March 30, 2011

From The WTF Department

Words fail me.



Smoking Hot said...

More explosive needed imho.

Anonymous said...

Here's a good WTF, how did this happen and why didn't anyone mention it in the MSM this month moment.

Obama rushed down to South America this March to meet with a bunch of South American dictators even though the Middle East was exploding and Japan was quaking.

Turns out that official on March 11, 2011, South America signed a treaty based on the EU treaty - and in doing so, the Union of South American Nations has been born.

All constitutional sovereignty (what little there was existing considering so many of those countries were dictatorships to begin with) have officially been signed over to an organization that is kin to the EU and in South America, mostly all communists have been put into the top echelon to run the thing.

WTF indeed - an entire continent becomes another "Zone" in the NWO - and nothing in the MSM to talk about it.

In previous generations, not only would such a thing be considered highly AB"normal", it would have been the thing wars were fought over, the taking of sovereign rights and all from an entire continent of nations.

Honestly, this just happened - yet it's now considered so "normal" that MSM gives not a squeak.

Maybe BBC needs to run a news article calling it the greatest things since EU was formed - and maybe they just will, to assure us all is "normal" of course.

Anonymous said...

OMG Laughing my fucking arse off


Richard said...

Average night in Kirkstall.

banned said...

I suppose they were practising an improvised weapon for breaking armoured vehicles or something, more likely to break their own legs off.

Groompy Tom said...

I have a three questions I'd like to ask the department.

What the fuck?
Where the fuck?
Why the fuck?

James Higham said...

Not strong enough - could we supply them with a bigger boom?

Zaphod said...

I do love human ingenuity and inventiveness! :-)

Stealthy said...

LMFAO XD No matter how many time i rewind that last bit, i still laugh.. now that's some freedom they got there lol

nisakiman said...

All good uninhibited fun for the boys!

The fact that someone might get a frontal lobotomy compliments of a random sledge-hammer whistling through the air merely adds to the excitement...

Would be interested to know the answer to GT's three questions, too!

Captain Ranty said...

It still has me beat.

I've played with plastic explosives myself, but there was always a point.


Ashtrayhead said...

That's very dangerous! Not a hard-hat or hi-viz in sight! I'm going to write to the council to get a man with a clipboard to go and 'advise' them.

Richard said...

Did anyone else have one of those lead-tin rockets about 4" long? You took the top off, put in a cap from a cap gun and threw it on the ground, scaring all the girls in the playground.

That's what this reminds me of, only a million times more bizarre.

I still can't make sense of it. I think I am going to pinch it for mine.

Joe Public said...

Richard, the ones I remember were plastic.

It was more fun to squeeze 2 - 3 caps between the spring loaded plunger & the base plate. [Try too many, and it didn't work.]

Brian said...

Richard, I remember those metal rockets - great when double-charged and dropped from bedroom window onto terracing. Mind you, dropping most things out of my bedroom window was great fun: retired Airfix models filled with white spirit soaked tissue crashed and burned very convincingly.

Richard said...

Joe, that's because you are nobbut a youngster. I remember the plastic ones too. 2-3 caps would work, 4+ and they cushioned the blow and did nothing. But the metal ones were even better. Same basic design, but a solid head, no plunger, and held on with a rubber band. Cap between head and body, throw to ground, bang. Excellent.

Brian, yes - bedroom window height ideal for 100% efficacy. I never tried the white spirit, but I do remember one Bonfire Night when I decided I had grown out of Airfix kits and reassembled all of mine with 2d bangers inside the fuselage. A zip wire from my bedroom window to the garden gate, and I had my very own Pearl Harbor.

Good times.