registration Act yet to see if this covers why all caps are used but there's absolutely no official explanation for this all caps use anywhere via Google or any reason as to why it's only surnames that are all caps after the 1950s.

It could be it's an effect of computerisation but the lack of an official explanation for it is curious. Most bureaucrats just love telling us why they have their insane systems but not this one? Hmm.

Do you have any answers as to why there is a warning at the bottom of the copy of an entry of birth? It says it cannot be used for identity purposes and yet the vast majority of people use it for this very purpose. If you have previously written about all this then I missed that particular post and would be grateful for a link to any explanation you may have of this. I recently read TAT's Standing under Freedom, which was excellent but devoid of any direct links to an official explanation of all caps names and the warning on the entry of birth.

Captain Ranty said...


The answer is a simple one.

A birth certificate cannot be used as ID because it is a copy. The "original" is written into a ledger by the Registrar. Imagine trying to hire a car with a photocopy of your driving license, or trying to leave (or enter) a country with a photocopy of your passport? Only under extreme conditions (war, natural disaster or civil insurrection) would it be permitted.

Slightly related is the reason that FPN's cannot be paid. Under the terms of the Bills of Exchange Act 1882, no-one can lawfully pay a copy of a bill. When the copper tears off the FPN from his little pad and you trot off and pay the fine, you have broken the law. The cop keeps the original, the top copy. Only original "bills" can be paid.

No-one teaches us this and we illegally pay many millions of £££'s in fines every year.

I haven't read the Registration Act of 1958 either, but I will.


Snakey said...

Ah thank you, that is a very succinct explanation and it makes perfect sense. So many organisations accept the birth cert as proof of identity and yet it can't actually be used for any such thing. Does this means anything obtained via it is a fraud? (such as a passport)

I will read up on the Bills of Exchange Act.

Untwining said...

Hey CR. I am not sure how much FDR stuff you have accessed but Stefan has an excellent introduction to philosophy (several podcasts) if you go back through the archives -- if you're liberty-minded anyway it provides a good articulation of *why* freedom is a morally good thing. He also has a free e-book called universally preferable behaviour, which is worth reading for the philosophical grounding. Sorry if I'm telling you to suck eggs, but I've not had the time to go back through your posts and see what you've accessed yet :-)

Captain Ranty said...


"Does this means anything obtained via it is a fraud? (such as a passport)"

I'm fairly certain it means exactly that.

We live in a messed up country, made worse by fools in parliament vomiting out more and more statutes. Is it surprising to anyone that they make so many mistakes?


Captain Ranty said...


Although not new to FDR, there are tons of articles and videos I still want to wrap my brain around.

Is "Universally Preferable Behaviour" the one concerning ethics? I just heard about that and I will download and read it.

For those that may not know, Stefan has about six free books that you can download.

Oh, regarding those eggs: send as many as you like. Repetition does no harm, and I am ravenous for new information.