January 17, 2012

The King Is Dead...

...long live the king.

Gollum von Rumpoy is out, Socialist Schulz is in.

God help us.



Anonymous said...

Unless I've misunderstood, Rumpy Pumpy is President of the European Council whereas this gimboid is President of the European Parliament.

Then of course there is Barroso as President of the European Commission and Denmark holding the Presidency of the Council of the European Union...

So it's worse than it may seem, Captain!

Gollum's term expires in May, I think...

Nige is good value, as ever. "I will do my very best to provide political opposition to your presidency..." LOL



Captain Ranty said...


Its probably me that misunderstood.

Just how many presidents does one unelected bunch of misfits need?

Thanks for the correction.


Jason Holmes said...

LOL I was going to leave a comment but the word verification is "ratify" and I certainly can't do that for this bunch of freeloading twats.
Viva Farage..

Anonymous said...

I suppose they get a bigger pension and a larger trough if they make "president".

Oldrightie said...

It's one hell of a club. Very fourth Reich!

Anonymous said...

That video was my first introduction to Martin Schultz. I had a look at one example of his exploits and I will say that he is one very nasty and demented piece of shit. It is now plainly obvious just why he has been given the position he has. If this is what the EU is about, which let's be honest, it is then we have even graver cause for concern than originally thought. A length of steel pipe wrapped around his skull would do him no harm and myself no end of good.

An Angry Man

profoundly_disturbed said...

To all those in the EU; may your God help you; no one else is going to.

No offence intended

Captain Ranty said...

None taken.

I think God's on a smoke break though.

This one is up to us to put right.


Span Ows said...

Nigel on form, at least they seem amused, maybe that's a bad thing, they "put up with him".

It is easy to be confused, I asked the question a couple of years ago:

"...looking at the four pictures below: who is the current head of the EU?"


...you already know the answer!