March 01, 2011

Banksta's Paradise

Wrap your ears around this terrific song from Freeman Matt.



nominedeus said...

good isnt it Captain, LOL!

Katabasis said...


GoodnightVienna said...

Great video & song - thanks Cap'n. Time to spread it around I think.

Captain Ranty said...

We need this one to go viral.

Do what you can to make it happen!


mescalito said...

you heard this one ranty man, it was the 1st song that was actually based on the 3 man movement, pretty much tells you the basics.

Jacobite said...

Great song, hope it goes viral.

24K said...

Great job dude.

Bumped into your blog via tpuc via Our System Our Structure Our Illusion via a great financial/thoughts blog Golem XIV.

I have been drawn to doing similar under the guise of Zombie Bank Death Squad. I have written a few songs but no videos :(
We're off to London on the 26th to make some though in the TUC march which should be fun. I'll be easy to spot in authentic Indian war headdress and aviator shades if anybodies going and fancies being in a music video :)

Check out What You Gonna Do? Love to know what ya think.