March 30, 2011

An Unlawful Arrest-Part II

I'm calling it Part II because there may well be more acts in this farce.

Max takes us through "what happened next". The last time we saw Max was when he was arrested at the police station.  This is the link if you want to refresh your memories.

You may believe that a court room is where you get to say your piece, perhaps ask a question or two. You would be wrong. Whenever he asked a question, he was ignored. In fact, from the moment the security bods took him into the court he was ignored. There wasn't much point him being there at all.

Listen, as Max explains events.

EDIT: thanks to Phil we can now see the MSM version of events and I have to say it is pretty accurate reporting. For a change.

EDIT 2: Bugger me! A piece about Lawful Rebellion in the same paper!! Look here.



Twisted Root said...

Interesting quote from the cop in the newspaper article:

""We were here to assist in enforcing the Magistrates Court Act, and to facilitate the court business still going ahead. We were here to prevent any possible breach of the peace and to allow the court to continue with its business of the day."

My emphasis.

Captain Ranty said...


Yeah, spotted that.

Max says it several times in the film.

I have also noticed that my local Sheriffs court has a brass plaque nailed to the wall by the entrance.

It says "Hours of Business".

They aren't hiding anything.

We just aren't looking.


Anonymous said...

Apologies for being off topic CR...

I have a very close friend who has been fighting corporate corruption, on their own, for the past 10 years. The people involved have even hired top barristers to secure detention under the Mental Health Act to rid themselves of this annoyance. As TMHA is statute, do you think seperating the fiction from the real person would offer some protection?



Captain Ranty said...



Then they can detain your friends birth certificate for as long as they please.

Lawful Rebellion would be the way to go. That way he/she has lawful excuse to ignore any and all statutes.

If you want, I can put you in touch with people vastly more knowledgeable than I am.


Anonymous said...

Sorry for the late reply CR... work... yes please, I would like to take you up on your kind offer

Best Wishes,