March 01, 2011


Like him or loathe him, he makes a great deal of sense.

Watch it all the way to the end.

Then practise saying "NO!", and say it all the time. The only power that exists in the world is the power you gave them. Take it away. Take it back. Learn to use it to your advantage.

Set your self free.

If you are waiting for a knight on a white steed to rush in and save the day, you will be waiting until the sun grows cold.

Get busy livin', or get busy grabbin' ankle.

Your choice.

I am tired of being rimmed.



James Higham said...

Vox has something similar today on imaginary GDP. Weeze in deep faeces.

Anonymous said...

Yes, I said No. Yesterday.

I was angered about the photocopy machine making 70 copies instead of 1 and intermixing it with something else previously loaded in the machine apparently and left programmed, perhaps by staff, and expressed a nice profanity outloud in the copy shop.

The lefty man-child in charge screaming praise over a lefty politician with another lefty praiser ran over to grab all my irreplaceable legally signed one-of-a-kind documents out of my hand.

I held tight, would not let go and yelled, "No! No! You can't grab my personal papers like that!" Then proceeded to at least try to sort out the mess down on the floor in front of the machine, since there was no other room to shuffle through it.

So the man-child lefty screamed he would call for security and ran outside to have an armed police-guard rush in so that with gun in holster and staring trigger happy at me, made sure I paid for the shop's unwanted 70 copies of preprogrammed garbage which the shopkeeper took the money with a smile and a grin, another customer forced to pay for unnecessary copies of others, not even their own.

So just saying, "No!", it doesn't always work - because they have armed police whom they just call upon to force one into submission.

Needless to say, I won't be going back to that Nazi Gestapo of a shop nor the rest of the centre which is loaded with armed patrols on every corner, watching like hawks that nobody steps out of line, including no outdoor smoking signs mind you too, which who would dare, given they are armed.

The world is repressive, even saying, "No!" to protect your own personal papers from being grabbed out of your own hands, you can still be stood down, with a gun.

English Viking said...

When the time comes for David Icke to set my moral compass, I'll know it really is time time to take a long, deep suck on the barrel of my .45.

Really, some of your stuff is very good.

But then you post Icke.

Anonymous said...

Go have a squint over at R.H.

Shock and awe.

Alan Watt at his best..

Be Well..


Stealthy said...

If I consider the full spectrum of people that pop up on my screen David Icke actually rates pretty low on the annoy-o-meter lol. He is no doubt a gate keeper if there is such a thing, but he doesn't forbid people from learning more you just have to do it on your own. Not sure about the lizard stuff though, think id have to see to believe that :P

banned said...

I obeyed your instruction to watch all the way to the end which was well worth while.

However, Mr Ike did not explain why Emelda Blair was on BBC Radio 2 this afternoon, despite being a lizard, in a last ditch attempt to shore up the Tripoli branch of her wheeler dealer husbands' business empire.

Captain Ranty said...

I've said this before. I am not into the lizardy stuff.

What the man does is open minds. He offers an alternative view and that beats the shit out of Strictly Come Name That Tune.

EV, pobody's nerfect.


Anonymous said...

Whether you like David Icke or not, he makes more sense that most politicians running the country (even with the lizard stuff)


kitler said...

People in the Freeman movement should give more respect to David Icke. He was writing about the legal fiction of the person, maritime law, the corporation that is created with birth certificates etc whilst most of you were still using the internet to wank over midgets.

And not once have any of you credited him for revealing most of what you all claim as your own 'research' years before you even thought about any of it.

He might not be perfect but since the early nineties he was detailing exactly how democracy was a sham and how the new workd order was going to manifest itself. And look, its all happening pretty much as he said it would.

He was writing about the influence of Builerburgers, Rothschilds, CFR, the trilateral comission, the EU the plans for a North American union, the Amero and all the other things that are coming to pass, but hey give him any credit for it when you can just shout 'lizards' then pass of his work as your own.

He also writes of a brilliant solution to freeing yourself from the system. He says dont fight it, just walk away from it. Go off grid and build your own perfect world. Thats the only movement that will ever destroy the system. One where millions of people independently reject it and wander off in different directions.

Captain Ranty said...

I like him.

I know that isn't a popular statement but he, along with many others, opened my mind.

The lizards and the 9' people worry me slightly but pretty much everything else he says blows my hair back.

And you are quite right: he was light years ahead of most of the people writing today.

He will always get airtime here.


Ben said...

"He also writes of a brilliant solution to freeing yourself from the system. He says dont fight it, just walk away from it."

I agree with this - this is my objective. It's bloody difficult to do though, as it takes an enormous amount of re-learning (or un-learning if you like).

FireballXL5 said...

"He also writes of a brilliant solution to freeing yourself from the system. He says dont fight it, just walk away from it."

Ben says:
"I agree with this - this is my objective. It's bloody difficult to do though, as it takes an enormous amount of re-learning (or un-learning if you like)."

I have done it, I have no interaction with the state, I despise it as it offers nothing I need. I do not have a "proper job" so no PAYE or NI, I travel wherever I want in my motorhome so pay no council tax nor subsidise the global warming scam through artificially inflated energy bills. I have advised the credit card companies to fornicate and travel thereby striking my own blow at the bankstas that have fucked us all over. I have never felt freer or more alive and my world is now one of endless opportunity and choice unfettered by state diktat and interference.

David Icke is bang on with everything he says in that clip as is our mentor the Capt. without whom, (along with others) I would not have navigated to the position I now find myself in.

I now find that saying NO comes naturally and easily to me. Try it, it works.