March 28, 2011

More Government Waste

When I run out of money, I stop spending. When money is short, I stop wasting.

Not so for the Boy George. He wants to throw money, our money, down the drain. Why? Because he is spineless, brainless, and seeks only to score brownie points with the greenies.


This cretin is in charge of the nations finances. I have to ask, why, in these times of austerity, is he lobbing £3 BILLION at the green brigade when alternative energy is such a poor performer the worst performing, ever.

Even tobacco stocks out-perform green shit by a country mile. A fact I find most satisfying. Most greens are also anti-smoking. Mind you, these anally retentive Borg are anti everything.


(Click pic to embiggen).

Is he chasing Gordoom Broon's record as the worst chancellor ever in the history of Britain ever to have the job ever?

Looks that way from where I'm sat.

If you want the full story, head over here.



Sue said...

I can only assume the whole lot of them are as thick as shit! As I said on my latest post, they're a bunch of rich university hooray henry brats who have never had a real job.

The trouble is, they're all so rich they've never had to even balance the household budget.

The have no idea what a real job is or how to survive on minimum wage.

Never had to struggle to pay the mortgage and bills.

No concept of having to save for something like a family holiday to Spain on Easyjet and bloody self catering.

They're clueless, they are a waste of space. We should do the humane thing and have them put down. They are no use to anyone.

Same with the politicos at the EU, another bunch of rich idiots!

Captain Ranty said...

Must be all that inbreeding, Sue.

As you say, these freaks are only fit to occupy the HoC. No skills required.

No employer worth his/her salt would give them a job.