March 25, 2011

Heading Home.

Blagged my way into the business lounge, despite flying so cheaply that I have to help load the luggage.

Still, after attending Fashola and Umbukwe's wedding yesterday, (see picture, below), I am glad to be heading home.

Quite why he felt the need to stab her in the belly, mystified this reporter.

I am fulla gin and tonics, ready for a shitty meal and a bad nights sleep, several wasted hours of my life at CDG airport in Paree tomorrow, before finally getting home, to dear old benighted Blighty.

My goal is to get to Trafalgar Square to rebel with my pals. I already assume I will not get there on time.

Still, we must try.

And we absolutely must rebel.

Nothing else will rid us of this foulsome, pox-ridden government, and that traitorous monarch.

Join me on the front lines, or whine ye no more.



Jenkins said...

You and Bob Crow, hand in hand, leading the fight.
This might be worth getting in extra popcorn for.

Sue said...

What a bloody gross wedding dress. What on earth is that red bit for?

Take pics Capt. We obviously won't get to see anything on the news!!!

Barking Spider said...

Looks like she's wearing the wedding cake, CR!

Have a good one tomorrow, (if you get there on time), and bring back plenty of pics and video if you can.

Anonymous said...

CR I thought you might enjoy how I've used my census forms:

PS:Safe flight.

Hopefully you get to Trafalgar Square. I'll be lurking :-)

JuliaM said...

"Nothing else will rid us of this foulsome, pox-ridden government, and that traitorous monarch."

And replace them with....what?

And while you're thinking about that, take a long hard look at some of the people marching with you. They know what they want to replace them with.

And I really don't think you'll like that any better...

JuliaM said...

"Take pics Capt. We obviously won't get to see anything on the news!!!"

Ahhh, Sue. We have Twitter! ;)

Sue said...

Julia :) I will be watching :)

Sue said...

I have posted this link on my blog Capt but you have loads more followers than I do. So I hope you don't mind if I put the link here :)

Just in case nobody is aware here is Lawful Rebellion and the Census

Anonymous said...

Good luck at CDG airport ... it has to be one of the worst airports I have encountered on all scores !!!

Captain Ranty said...

Well, as I thought, I did not make it.

A long, long delay at CDG messed up my connections so I diverted to Aberdeen instead.

Home now. But not happy. Got nabbed by Customs. Will blog on that later.


Captain Ranty said...

Erm, Sue, the lady on the left is not a lady. It is the wedding cake, made in the brides image.


Captain Ranty said...


"And replace them with....what?"

With nothing.

We need a minister to run foreign affairs, and another to run defence.

That's it.

The rest we manage ourselves at local level.

Let me be clear: the Lawful Rebels march just coincided with the TUC march. I do not support the idle and the greedy and the state dependent. I would want: help for those in dire need, help for the young, and help for the aged. The rest can get a job, like I had to.


Captain Ranty said...


Mi casa es your casa.

Link away!


Captain Ranty said...

Anon 12:22,

I agree 100%!