January 17, 2012

Police Visit Ranty. Again.

They just sent one bobby this time. He was very polite, and he dropped off a citation. Quite why the postal service is suddenly inadequate, I cannot fathom. Still, taxpayers money is there to be wasted, right?

The citation offers me three options:

1. Plead guilty
2. Plead not guilty
3. Write an explanatory note.

I chose to write them a note. Regular readers will recognise the work of Sarah, Lioness of England. My thanks to her for a brilliant template, which I have not messed with too much. I swapped "tort" for "delict".

Their bundle of paperwork, complete with a court date, (at the Justice of the Peace Court House in Aberdeen), also has several forms which they want me to fill in. They helpfully point out that there is no law requiring me to do so, so I have not filled in the forms. Not that a statute would have convinced me to fill them in anyway....

They also insisted that I sign their paperwork. I did not. See how important your moniker is to them? I did however, make my mark, across Madges face, as usual.

Want to see my note?

Here you go:

"Letter to Claimant

From: Moi

To: Procurator Fiscal

17 January 2012

Dear Procurator Fiscal,

Further to your citation received today (17 January 2012) ref ABXXXXXX I bring to your attention that the following FOUNDATION EVIDENCE for your claim is missing:



I have revoked my consent to be governed or policed. I have revoked my allegiance to the monarch and therefore cannot be bound by anything her officers, agents, or courts attempt to impose upon me. I entered Lawful Rebellion in July 2009. You have no claim upon me and you have no authority over me. These facts are indisputable.

This appears to be a delict conversion.

Please note: Legislation, Acts of Parliament, FORCE used and common practice are all claims made upon me, however they are neither PROOF of CLAIM nor PROOF of AUTHORITY. The only proof they provide is proof of FORCE.

If you choose to progress this matter, you should be aware that I shall summons witness evidence in court, demanding Proof of Claim and Proof of Authority that you (or someone, somewhere - anyone, anywhere) have a higher claim upon me than me – without my consent. I shall also file a Statutory Declaration to that effect.

If you do not furnish me with the FOUNDATION EVIDENCE listed above within the statutory twenty (20) working days and still pursue me for this matter, please be aware that I shall summons it accordingly. I shall also OBJECT in court to the complete lack of FOUNDATION EVIDENCE, real evidence, illustrative evidence, demonstrative evidence, witness evidence or documentary evidence regarding your claim and I will counterclaim, citing (civil) crimes including but not limited to; DELICT CONVERSION, INTENTIONAL INFLICTION OF EMOTIONAL DISTRESS (IIED), MALFEASANCE/MISFEASANCE IN PUBLIC OFFICE and MALICIOUS PROSECUTION.

My mark"

Let's see what happens next, shall we?

Oh, the two bobbies who appeared at my door last time elected to fanny about with whatever was written in their notebooks. There are several inconsistencies. I'll deal with those if the need arises.

If I were Borg I could have ended this some time ago by simply complying.

I choose not to comply.



karlos said...

I tell you what Capitan, it's looks a very interesting time coming up, I'm on the edge of my seat already, it's like a game of tennis, with now the ball in their court.

Anonymous said...

Great work, Captain!

(Gets popcorn, awaits sheeple & naysayers...)



Captain Ranty said...

Thanks guys.

I am particularly interested in their response to this latest notice of mine.

It deals with the fundamentals and they can (if they wish) completely disregard my comments about Lawful Rebellion, but they still have to prove their claim and their authority.

And if they cannot do that, the jig is up.

The floodgates will be opened and the thousands of you that read my rantings and ravings can go ahead and.....be difficult. No need to scribble notes to Madge.

Just ask for proof of claim and proof of authority.

They cannot provide it. Ever.

This may not, however, stop them from treating me unlawfully.

We shall wait and we shall see.


Dioclese said...

I am confused as to how you can refute to be bound by statute and then say you will file a statutory declaration. Am I missing something?

Captain Ranty said...


No, you are not missing anything.

Unlike those not in Lawful Rebellion, I can pick and choose which statutes I deem valid. It looks hypocritical but there is a method in this.

If they don't like it worded that way I will simply issue a commercial lien.

In the end, I will use their own system to punish them.

Sauce for the goose, and all that...


wayne said...

Good luck CR, here's to the right outcome

Captain Ranty said...


There may not be a right outcome, but I am prepared for it and I take all responsibility.

But thanks!


Anonymous said...

You are fighting the good fight. I would dearly love to see the rotten system turned on its head and shown for what it is to all and sundry. I wish you success and should it come to pass that you do indeed strike a blow, the path you now tread will be taken by others, and won't that be a nice festering mess for the state?


Anonymous said...

As I understand it disputing jurisdiction means they have to pause their case while jurisdiction is resolved - of course Scotland may be doifferenr !
don't wait. issue a counter claim now. become the plaintiff.

Bird Man said...

I will send you a cake with a file in.

pitano1 said...

hi capt.

with you 100%.

just dont expect any common sense from the lacky`s of the crown.

Captain Ranty said...

Thanks guys.

I'll let you know what the PF says when he replies to my notice.


Anonymous said...

good stuff capn, i like it :)

Captain Ranty said...


Please point out any racism on this blog.

Please provide evidence that I am a cretin.

Thank you for popping by with your constructive comment.


Anonymous said...

Guernican - another pointless waste of oxygen. No wonder we're fcuked!

Bravo Captain. I'm copying and pasting like fury. I now have a CR folder in which is stashed your pearls of wisdom for easy reference.


Captain Swing said...

Stick with it CR.

Asking for proof of claim and proof of authority is a difficult one them to counter simply because they cant provide them.
I have used it many times with parking tickets(both my own and family members) and have a 100% success rate.
Good hunting.

Pesky Anonymous said...

I really like this post Captain.

You say: "They just sent one bobby this time. He was very polite, and he dropped off a citation. Quite why the postal service is suddenly inadequate...."

I may be dreaming again, but it strikes me that for them the penny has dropped that you have more than one brain cell. They believe that you are not dangerous, appear very intelligent, and are giving you some respect. They realise they are not going to beat you with bluster, and have to pursue a more civilised approach. It's much more fitting that someone pops round in person rather than impersonal post.

As for your three options, wonderful, who could ask for anything else!
And your reply as always is top notch.

But lets hope this doesn't make the Daily Mail. Today's story of a welshman not paying his parking fine because it is written in English brings the closet fascists out in force. The approving comments, "good for them" and "best of luck" are red arrowed. All the rest are basicly "pay up like everybody else"
These sheeple hate anyone who sticks two fingers up to the authorities.
Like the basic scream at the gypsies, "I pay my taxes, why shouldn't they" it is all born out of jealousy.
And anyone sticking up two fingers, brings home to them their own inadequacies and gutlessness, - so they hate you.


Anonymous said...

I'm missing everything..why'd they send a policeman round? Although from the looks of your post they've done it many times before..

Guernican said...


Bravely said, for someone who nails his colours to the "Anonymous" mast. What do you do for an encore... mouth ignorant bigoted bile on the Daily Express website? Harangue your aged mother about the state of the country while she idly wonders if you'll ever move out of her house?

Anonymous 20/1 said...

Who, me? I hit 'Anonymous' because it's the only thing that ever seems to work for me on blogspot sites. So here's my name: Alfie.

Alfie said...

Ah, it does work. Awkward.