March 08, 2011

And The Lion ROARED!!!

This story, the story of the week, has been covered elsewhere, and followers of my scribblings will not be disappointed with the on-the-ground reports of what actually happened.

The MSM-a dying breed if ever there was one-spun it to look like we were fascists, and one claimed that we were "left-leaning". Left fucking leaning? Most of us are a little to the right of Genghis Khan, FFS!

Some describe us as libertarian, but after reading the mulch that this twat (CH Ingoldby) comes out with, I never want to be associated with Libertarianism again. If he (she?) is typical, then they can all fuck the fucking fuck right off. And when they get there, they can fuck off again. Repeat as necessary until you are off-planet.

Back to the good news. Somewhere between 500 and 1000 lawful rebels gathered to support Roger Hayes in court and I will forever burn with shame that I was here in Cameroon instead of standing at the side of this true British bulldog.

That he has balls of titanium is a given. That he arrested a sitting judge surely wraps his titanium cojones in another layer of titanium.

Here is a clip or three for your delectation, courtesy of our bezzie mate Max Farquar

I have now had the opportunity to read various reports and I am satisfied that they (the attendees) were both lawful and peaceful: the two watchwords of our movement were rigorously observed. Word reaches Ranty Barracks that the policy-men were well behaved as well, so thank you for that, thin blue-liners.

Yesterday up to 1,000 people walked the walk. Next week it may be 10,000 and the week after 100,000, and before you know it, we will ALL be saying "NO!". With vigour. With purpose. And with determination only the British can display.

Well done Roger, and well done to all of you that turned up to roar.

Some say we were violent. Never say it.  Never think it. We are peaceful men and women. Perhaps a newly found video will set minds at rest?

In all of this is a deeper message: the judiciary have been fucking us for centuries.

Judges, lawyers, barristers and cops-understand this-We Have Noticed.

And now we are fucking back.

Hurts, don't it?

Get used to it.



F***W*T TW****R said...

Yup. Well Chuffed! :-D

microdave said...

"Peaceful" as in non-violent, but certainly NOT as in quiet!!!

nominedeus said...

Captain it would have been the cherry on my cake to have stood beside you yesterday sir, and I look forward to propping up a bar in your company one day in the not too distant future!
Stay safe m8!
many thanks for the link!

giant bee said...

Wow Cap, you're sure right about CH Ingoldby - what an utter, utter tool he is !

Keep fighting the good fight sir !

Sue said...

It certainly was brave of him to tackle the establishment. I guess the story doesn't end there though. I'm just waiting for the next installment.

I hope he wins. I hope we all win one day!

dangermouse said...

An incident like this will send shivers down the spines of every Judge. It will inspire others to rise up and fight and do their bit. Nothing bad can come from this.

defender said...

It might be the end of the beginning, well done to all involved.
Our battles continue, next up, non compliance of the census act.
Here is the juicy bits

"You will comply or you will be punished", bring it on, I will not comply, I do not consent

Fines for not completing the 2011 Census questionnaire

The fine for not completing and returning a 2011 Census questionnaire is up to £1,000. You may also have to pay costs.

The amount of the fine for not completing the 2011 Census questionnaire will be determined in each individual case by the magistrate.

The fine is subject to level 3 on the standard scale under the Criminal Justice Act.

Any revision to the Criminal Justice Act could change the fine for an offence under the Census Act 1920.


Why the 2011 Census is compulsory

The information you supply on your questionnaire is essential to produce accurate, high quality statistics.

These are used by central and local government, businesses, charities and academics to identify the needs of communities and to plan for the future. This is vital, so completing and returning a 2011 Census questionnaire is compulsory under the Census Act.

The 2011 Census needs to include everyone. That’s why every household in England and Wales must, by law, complete a census questionnaire. The householder must provide information about the accommodation and all the people who are living or staying there on 27 March 2011.

If you refuse to complete and return the questionnaire, or give false information, you may be liable for a fine. This liability does not apply to the completion of questions about religion.

The legal requirement to complete and return a census questionnaire is set out in Section 8 (1) of the Census Act 1920 and by the Census (England and Wales) Order 2009, Census (England) Regulations 2010 and Census (Wales) Regulations 2010. ... rch=Search

Oldrightie said...

A joyous day of real protest against slavery!

I am Stan said...

Yo Capitan,

Yeah! great stuff, just say NOOOOOOOOO!

Say hi from Stan to Roger Miller will ya!