January 13, 2012

Charlie Veitch. U-Turn?

You decide.



Twisted Root said...

Who cares?

Groompy Tom said...

"It's just two sides of the same fucking coin"

And the penny drops for Charlie?

Who knows?

But he has made a point on Anarchy and the meaning of it.

Captain Ranty said...


Not you, obviously! :)

I care a bit.

Why? Because there are far too few of us banging the drum about anything. Apathy rules, and that is far worse than dropping the ball now and then.

And, it is his god given right to change his mind. I've changed mine often enough.

I'm going to cut him some slack.


Pesky Anonymous said...

Hmm. Nice one.
Back to our old friendly eloquent Charlie it seems.
You know I spoke up for him Captain, back in the day.
As I said back then, anyone can go up a blind alley. Anyone can make a misjudgement.
I don't look at him as any kind of leader, who you can pick flaws in and then knock down. I just think there is much truth in a lot of things he says.
The guy's on a learning curve, just like the rest of us.
I hope I'm right.

@Twisted Root

I care. I think it's good to have a bloke shouting his head off criticizing the government, who might just awaken a few more sheep.

Captain Ranty said...


I thought so too. Many people have the wrong idea about anarchy.

I like the "rules but no rulers" philosophy.

We really ought to embrace the old saw "The enemy of my enemy is my friend" a little more as well.


Captain Ranty said...


I wish I had seen your comment before I penned mine.

(I may have stolen it, deleted yours, and claimed it for myself).

It is spot on.


Smoking Hot said...

CR is 100% correct, you can change your mind and in some instances you HAVE to change your mind when knew information/facts become available.

Our own stance on our blog has changed since we started 18 months ago exactly because of that.

This made us better and stronger.

The misuse of the word anarchy by the MSM infuriates me ... didn't they learn English?

Twisted Root said...

CR and Pesky,

I agree. Anyone can change their mind, afterall I would be delighted if the 90% of reality TV and soap opera watching brain dead changed their minds about what is important!

Anyone can make a mistake. Mistakes are good. Mistakes equal learning.

My issue is the man's contradictions and self-absorbtion. I don't care about what he has changed his mind about or believes today. (It tends to vary according to who he is talking to at the time).

I could go on but I won't beecause if there is one thing we can all agree on he is not some sort of leader to look up to and build up to then knock down. So in that sense what does it matter?

Antony said...

Of course, if one were cynical then one could suggest it might be that Mr Veitch's donations were getting a little low therefore the need to change direction again became apparent.

It's not like we haven't had the BBC and TV license around from, ooh say, 1946, is it?

Live an 'Achievable Life' said...

I am NOT convinced.
There I have said it.
What is it I am not convinced about?

The WHY?

What, if one listens to this message, is Charlie saying?

Much of what he says, we have moved on from. There are much greater issues, and to make the comment that the occupy movement is a festering scab on the machine is a well placed piece of comment.

Go ahead and defend what was said, I would say exactly the opposite 'it is a spanner in the works' not a festering scab.

So he says he is going to concentrate on this movement 'join in' as it were. I don't actually know, but are the Occupy movement looking for members of this calibre, will they welcome him with open arms? there are many in the movement who are being 'OUTED' and I for one know for sure TPTB need to get someone 'IN', not saying it is Charlie, but one has to wonder.
WHAT! Show me the evidence of bombs in the twin towers! WHAT! We are SOoo past this, why would we be bothered, it isn't Charlie that has to be convinced. This is a statement that a troll would use.

However look at the whole message, what I see is a modicum of truth mixed in with disinformation, a CLASSIC ploy and one that TPTB have yet to learn does NOT infiltrate the mind of someone who is wise to their tricks.

Charlie has been too close to those that seek to do us harm and has come away unscathed, he has been transported around the globe and 'SHOWN' stuff that we say is wrong with the world and been convinced that 'WE' are wrong. There are MANY more people who say far worse things and spread much more dirt than Charlie has ever done, and we do not see them being treated like 'leaders' and packed off to the States to have the 9/11 conspiracy explained, do we? No they get death threats not plane tickets and banquets.
Everyone can make a mistake but Charlie does not seem to have learned from his and this short message shows it. He is going to be producing two 'feature films' - well he isn't going to be making masses amounts of fiat from those then is he and as he says he depends totally on donations. I believe from his declining following, assumed, that that stream is drying up, and it must have been massive. I am frugal and could not live for six months contemplating my navel, could you, 'REFLECTING' he says.

