March 20, 2011

Emergency Broadcast - Revolution Imminent - Europe

26th March, Census Rebellion, 1pm North side of Trafalgar Square. You will see us with megaphones! Follow the Census Rebellion flyers if you can’t find us!

The day before the Census is due, you are due in Central London. You pray for sun and we will congregate in what could be the biggest protest this country has ever seen.

2011 is the year of the people’s uprising, and this is entirely about total resistance. You refuse to deal any information or energy to a group of criminals who have sacrificed humanity at greed’s altar. The Census could very well be used in peace time, when benevolence ruled the waves, but not by this lot. If their leadership has fallen short, then so does our support. It goes even more deeply than this. Ultimately, in this age of awakening, it’s the people who demand information from the state; for example,

“Why do you exist at all?”

It is not the place of the state any more to tell you it is an obligation to fill in a form with all your personal details. It is not the role of the state to make demands on you. The people own the state and therefore we ask the questions.

“Why do you kill industrial quantities of civilians?”

“Why do you consistently lie and steal?”

Boycott the Census.

Starve the Beast.

Download the action pack here!

Time to wake up.

Time to stay awake.

You've slept long enough.



GoodnightVienna said...

You're on fire! See you there.

William said...

Cannot agree with marching in London. I've said it before and I'll say it again. The PTB are geared up to dealing with Marching In London and they can safely ignore whatever the marchers are marching about.

I understand why marchers congregate there because it's the capital, the government hangs out there, the media only has to step outside their offices to cover it BUT it will achieve nothing. The marchers are asking the beast to change. It doesn't and never will hear them.
The beast doesn't need to eat our money. HM Treaury and its good mate the Bank Of England make money but the beast does need to use money to control us.
Keeping us ants in line is the ONLY way it can keep its gravy train moving, ask Hopper (Bug's Life reference)

Starving the beast can only be done when an individual decides ENOUGH I am not paying the TV tax, the fuel tax, the road tax, the council tax, the income tax. When the individual decides fuck it I'm getting my smokes from white van man, I'm not replacing my analogue TV with LED 50 incher, I am not going to get on the big metal bird because I am not having my gentleman's area laughed at, etc, etc then the beast is dead.

Cameron & Clegg have just blown £14,000,000 on an single air raid over Libya which will have killed Libyans from both sides of the INTERNAL conflict for absolutely no gain whatsoever. I am willing to lay odds that these air strikes will kill more Libyans over the next week than the Gadfly and the 'rebels' combined.
The only thing that allows Cameron & Clegg to do this is our consent to be taxed.
The answer doesn't lie in marching it lies in taking personal responsibility for one's own actions.
Now that really is a scary situation for most of the people who live upon the British Isles.

Captain Ranty said...


Assuming Air France do what they are supposed to do, I will be there.

I leave here at midnight on Friday.


Captain Ranty said...


I hear you, brother.

But look at it this way: the folks going to this event would normally write a stern letter, at best. We need to consider this a good thing because people are getting off their arses and turning up.

We know that they need to do more. Much more. And at events like these we get to hand out flyers directing people to sites like ours, so that the scales may fall from their eyes.

Starving the beast is the only real answer, we both know that.

But they don't.

Not yet.


Anonymous said...

Ranty old chap I concur.
Marching is better than doing nothing but only just.

When it comes to the Census it a s copper bottomed opportunity to test oneself by placing oneself outside of one's comfort zone.

If that involves sending it back unopened, burning it, shredding it and sending it back, filling it in incorrectly, filling it in partially or just plain lying on every single question IF such action is something the 'one' wouldn't normally do then it is good for the one because it proves to them that the comfort zone only exists in the minds and it can be anything one wants it to be.

Good to see you are coming home soon in one piece, assuming the pilot of your plane manages to fly around Libya, haha!
There are French war planes in the sky you know.

William said...

Sorry that anonymous is me!

James Higham said...

I'll miss it by a few days although I'll be in London. Damn. Thoughts will be with you.

Anonymous said...

CR matey I was planning on being in London anyway to observe the Alternative march stuff. I'll change my plans a smidge to be there :-)


mescalito said...

ile see who ever there :)

Span Ows said...

NO! This is when the unions and left commy students have said they will just know they'll get all the coverage.

Wake up.

Span Ows said...

2011 is the year of the people’s uprising

God how Labour are going to love you lot. Wrong year, wrong time. 80 to 90% of your possible support won't act because it will be seen as an anti Conservative move, not a pro freedom move (matters not that the government is always the government)

someguy said...

Captain Ranty said...


There will be many groups attending.

Time to put aside the differences, no?


Span Ows said...

Maybe, probably, I just don't trust the media and it will end in tears as rival groups vie for attention.