March 16, 2011

More "Bad Apples"?

Or are we seeing a pattern emerge?

Read this and let me know if you think the 16 year old "asked" for it.

If you think you can stand more police shenanigans, scoot over to The Penguin's  place to read a whole lot more.


Truly disgusting.



Jacobite said...

It seems that being a cop today anything goes, How do these psycho's get past selection.

Captain Ranty said...

I think it is because they ARE psycho's that they are selected....

Anonymous said...

Watch this if you dare

James Higham said...

Gentlemen, with the plural, don't put an apostrophe.

dangermouse said...

It's no longer a gentleman's country, leaving only these types to recruit.

Before, there was one bad apple and lots of great police officers. It's now reversed and upside down.

Every man for himself type of situation.

Barking Spider said...

Fucking TSG again!

The same lot that turned up without ID numbers on their uniforms at the G20 protest in London, the same bastards that killed a newsagent on his way home from work and the same arseholes who boast among their ranks one Sergeant Smellie, the brave, baldy cunt who hits small women with his baton.

Welcome to the British Police State.

dangermouse said...

Kitler, if you provide the evidence as requested by Spidey, I will print out these comments and eat them.

Captain Ranty said...


I have searched and searched the law books and cannot find anything that states "Being an asshole will get you shoved through a plate glass window by our boys in blue".

If the cops did this with all gobshites, we would live in a windowless nation.

And for the record, it doesn't matter what colour the teenager is. No-one should be treated this way.


Jacobite said...

Something that has left a marked impression on me where the police are conserned do you recall recently the barrister who was pissed out his mind and was waving a shotgun out a window babbling threats to shoot.listning to the commentator we were informed that their was 57police marksmen present fuck me all tooled up with heckler & kochs and sniper rifles now you would think that maybe one or two snipers would be present but 57 marksmen I knew this was not going to end well.Listing to the bloke who was negoiating and trying to calm him down though gave me some hope for him he was good then disaster he handed over to this female who had less emotion than a plate of custard I think she managed to stop herself saying your going down for 20years and your going to be the prison landing bitch, then it was game over for the poor guy he started waving the shotgun outside the window again and was hit by a wall of lead, I think Iam right in saying I dont think that the gun was loaded. I think the reason this made a deep impression on me is the knowledge that our police are now para military and trained as such makes you wonder why ?

Captain Ranty said...


I do recall. I watched the whole thing in a bar in Ghana.

I thought the guy took some pot shots with his shotgun though. That was the reason for the police "intervention".

I agree. They look and act like a paramilitary force now.


kitler said...

Barking Spider and Dangermouse, erm what about this from the article ranty is linking to you dumbasses

'PC Ballard approached Obi on Bromley High Street on February 27 2010 after his group became involved in an argument with a bus driver.'

'Shortly after, two young women approached the vehicle carrying the TSG and spoke to an officer.
The women expressed concern about two young men walking behind them, Obi and one of his friends. This prompted PC Ballard and a colleague to exit the carrier to stop and search them.'

Maybe if it was your daughter who was being followed by the nigger then you would be happy for the police to turn a blind eye, or possibly charge the girl with racism, but us normal folk quite like hearing of scum being thrown through windows.

Ranty, I have had lots of run-ins with the filth and i have never been assaulted. Wanna know why? Cos I know how to keep my mouth shut. The darky clearly didnt and he got dusted.

As for being a lefty, oh please! Lefties are racist because they believe blacks are so feeble they must never be criticised, where as I am racist because i just like the way that shit sounds rolling off my tounge.