February 28, 2011

UK National Debt Grows Arms And Legs

Remember the shock and outrage when the UK national debt tripped over to one trillion pounds?

Not a murmur when the next milestone was reached.

Go here and look again.

I suggest you put a cushion on your desk to protect your chin.

Despite this colossal figure, our biggest problem seems to be a government demand that we spend £32 BILLION to shave two minutes off a train journey.

That, or who will comprise the next X Factor panel of judges.



Sue said...

It's worrying isn't it? The EU, immigration and foreign aid is costing us dear and they want us to pay our taxes for this sham. The only way for us to get out of this mess is to leave the EU and sort ourselves out with some commonsense policies on how our money is spent.

Do you know, those in charge are either incompetent or completely insane.

There's a widget btw for the debt bomb. I've added it to my blog!

William said...

When the Victorians invented railways they were looking beyond the horse. Today we are looking at oxen.

How far down the shitter will this country go before people realise that the political class is a Bedlam outreach project

FireballXL5 said...

Well Capt. you must be glad you're not contributing to this stupidity!

Great comment by William: "How far down the shitter will this country go before people realise that the political class is a Bedlam outreach project"

I long ago came to the conclusion that most never will, I mean, its's not like there's a lack of evidence is it?

Anonymous said...

By chance, I too had looked at this earlier today and felt a deep despair. In comparison, what does it matter if we blow a few more billion on a fast train for a few?

They have fast trains in China now and very good they are too. The government there does have some money though, so perhaps justifiable.

Btw, given your interest in Africa, do you have any views on Eurabia and the recent events in North Africa?

A David

Anonymous said...

The figure itself shocks me little.

What really gets me is that it's all imagineered money, selling gov debt to central banks thereby expanding the money supply resulting in the most underhand if not the largest tax known to mankind.



Stealthington said...

It's like watching a super-slo-mo car crash :(

banned said...

I've lost interest in the debt, it will be your great grandchildren paying it off as indentured servants to the Chinese who now mostly own us and the Americans.

English Viking said...

It's not 2.2T

It's at least 4T.


Road_Hog said...

You should know better than Ranty. It's nothing to do with rail travel.

You follow the money and the EU.

HS2 is part of TEN-T and,

"Road Tolls are also seen as a future method of financing the huge £755bn costs of TEN-T"


Captain Ranty said...


I know. But the 2.2T is something people can see. Even on a cartoon bomb.


Captain Ranty said...


I know.

"Follow the money" is my mantra. It has been for years.

I didn't have time to get into it when I did the post.

Thanks for the link.