So at the beginning he says he was wrong to take the BBC's offer and then states 'from my UNDERGROUND INVESTIGATIONS' ??? So just what was he doing and where are the results of his 'UNDERGROUND investigations?

Sorry chaps, I am not convinced and will continue to ignore EVERYTHING Charlie has to say, save take a peek now and again for my own interest.
There are far too many people who are 'IN' the thick of it and doing sterling work for me to be distracted by Charlie.

I say best of luck to him but I have lost all belief in his 'WORDS' and his actions are far and a way 'behind' those that are truly putting their cock on the block.

This message is 'supposed' to look like an apology but it also confirms his reason for going to the states. There were NO bombs inside the buildings.

YES THERE WERE, and NO I don't have to prove anything to anyone, they were reported and one can clearly hear loud explosions coming from the buildings and some were actually injured by them and are still alive and are still telling the same story.

Sorry Charlie, I don't buy what you are selling.

Namaste, rev;

ms said...

CV is a human being. Human beings are ruled by belief systems. Belief systems change as the human being undergoes experience. CV has the right to believe whatever he chooses to believe, and you, the listener has the right to listen and agree or to ignore. If you don't like what he says there are a million and one things you could be doing instead.

At no point does he ever say he is right. At no point does he ever claim "I AM THE WAY". It's an opinion. If you don't agree with it, get over it.

pitano1 said...

i totally agree with,live `an achievable life`

surely his underground studies should
have been given in more detail.

from my overground studies,c.v,remains
in dishonor.
i agree that we can change our `mind`
about certain things,but i get suspicious,when someone like C.V`s
philosophy on life is akin to a pendulam.

good acting though.

Steven UK said...

Ah... the mantra of the troof movement “Inside job.” It is a meaningless phrase. Charlie is right in one respect. Though, there is no evidence of controlled demolition. However, that’s a very selective use of the word, “evidence” when considering 911 left us was a mountain of primary evidence and all in the public domain; seismic data, photographs, video, debris as well as eye witness accounts. Dr Judy Wood has used her expertise (a former professor of mechanical engineering with research interests in experimental stress analysis, structural mechanics, optical methods, deformation analysis, and the materials characterization of biomaterials and composite materials) and analysed this evidence and presented in a book for all to see. All evidence – no theory. If you want to KNOW what happened on that day read the book.


If you want to believe the official version, fair enough and good luck to you. If you want to believe that thermite, super thermite or nuclear bombs were able to turn the building to dust that’s fair enough too. ALL of the evidence has to fit each of these theories; it clearly doesn’t. When you let the evidence speak, ALL of the evidence, there is no need to believe in anything.

Antony said...

Also let us consider Building 7. How can a building collapse at near free fall speed from minor fire damage and secondary building damage?
For it to collapse so symmetrically and instantaneously means ALL the support columns and the steel infrastructure gave way at the same time?


Then consider the Pentagon. No video released except the four frames from one camera, because of "national security". For whom, one might ask.
No aircraft shaped hole as seen in the initial strikes on the towers. No engine strike damage, coupled with physics-defying aircraft handling.

And then, Mr Veitch's big "question". Despite the site being one massive crime scene, the steel from the towers is removed and dispatched off to China and melted down without any decent forensic evidence carried out at all, in total violation of US regulations in effect at the time. We have eye witness accounts of explosions on various levels and in the basements of the towers.

Again, please.

I'm with Live an 'Achievable Life' on this.

I don't buy what he is selling either.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

He spoke only two words of truth... donations... and transparent.

Live an 'Achievable Life' said...

CR that's a first - comment deleted- must have been really bad.

Namaste, rev;
I trust it wasn't for minors

Captain Ranty said...


Whoever wrote it deleted it.

I have never deleted a comment here.


Zaphod said...

Charlie is wrong about a lot of things, but then so am I. (They tell me.)

He thinks, he cares, he stands up, he even aspires to learn!

I like him. I hope he finds what he's looking for.

bollixed said...

I know for some this is an emotive subject but I don't know the guy and could care less what he does. One man does not a movement for change make. If he does the right thing I'm sure he'll be forgiven. If he is working for the other side then I'm sure karma will come bite him on the arse.

We do share a mutual respect for Ayn Rand and her work. I highly recommend folks read a copy of Atlas Shrugged. Opened my eyes.